Tua Tagovailoa: “I Feel 100%”

After receiving good news on his voluntary medical re-check, Tua Tagovailoa says his surgically-repaired hip is completely healed, as NFL.com’s Steve Wyche writes. 

I feel 100 percent,” the Alabama quarterback said. “I feel like if there was a game today, I’d be able to go out and perform the same way I was able to perform in previous years. I feel as mobile as possible. I feel 100 percent.”

Tagovailoa’s reps have echoed similar sentiments in recent days. They say that Tagovailoa is looking strong despite the devastating injury and grueling rehab he’s been through. So far, NFL teams seem to agree, and that could pave the way for him to be one of the top picks in the April draft.

For months, Tagovailoa has been linked to the Dolphins, who hold the No. 5 overall pick. That may represent his floor in the draft, but it’s also possible that another team could leapfrog the ‘Fins to take the Alabama star, who was once projected to be the No. 1 overall pick. It seems unlikely that the Bengals will pass up the opportunity to take Joe Burrow No. 1 overall, or that the Redskins would trade the No. 2 pick and lose out on a generational talent in Chase Young, but the Lions could theoretically move out of the No. 3 pick and try to snag Ohio State corner Jeff Okudah – their rumored target – further down the board. The Giants, who hold the No. 4 pick, are also a candidate to trade back.

As a fully healthy sophomore, Tagovailoa had scouts drooling as he threw for almost 4,000 yards and 43 touchdowns against only six interceptions. In that season, he was the runner-up for the Heisman trophy behind Kyler Murray.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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33 comments on “Tua Tagovailoa: “I Feel 100%”

  1. Marner#16

    Over rated / Injury prone… can’t wait to see him fall in the draft and get lit up !

      • Marner#16


        Thanks for your opinion. As well nice comments on Tua. We’ve met in person ? But thanks again.

      • Marner#16


        Thanks for your concern. My sports knowledge is on various sports. Have yourself a wonderful day. Hope your working from home and flattening the curve.

    • Mjm117

      Injury prone absolutley. But I don’t see how he’s “overrated “. When healthy Tua has been an elite QB.

      • Marner#16


        That’s my opinion. At the college level yes but how good was Alabama before he played very good. Let alone the last two college Champions LSU and Clemson.

        • It’s not an ‘opinion’ if it is refuting a fact. Tua has a 70% completion, 76 TDs and only 9 interceptions the last two seasons. It’s almost literally impossible to ‘overrate’ him when he’s been the best.

          • Matthew Heywood

            Is he the best or has he played on the best team? How many QBs have failed coming from great teams ? Many have and that is why he thinks he is overrated

            • Marner#16


              Thanks, I stick to my opinion. Coming back from all those injuries is hard enough. Mind you they have more access to equipment etc that helps with that.

          • Marner#16


            So be it at the college level. He is not the best please he’s better then Brady now is he really ? This coming from a guy that can’t stand Brady. You need your brain scanned!

  2. Marner#16


    I agree. It’s gotta be cleary the right place for him where he can be protected. I just don’t see it happening.

  3. phillyballers

    Injuries aside. Tua is #1 prospect. Young, Simmons, Brown, then Burrows in that order.

    It’s hard to justify Cinvy taking Tua bc of injuries. It’s hard for Miami to justify a 3 pick trade up to get Tua. Honestly, if you stand pat and take him, there’s less chance of you getting fired as a GM. Trading up for a bust bc of injury or play gets you fired.

    Trade up for Sanchez didnt work. Josh Freeman didnt work. Tebow didnt work. Gabbert didnt work. RG3 didn’t work. Johnny Football didnt work. Bridgewater didnt work. Lynch didn’t work. Trubisky didnt work hes ab to get replaced.

    Goff and Wentz worked out but, neither has won MVP or a SB, both have had Pro Bowl #s. Watson has worked out for now, only 2 yrs in. Mahomes is the only surefire Lock he worked out.

    here’s a read up on that… link to cbssports.com

    • Marner#16


      Way too long of a post lost after you said Tua is #1. You’ve been drinking that Bama water too much.

      I’d draft Burrows way before him. Actually I’d like draft Defense first to be honest.

      • phillyballers

        Tua pre-injury was the clear #1 overall pick. I don’t care about Bama… I don’t drink that Koolaid, but if you think pre-injury Tua wasn’t #1 overall you were drinking some lead-tainted water lol.

        Young/Tua pre-injury = same prospect grade, so it then would be about need. Post-injury Tua I would just stand pat and take him at 5 or 6 or wherever. Site-unseen can’t grade him appropriately anymore.

        • Marner#16


          Maybe if he had won a national Championship in the last year. Hence why Burrow is rated higher with the season he had. With being less injury prone too cleary he’s the number #1 offensive pick.No water issues hear. Late first round maybe 2nd. Maybe as a teams second pick. Look at Qb like Brady and Big Ben later pics. Reach for a qb that early isn’t smart. FYI I’ll never cheer for Bama.

          • mjctrack

            To both of you…..his last name is actually Burrow, not Burrows. Just figured if you’re all going to argue you might as well spell the guys name right.

            • Marner#16


              I accidentally added an s to burrow in a few posts ago. Then spelled it right in my last posts so it was me both times. If your gonna play the spelling police come at me with your garbage bs. I’m here all day and night. Thanks for your comments on the subject at hand.

    • Marner#16


      Lol good one sure could use some rumncoke waiting on the rum to arrive !

  4. TheBlueMeanie

    Of course he’s going to say he’s 100% with less than three weeks to go until the draft. It only benefits him to say that at this point whether it’s true or not.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I understand what your saying but he also has the doctors giving a big thumbs up which is what the GMs will pay more attention to.

  5. driftcat28

    My prediction is Tua is going to be a bust. Some team will take him high and Tua will be an injury prone/inconsistent player

      • Matthew Heywood

        Ryan leaf failed because he was a douche . I think a closer comparison would be the left handed QB at USC during their glory years of the early 2000s who went to the cardinals I forget his name

  6. crazylarry

    I wish him nothing but success but the reporting on him is as absurd as a NY team. Enough of it ALREADY. Next Headline will be. “ Tua on the way to the bathroom”.

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