49ers, George Kittle Far Apart In Talks

The 49ers and George Kittle have begun extension talks, but they’ve got a ways to go. Kittle’s agent Jack Bechta says there’s a major gap to bridge and, perhaps, some fundamental disagreement over how Kittle should be viewed.

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I don’t care about the tight end market, I’m being paid to do a George Kittle deal,” Bechta said.

Since 2017, Kittle has amassed 2,945 receiving yards, the most of any tight end in their first three seasons – and that’s not counting the playoffs. And, since 2018, Kittle’s had 1,464 yards after the catch, more than any other player in the league not named Christian McCaffrey.

Meanwhile, Kittle’s blocking has been a game-changer for the 49ers’ run game. In Kittle’s 14 games last year, SF averaged 4.83 yards per carry and tallied 23 rushing touchdowns. In the two games he missed, 49ers running backs averaged just 2.63 yards per try with no TDs.

With that in mind, Bechta is aiming higher than Austin Hooper‘s four-year, $42MM deal with the Browns. Instead, Kittle’s agent is using the wide receiver and left tackle markets as comps to reflect his client’s value. Kittle, 27 in October, doesn’t have to settle for “tight end money” in exchange for his prime seasons. Instead, he could land something in the neighborhood of $18MM per year with a larger guaranteed portion than Hooper, who has just over 50% of his deal truly locked in.

The 49ers appreciate Kittle’s value and they’ve made his extension a priority, so we still expect a deal to come together. However, it may take a bit longer than expected for them to meet in the middle.

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17 comments on “49ers, George Kittle Far Apart In Talks

  1. wagner13

    Considering his dual ability as a receiver and blocker, I think it’s fair to expect something along the lines of $20 million/season. The Michael Thomas contract would be a fair comparison imo, as both athletes are about as equally important to their respective teams

    • cant_teach_speed

      I think the other thing Little has going for him is he is clearly the number one weapon in the passing game for them. If they had an elite receiver they could maybe argue he doesn’t deserve it, but he is their top receiver hands down.

    • seattlesuperfan

      He’ll get more guaranteed then that. I’m thinking like 3/57 with 40 mill guaranteed

  2. jb19

    I like this approach by Kittle and his representation. He probably has better run blocking ability than some tackles in the league and I’m sure he’s a better receiver than many of the receivers playing in the league. Plus Kittle is a fan favorite, which I think some teams take into consideration having a marketable player on your team. Not many new Austin Hooper Browns jerseys sold I’m sure.

  3. mdunkel

    Watching Mic’d up during the Super Bowl being a Chiefs fan and then listening to Kittle I have become a Kittle fan. What a gamer and personality he has. Same with Fred Warner. Mucho respect for both of those guys. They were having fun.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    First year fully guaranteed 16mil
    Second year fully guaranteed 17mil
    Third year half guaranteed 18mil
    Last year (3mil guaranteed) 19m

    4 years 70mil deal with 45mil guaranteed

  5. tigerd7335

    They get it done imo a 4-67 with 45 guaranteed makes the most likely contract

  6. CoachHoge

    I’d like to see a new CBD with set yearly amounts and incentives. I’m so tired of athletes getting paid for what they have done instead of what the are actually doing on the field!


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