AFC East Notes: O’Shea, Warford, Ryan

The Dolphins fired former OC Chad O’Shea after just one season in his post, and the move surprised many at the time. After all, Miami’s offense wasn’t exactly brimming with talent, but O’Shea’s unit actually ranked in the top-10 in passing offense and top-15 in scoring offense after QB Ryan Fitzpatrick reentered the starting lineup in Week 7.

We had previously heard that O’Shea’s offense was overly complex for the young Dolphins talent, but as Barry Jackson, Adam H. Beasley, and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald write, the term “overly complex” may not be strong enough.

O’Shea, who brought in elements of the Patriots’ notoriously difficult offensive system after spending 10 years as New England’s WRs coach, tried to install especially advanced and complicated portions of the Pats’ scheme, which went over the heads of his new charges in Miami. And though he can’t be faulted for trying to replicate an offense that has thrived for years, players complained that he was a terrible teacher to boot, with one player calling his instruction during film study a “disaster.”

Head coach Brian Flores had O’Shea pulled out of his exit meeting with Fitzpatrick to advise him of his dismissal. O’Shea was reportedly blindsided by the news, and Fitzpatrick was apparently taken aback as well. It’s unknown if Flores asked Fitzpatrick about Chan Gailey — who was immediately hired as O’Shea’s replacement — prior to O’Shea’s firing. Fitzpatrick has played under Gailey for five seasons.

Let’s round up several more items from the AFC East:

  • In his most recent mailbag, Connor Hughes of The Athletic says the Jets should pursue former Saints guard Larry Warford, who was released by New Orleans earlier this month. Hughes believes Warford would represent an upgrade over incumbent RG Brian Winters — whose release would create a cap savings of $7MM — but he does not get the sense the Jets are interested. Warford does not fit the mold of the athletic, quick O-linemen that head coach Adam Gase wants in his system.
  • Hughes also notes that while the Jets are definitely interested in free agent corner Logan Ryan, Ryan will have to come off his current $10MM/year ask in order to reach an accord with Gang Green. We recently heard that New York believes it will sign Ryan, and it seems as if no team is willing to touch the $10MM sticker price at this point.
  • The Patriots have a talented crop of undrafted free agents, and their UDFA wideouts are particularly intriguing. Doug Kyed of believes Miami product Jeff Thomas has the best chance to make the team, though Will Hastings — who received a salary guarantee of $57.5K and who served as Jarrett Stidham‘s slot receiver at Auburn — also has a good shot.
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13 comments on “AFC East Notes: O’Shea, Warford, Ryan

  1. case7187

    Ya don’t run your organization like the pats it’s not like they’ve won 6 SB and been to 9 of them

    And enough with the cheating sh it every team does it the pats just do it the best so team cry about it

  2. crosseyedlemon

    So I guess the lesson here is never introduce anything to Miami players more complex than a Pet Detective movie.

    • rusty.coqbern

      Oh will you people just stop.. My God.. Every decade (until the pats) there was a dominant team that people hated after awhile because their teams couldn’t beat them.. It’s called jealousy; I’ve done it and seems like most people that post here do the same thing.. It’s different now because the ignorance spreads faster thanks to social media..

      And if you know your nfl history you’d have known the NE Patriots were the Cindy/Cleveland type cellar dwellers of old. Most of you all would love to be in Pats fan’s shoes the last 20 years (but not the 40 before).

      • Ak185

        They literally got caught and punished. You might not like it, but it happened.

  3. wagner13

    Maybe this explains some of Rosen’s difficulties? After all, a Harvard grad like Fitzpatrick would likely have an easier time grasping such a complex offensive scheme

    • bradthebluefish

      Not sure if Rosen is starter worthy but man, feel bad that we still haven’t seen Rosen at his best given all of these poor situations he’s thrown in.

      • Patriots

        I honestly don’t know if Rosen even knows what “offensive line” means.

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