Chargers HC: We Took “A Look” At Cam Newton

The Chargers have been mentioned as one of the likeliest landing spots for quarterback Cam Newton ever since the Panthers released the former MVP. Even after Los Angeles added Justin Herbert in this year’s draft, Newton was still considered a possibility given that he — if healthy — would represent an upgrade over presumptive starting signal-caller Tyrod Taylor.

And the Chargers themselves did give the matter some thought. In a recent interview with Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio (story via Jordan Dajani of CBS Sports), Los Angeles head coach Anthony Lynn conceded that the Bolts considered signing Newton.

“Absolutely, Cam is a tremendous quarterback,” Lynn said. “He’s been MVP of this league, he’s led his team to the Super Bowl and he’s healthy now from what I hear. Cam is going to be on somebody’s roster and he’s going to help somebody win a few games, but yeah, we did take a look at that, sure.”

Lynn previously indicated that he was interested in Newton, but this marks the first time that he explicitly said so. When asked why the Chargers passed on the three-time Pro Bowler, Lynn reiterated his feelings towards his current QBs.

“I feel really good about the quarterback room that I have,” he said. “With Tyrod Taylor, Easton Stick — those are guys that a lot of people don’t talk about, but [Stick] was a Division I AA — he won like three national championships. He’s a hell of a leader, hell of a professional and I think he has a bright future in this league one day.”

When factoring Herbert into the mix, it certainly seems as if Newton is no longer a candidate for the Chargers, barring injury. The same can be said for the Patriots, another club viewed as a potential suitor. So Newton, who has said that he is willing to be patient, will need to wait for an injury to, or an extremely disappointing performance from, a current starting quarterback if he wants a QB1 role in 2020. However, he may be warming to the idea of a backup role, which would give him a chance to re-establish himself and perhaps become the best free agent QB available in 2021.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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21 comments on “Chargers HC: We Took “A Look” At Cam Newton

  1. JJB0811

    Lynn’s thoughts on the idea of bribing teams w/ draft pick slots to hire minorities was also very well thought out & spoken.

  2. TJECK109

    This is nothing more than front office talk. This could easily be posturing on their part to get a lower price on Cam. They’d be stupid not to entertain the idea considering the pieces already in place

    • crosseyedlemon

      Posturing is a possibility but is there an office anywhere big enough to contain the egos of both Dean Spanos and Cam Newton?

    • JJB0811

      You could be right. But I think Cam’s attitude has turned off a bunch of teams. Add in his injuries and loss of running speed; he’s just not worth the $25-30m flyer he thinks he is.

      I couldn’t see Bill B and Cam working together. I couldn’t see Cam happy with signing in Jacksonville. The way Cam approaches the game vs that of Philip Rivers, makes me think Chargers aren’t that interested.

      • crosseyedlemon

        If a playoff contender like Seattle or Tennessee lose their starting QB for most of the season then maybe they sign Cam out of desperation but otherwise his options are very limited if he refuses to be a backup guy.

    • jkoms57

      There is no lower price than league min.

      Which is what Cam will have to take if he wants to suit up

  3. DarkSide830

    certainly worth looking if your any team with a negotiable cap situation and a backup situation that isnt set in stone.

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      When teams are drafting Mitchell Trubisky before Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, I think it is pretty obvious that the NFL is still racist towards black QBs.

  4. phillyballers

    No point in signing now, I wouldn’t wait too long into the season though. The 1st QB that gets injured, that’s where he probably ends up. Sitting out a year is not the right move. So at the end of whatever pre-season looks like or after week 1 or 2 he needs to just accept a backup role with any team if there’s no starter injuries.

  5. wagner13

    Looks like Cam will have to settle for a premium backup role on a team with an unstable/injury-prone starter. I think Pittsburgh makes sense, since Roethlisberger is 38 and coming off of elbow surgery

    • mcmillankmm

      I could see Pittsburgh working, they could mix in Cam to give Roethlisberger some rest. Seems like Roethlisberger usually misses a game or two as well, so that could give Cam a chance at some playing time.

      • wagner13

        That would be preferable over having a reindeer and a duck as the backup options

    • jkoms57

      Ya reminds me of when they brought in Vick.

      Pittsburgh surely is the best backup spot available , but still injuries could get Cam in a QB1 battle elsewhere

  6. cant_teach_speed

    I’d take Tyrod Taylor over Cam. Tyrod is a solid QB. But he is a leader and a worker, not a weird egomaniac

  7. Yep it is

    Why would you want to bring “ Cam the quitter” into your organization. All he does is sulks and whines.

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