Eagles, Jason Peters Discussing Return

Jason Peters has discussed a new deal with the Eagles, according to ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter). The 38-year-old isn’t rushing the process, however, and Schefter hears he’s keeping his options open. 

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The Eagles have left the door open for the nine-time Pro Bowler, but they still have other needs to consider this offseason. On the whole, they have solid flexibility for the 2020 salary cap, even though they’ve over-committed to spending for 2021. Next year’s books shouldn’t affect their consideration of Peters much – at his age, he’s probably not seeking, demanding, or expecting a multi-year deal.

Peters, meanwhile, has been working out throughout the offseason – despite the obvious limitations of the past few months – and says he wants to play this year. A new deal would mark Peters’ 17th season as an NFL pro, giving him a chance to build on a resume that already includes two First Team All-Pro nods and a Super Bowl ring. Recently, we learned that Peters would be willing to play on the right side of the line for a team in Super Bowl contention.

Last year, Pro Football Focus graded Peters as the NFL’s sixth-best tackle out of 81 qualifiers. It was an emphatic comeback from a down 2018 season and an injury-marred 2017 campaign.

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21 comments on “Eagles, Jason Peters Discussing Return

    • Polish Hammer

      Yeah to visit. He was a great player at one time, however he’s just been too unreliable. Guaranteed to To come out of several games so you better have a decent back up available.

    • JohnTheSportsFanatic

      We will, once Jason Peters likely retires in the next 1-2 years. You realize this Eagles team is in win now mode, right? They can just groom him behind Peters and he could be even better learning from him.

      • DarkSide830

        the kid needs to play at some point though. it seems to be like that for every guy on this team. they’re always protected too much and dont get the time to develope.

        • Polish Hammer

          Correct, can’t draft a guy in the first round to be the heir apparent and then have hm sit at least two seasons.

            • Polish Hammer

              QBs back then were expected to sit and learn, of course not 3-4 years though, but an o-lineman should be sitting that long.

        • Jcool90

          I’m Ravens fan, and we threw our young Oline men out there and they did great. Rookies, 2nd yr players etc. I agree with you brother man. But he’ll prolly beat Peter’s if wants it.

          • DarkSide830

            my worry is they dont give him the chance. id actually quite like a platoon or a competition, but the team seems to be spinning their desire to bring him back as a desire to anoint him the starter outright and sit Dillard once again.

    • rgreen

      And if Dillard struggles,then what? You gonna be ok with turning to Pryor or Mailata to protect Wentz’ blindside?I like the rookie Prince,actually wanted them to take him with the pick they sent to Dallas,and every one up until they actually took him,but not trusting him on the left side without any offseason programs first.And I’m not even sure if trusting any of the 3 on that side,even if there were a normal offseason.

      Got a chance to bring back the 6th best out of 81 to do the job,they should do it,and then have Dillard as the first tackle up if there’s any injuries.

  1. Simmons>Russ

    End of the day even at his age he’s a solid as tackle and isn’t going to be asking for much

    • crosseyedlemon

      38 yr old Peters vs 32 yr old Gerald McCoy would be an exciting matchup.

      • Simmons>Russ

        I think Eagles Cowboys will be a great battle in the trench’s type game.

        Eagles offence
        Peters Dillard Kelce Brooks and Johnson
        Cowboys defence
        Lawrence Poe McCoy Hill Lee Smith and LVE

        Cowboys offence
        Collins Martin Looney McGovern Smith
        Eagles defence
        Barnett Jackson Cox Sweat plus depth

        • crosseyedlemon

          Payroll spending OL: Cowboys 11th Eagles 12th
          Payroll spending DL: Cowboys 7th Eagles 5th

          Pretty evenly matched on that front so I think your right.

          • Simmons>Russ

            It’ll be interesting watching the WRs destroy this. Both teams both have great corners and great safety’s yet both teams have some depth and quality at WR.
            Eagles have speed with Jackson Reagor Jeffery Goodwin and Whiteside.
            Cowboys have great the trio of Cooper Lamb and Gallup plus two good TEs Jarwin and Bell

            • crosseyedlemon

              Eagles had a clear coaching edge in the Pederson vs Garrett matchup but that is gone now. I’m predicting the division goes to Dallas.

  2. hOsEbEeLiOn

    Chargers. You went all in with your free agent signings. Put him at RT or move Bulaga to RT.

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