Jets Searching For Backup QB

After failing to land Andy Dalton, the Jets are still on the lookout for a veteran backup quarterback. There aren’t many experienced options left and Rich Cimini of hears that Matt Moore – viewed by many as a logical candidate – is probably not in the cards.

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Moore overlapped with Gase in Miami, where he started in 17 games. However, 12 of those starts came in the 2011 season. Outside of that, the 35-year-old (36 in August) has never made more than five games in any of his NFL seasons. Despite his lack of starting experience, he’s been an in-demand backup in the past – the Panthers and Chiefs have also leaned on him as a QB2.

With Dalton off the market, Moore off the table, and Cam Newton out of their price range, there aren’t a ton of great QBs in the bargain bin. David Fales could be an option, Cimini notes, since he played under Gase with three different teams. There’s also Joe Flacco to consider, if he’s healthy.

Other available QBs include Blake Bortles, Drew Stanton, and Trevor Siemian, who saw last year’s Jets season end in Week 2. The Jets desperately need a quality backstop for Sam Darnold, but they might have to wait until the summer, or maybe even the end of the summer, to pick up vets dropped by other teams.

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26 comments on “Jets Searching For Backup QB

  1. acarneglia

    I’d try to get Cam or Flacco. With the inconsistency shown by Darnold throughout his career, why not go out and sign someone experienced.

    • cant_teach_speed

      Cam doesn’t want to come in and support Darnold or even compete if given the chance. Just wants to be handed a starting job because he won an MVP five seasons ago. (And acted like a baby when he got abused in the Super Bowl)

      • to even get a decent shot at starting at some point there are only a handful of teams. Eagles (Wentz always hurt at the end) … Jets (Darnold seems to miss a couple games a year and inconsistent) …. Steelers (Big Ben coming back from major surgery). Any where else at best he is 2nd qb with a qb that hasnt really missed much time or they have a young guy waiting in the wings with a cheaper placeholder in front.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!…It’s Christian Hackenberg :(

    • abssamanta

      I do agree with you, begamin. The thing is that other than James Morgan and Darnold, they don’t have another really good or trustable QB. This means that they want 3 QBs on their roster, essentially. Morgan is gonna end up being a 3rd stringer, basically. I mean, Morgan and Darnold are fine enough as is, but maybe they want a better option than David Fales or Mike White. Trevor Siemian was pretty good, before his injury. I disagree with them wanting yet another QB, though. Morgan should be QB2 behind Darnold, imo. If they add another QB, especially like a Dalton (if they got lucky), then you know that Morgan becomes QB3 real quick.

      • Begamin

        I disagree with the Jets’ philosophy of needing a third QB in itself. Dont see why its an urgent need for them. Its not like Flacco would win them games if Darnold goes down

  3. dynamite drop in monty

    When Tuvok was unconscious due to an attack by the mysterious Ba’Neth in 2376, Neelix decided to recite the complete drama for the Vulcan, performing all twenty three parts himself.

    • phenomenalajs

      Technically, he’s still a Dolphin, but could become available after training camp.

  4. jkoms57

    Would like the Steelers to bring Flacco back to Pittsburgh.
    (Was backup at Pitt behind Palko before transferring to Delaware)

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