NFL Exec: We’re Planning For Full Stadiums

The NFL is “planning to have full stadiums” in the fall, league executive VP of football operations Troy Vincent says. Still, the league will yield to professionals and government restrictions before opening up the gates.

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We are planning to have full stadiums until the medical community tells us otherwise,” Vincent told The Team 980 (transcription via NBC Sports). “Now, remember when we’re talking — we’re talking about September, August, September. So there’s a lot that can happen here. So we’re planning for full stadiums.”

Vincent went on to explain that the league has contingencies in place for multiple scenarios. That could include “half stadiums,” and stadiums that are filled to just “three-quarters” capacity. Games could still be played without fans in attendance, of course, but it’s a major shift in tone from what we were hearing just a few short weeks ago.

The NFL could still rake in considerable revenue without fans, thanks to their TV contracts, but gate attendance still accounts for billions of dollars league-wife. If it’s feasible and safe for fans to fill the seats, Vincent says the league will find a way to make it happen.

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48 comments on “NFL Exec: We’re Planning For Full Stadiums

  1. richard dangler

    I as well as tens of millions of other Americans will be in attendance. Stadiums will be full day one. Only those that buy into the media propaganda still think this is real.

    • Steven Juris

      Hopefully they will spread the Coronavirus in tin the stands that way they can save America by killing off the idiots who think it’s ok for a disease to kill off 100,000 innocent Americans.

      • kaehlaone

        Whether you agree with the original poster or not, that’s a horrible post to make.

        • Steven Juris

          So is denying something that exists as fake. But that’s what the orange skinned moron believes and there’s a whole bunch of useless retards who swallow every single thing he says even though it’s nothing but useless drivel spoken by a narcissistic sociopath.

      • Afk711

        If the crowd is under 65 without a pre existing condition 99 percent of them will survive. No one said it was ok for the virus kill people. But the idea that 3 months from now we can’t reasonably have spread out fans at a lesser capacity is just fear mongering. Obviously they won’t be able to pack a full stadium, but the NFL doesn’t need to admit that yet.

      • dorfmac

        For real. Can’t we just let the virus kill off the people that don’t care and spare the people who are doing their best to avoid it yet are being exposed by the idiots? That would be ideal.

    • ron swanson

      If it’s not real then go volunteer in an NYC hospital with no protective equipment Dick Dangler

      • claude raymond

        Ron, the dude dangler does these idiotic annoying posts to get attention.

    • bklynny67

      Only people who haven’t had a close relative or friend hospitalized or die from it think it’s fake.

      • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

        I have a direct family member who is a nurse and got it bucco. It’s not fake, but wildly and insanely over exaggerated. The 38 million people who can’t feed their family or pay the bills has much much worse consequences.

        • phamdownbytheriver

          Thanks for a shot of common sense in a nutty world sadly lacking in it.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    According to Roger Goodell in this May 6 article link to
    “Uninformed commentary that speculates on how individual clubs or the league will address a range of hypothetical contingencies serves no constructive purpose and instead confuses our fans and business partners, complicates the operations of other clubs, and distracts from the careful planning that is needed right now.”

    Don’t look now Roger but Troy might be after your job…lol

  3. The entire planet cannot be shut down bc of a virus that is not lethal. If you are worried about it, stay home, if not go out knowing you may get the flu, the common cold, H1N1, Lyme disease, COVID-19 or any number of deadly, but treatable sicknesses.

    • Steven Juris

      100,000 Americans have died to a non-lethal disease. Wait that’s a lethal disease. Better learn the difference.

        • mattcubs

          Um. I think 35000 died last year and 80000 the year before. 100,000 covid deaths in just 5ish months. My 3 year old could figure out which is more lethal.

          • Fatality rate for those with no underlying conditions is under 1%. And anyone under the age of 25 don’t even know they have it most of the time.

            • yaketymac

              100,000 Americans dead and you’re on here downplaying it, “clown on the internet.”

              I bet you miss your Trump rallies, cult member.

              • I called him a clown mostly due to his previous comment (on this thread) about how he hopes everyone in the stands gets COVID for going to the football game.

                Has nothing to do w Trump. But nice try buddy.

                • emac22

                  You’re an asshat.

                  Don’t try to pretend you’re anything else because it’s too late.

                • yaketymac

                  Like many Trump voters, you won’t admit it.

                  You’re an idiot, jb19. And now we know you’re a coward too.

            • cubsnomore

              We don’t know much about this virus. We can’t treat it because we don’t know how it works. Known stats are educated guesses. Don’t take them as facts.

            • mattcubs

              Yes. Being an asymptomatic carrier means you’re more like to go about the world normally and spread it to other vulnerable populations who could be more affected by it.

              The situation sucks, especially in an individualistic society where people are unwilling to work toward a collective good. At the same time, they worship soldiers, officers, and firefighters for the sacrifices they make, but are unwilling to make their own tiny sacrifices like wearing a damn mask or staying home for a little bit. Fetishizing others sacrifices and then throwing fits when they are asked to do something for others. Silly silly.

    • crosseyedlemon

      @Jb19. Getting treatment after your dead seems like a great option for those who dislike high insurance premiums…lol.

  4. The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

    NFL plans to kill hundreds and cause unknown long-term health damage to thousands if not millions all in the same of the dollar. Because it’s not just those who go to the games, but those who have to go to Walmart to get food and be exposed to them that will deal with the consequences as well.

    • Afk711

      If only you kept that same energy for something that would have actually harmed someone…. Mr. Euge Melnyk

    • inkstainedscribe

      The NFL isn’t forcing anyone to attend. I wouldn’t go because of the cost and the at-home or sports bar experience is better anyway. Those who want to take their chances should be allowed to do so.

      • yaketymac

        There’s a lot more going in states than NFL games. If fans can be there they can. If they can’t then they can’t.

        Public safety is a heck of a lot more important than any of this.

  5. yaketymac

    Idiotic comment from Vincent.

    Stop with the unforced errors, NFL, and just work on this stuff behind the scenes. No one knows what September will bring.

    • crosseyedlemon

      ♫ It doesn’t matter whether skies are gray or blue
      It’s raining in my heart ’cause I can’t be with you
      I’m only living for the day you’re home to stay
      So It might as well rain until September
      September, September, oh
      It might as well rain until September ♫

  6. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    The headlines are distorting this story. All he said was that they were preparing for various different contingencies. As any decently run business is doing right now.

    Planning for and expecting are two different things. No one knows.

  7. sportfan101

    A mask in your car as u drive alone lmao wow suck a clueless sheep. Masks are no good just a pleaser to the over watching news peeps. A fart can pass the virus covered by layers of clothes. now when you remove your masks in time, plan on getting sick because your body has a weaker immune system. But don’t worry Walmart, target, Costco and Safeway are fine but not bars and restaurants hmmm. Wait the virus only trails 6 feet pretty cool how it doesn’t go 6.1 feet and doesn’t effect anyone walking past someone. Wait stay on the lakes as a boat gets to close lmao. Suckers ok I’ll stay home not!!

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