Russell Wilson Wants Seahawks To Sign Antonio Brown?

Russell Wilson expressed a desire for the Seahawks to add superstars this offseason, and although they signed Greg Olsen and Phillip Dorsett, each would fall varying degrees shy of that distinction. Wilson is aiming higher.

The Seahawks’ ninth-year quarterback “would love” if the Seahawks signed Antonio Brown, according to ESPN 710 Seattle’s John Clayton. This is not the first connection between Brown and the Seahawks, nor is it the first instance of Wilson pushing for such a move.

In November, a report surfaced indicating Wilson had lobbied for his team to sign the controversial wide receiver. The Seahawks did not, and Brown remained in free agency. He has been unattached since last September.

Although the Saints worked out Brown, even that produced controversy for a wideout who napalmed bridges over the past 18 months. The Steelers traded Brown in March 2019; the Raiders released him before last season; the Patriots cut him after less than two weeks. The former four-time All-Pro is now in legal trouble after an arrest earlier this year.

Brown is also close with Seahawks backup Geno Smith, per Clayton. Smith recently re-signed to be Seattle’s QB2. Nothing will happen with Brown this month, Clayton adds, noting that any deal between the Seahawks and the soon-to-be 32-year-old wideout would likely come to pass in July or August. That would give the NFL more time with its investigation of Brown, who will likely face a lengthy suspension.

The league is investigating Brown for multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and folded in his three felony charges — stemming from an alleged January assault on a delivery driver — into the investigation. If the Seahawks were to sign Brown, the upside may be capped by limited availability. And it is not like the team would be adding a sure thing, given the volatility that has led Brown out of the league.

Seattle is set to roll out a pass-catching corps featuring Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf, Olsen and Dorsett next season. The team has drafted four wideouts in the past two seasons, including Florida’s Freddie Swain in Round 6 this year.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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35 comments on “Russell Wilson Wants Seahawks To Sign Antonio Brown?

  1. crosseyedlemon

    So how much of a salary cut are you willing to take to make this happen Russell?…Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    • compassrose

      Wilson is used to living with big ego diva types. I don’t want this POS and Wilson should be lobbying for OL not trash.

      Not sure where the Wilson leaving Seattle comes from. Maybe the SF based and biased BR? Still can’t take them as a legit source. Wilson also said the team he signs this contract with would be the team he retires with. The team might have other ideas but I could see a Drew Brees type career.

      • bothymam24

        Wut. Yes because they would get rid of Wilson, the all-time leader in just about every stat and one of the best in the league. He’s going to be there for as long as he wants and likely pay him for however much he wants. Also, like, what does BR have to do with anything? The dude probably just likes Antonio Brown, as a person and with Carroll being able to handle guys with big ego’s pretty easy, along with being one of the best in the league.

  2. Ironman_4life

    Its my fault. Earlier I was talking about how if the cheese didn’t have Patrick Mahomes I would totally take Russell fault guys.

  3. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Wilson has lost his mind. Why would anyone want to hitch their wagon to AB? Brown is nothing but a headache in the locker room, and a vile human being.

    • cant_teach_speed

      He is all those things. Seattle is one of the places I could see him working though. Elite QB. A coach that has always given space to big personalities. Championship aspirations. It makes sense.

    • ayrbhoy

      He doesn’t want to hitch his wagon to a vile human being or a headache in the locker room. He just wants to see the all-pro WR line up in his peripheral vision! It’s amazing how long Tomlin was able to tolerate that circus. That’s impressive

  4. Big Angry Baby

    Yeah, better hire a Team of Psychiatrist and Baby Sitters while your at it.

  5. Thronson5

    Please don’t. I hate this team and don’t want to see them get a WR with his talent lol

  6. TJECK109

    Wasn’t there a report the other day that said Wilson wouldn’t be there long term….

  7. sportsfan101

    They tried josh gordon and that didn’t work why now try AB? Both failed with the patriots who are unarguably the best team in the nfl for the past 20 years. Where does Wilson think that will change for a AB when it didn’t for Gordon?

  8. Phil253

    I feel like Russ might think he can effect positive change in Browns life, but Brown doesn’t need to be on the football field, dude needs prison time. You aren’t allowed to treat people and abuse/assault women the way he has. I don’t give a $&@! how talented you are, you act like he does you get shown the door and some iron bars.

  9. bradthebluefish

    Wilson, Carroll, and Brown would all have a great relationship IMO. Friendly environment. Encouraging. Etc.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Sarcasm, I hope?…

      Brown is a terrible human, and a headcase. That’s not something you can encourage away.

      It’d probably start off roses. Remember how much Brown loved Carr, and wanted to play for Gruden? It’s great, until it’s not. Let Russ look the ‘wrong’ way too many times like Ben did, when JuJu started to get more targets. AB would back over Seattle just as fast as anywhere he’s ever been.

      We’ve all seen the movie before, and the ending would be the same.

  10. Misterants

    Ok two days ago you guys were saying that it’s a matter of “when” wilson gets traded by seattle. So is he on the trade block or is he calling the shots? Make up your minds PFR

  11. giantsforlife

    How long is the NFLs investigation going to take. We heard it was starting in November, and it is still ongoing. Like NFL, do you need to hire some more detectives or something? Finish this investigation and actually give AB a chance to play football and get his life back together.

    • nutznboltz

      In his last rant against the police, he said,”F—- the nfl.” Now he wants back in? He has way bigger problems in his life than being unemployed. The nfl should share the same feelings towards him and never let him step foot back on a field again.

  12. mojo1014

    AB is an incredible talent and was the best receiver in the league prior to his meltdown. That being said if you have to be crazy to bring this cancer into your locker room.

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