49ers, Kyle Shanahan Agree To Extension

After giving Kyle Shanahan a six-year extension in 2017, the 49ers are doubling down. The defending NFC champions and their fourth-year head coach agreed on another six-year deal Monday, as first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN.com (on Twitter). The Niners officially confirmed the news on Tuesday morning, via press release.

The deal does not tack three years onto Shanahan’s previous pact. It will replace the previous contract, tying the 40-year-old head coach to the 49ers through the 2025 season. This contract will place Shanahan among the top-five highest-paid coaches, Schefter adds.

The second-generation HC had three years remaining on his initial San Francisco deal, but with the rebuild he and John Lynch oversaw producing one of the league’s great single-season turnarounds, the franchise moved quickly to lock down its sideline boss. The negotiation between Shanahan and 49ers CEO Jed York moved quickly, Schefter notes.

Shanahan spent several seasons as an offensive coordinator, moving from Washington to Cleveland to Atlanta before landing the San Francisco HC job. Brought in along with Lynch to orchestrate a rebuild — after the 49ers made their initial two post-Jim Harbaugh coaches (Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly) one-and-dones — and the 2019 brought that to fruition. The 49ers followed a 4-12 2018 season — one largely without Jimmy Garoppolo — with a 13-3 slate that secured NFC home-field advantage and the franchise’s seventh Super Bowl berth.

Lynch remains on his original deal, which runs through 2022. But after the career TV analyst worked alongside Shanahan to rebuild the 49ers, it is not hard to envision the franchise rewarding its GM as well.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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30 comments on “49ers, Kyle Shanahan Agree To Extension

    • wagner13

      That’s very ignorant. The first season was coming off of a 2-win disaster under walking Pillsbury Doughboy Chip Kelly. Jimmy G. didn’t join the team until midseason, and the team was immediately successful upon his arrival. 2018 was a wash given Garoppolo’s injury. This season, the 49ers were arguably the best NFC team despite missing Joe Staley for half the season. I’m not a huge Lynch fan, but you have to give credit to Shanahan for the turnaround

      • bowserhound

        He blew the super bowl, but ok, let’s book him for another few seasons.
        Jimmy G is at best Andrew Luck. The only thing they did good is run the ball 50 times a game with a decent O-Line. D was pretty good, but not good enough against Andy Reid.
        5 years of suck coming right up.

        • wagner13

          He got outsmarted against the second best coach in the league. Other than the Superbowl, what should Shanahan have done differently? It’s not like the 49ers benefitted from substantial fortune like the Packers. I’d say turning a complete joke of a franchise into a Superbowl contender warrants an extension

        • yourmomsbox

          Bowser is a moron who is commenting without looking below the headlines. His own players said it best- they had a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter. Does he make tackles? Does he catch the ball? Shut up and go cheer for the Shecocks

    • mrshyguy99

      do you not see how mess of a team the 49ers were. they were going down hill ever since their last superbowl run. any new coach coming to a bad team it most likly a given to have a bad first season. second season was hurt by injuries. 3rd season prove how good of a coach he is with a healthy team. plus he has a proven past as a oc. so not like he hasnt proven him self all over.

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Got totally out coached by Reid in the SB when it counted. Lynch is equally bad in discarding a great talent like Buckner. I’m predicting a major regression although perhaps not all the way back to 4-12.

  2. sportsfan101

    100% do not see the niners reappearing this season. I imagine at best a wild card birth. But time will tell.

      • dandan

        Atlanta was up 25 points in the third quarter. I don’t wanna here a damn thing about how the offense blew that game for them.

        • Kevskins

          Your suppose to run the ball when you’re up by 14+.plus in the second half to run the clock and not put your defense on the field every 3 mins

          • dandan

            Your defense is supposed to hold a 25 point lead with just over one quarter left to play in the Super Bowl. Was his play calling perfect? Absolutely not, we can both agree on that. But to suggest that Kyle Shanahan lost the Falcons the Super Bowl is downright ignorant.

            • Ak185

              He blew it by having his QB pass on 3rd and 5 in a close game-after watching his crappy defense blow the lead-instead of running the ball and the clock. In addition, the Atlanta offense actually didn’t earn that lead on their own. The Patriots turned the ball over and gave up sacks for good field position that led to those scores. Shanahan’s playcalling was extremely predictable, and I remember predicting the calls myself as an uninformed fan on the couch. It was disappointing, as a neutral fan watching. If memory serves, Shanahan only managed 7 points in the second half. He certainly deserves blame for that loss, in addition to the pathetic defense.

              He is a very good schemer, and not a good situational playcaller. That is why he will consistently be good enough to get to good games, but will be consistently be outsmarted by good situational playcallers, such as Andy Reid. Shanahan seems to excel at devising gameplans during the week, but fails at adjusting to opponents or situations in game (he struggled with this in both Superbowls, the easiest way to see this in an obvious way is to compare his offense’s first and second half scoring/stats).

  3. ahale224

    He’s the Shane Falco of coaches. Chokes when the big game is on the line. Blew it for the Falcons by only throwing with a big lead in the second half, so just to prove he’d learned his lesson, he did it again with the 49ers.

  4. Thronson5

    Don’t get how anyone can be upset with this deal. Look at what he and Lynch have done with this team, not just the roster but the culture they’ve brought in. This team genuinely loves eachother. That’s hard to accomplish. So what if they lost last year, they weren’t even expect to get there and exceeded expectations but time! They don’t have the most talent on offense and still were able to man handle teams on offense due to kyles play calling. This season he has more talent so I expect them to be even better and win it all.

  5. Halo9er01

    The Shane Falco from the 96 sugar bowl or the Shane Falco from the Washington Sentinels replacement season? Please be specific because it will greatly support your argument

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