Browns Willing To Increase Offer To Jadeveon Clowney?

The Browns continue to put in work on the Jadeveon Clowney front. In addition to the team talking with Clowney’s agent — amid Myles Garrett extension talks, with Bus Cook representing both players — it appears the Browns would be willing to increase their offer.

Cleveland’s previous offer to Clowney came in around the $12MM-per-year range. The Browns would sign off on paying the former No. 1 overall pick in the $15MM neighborhood on a one-year deal, Albert Breer of notes.

Clowney is believed to have received an offer around $15MM AAV from the Seahawks. The three-time Pro Bowl pass rusher dropped his asking price from around $20MM per year to the $17-$18MM-AAV range early in free agency but has remained on the market for several weeks since.

As of Monday, the Browns hold an NFL-most $37MM in cap space — well north of the Seahawks’ $13.9MM — and could outmuscle the Hawks for Clowney if they chose to. The Browns have been connected to Clowney for over two months. Should the Browns land Clowney, they would likely create more cap space by parting ways with Olivier Vernon. The latter is set to earn a Browns-most $15.25MM in 2020 base salary, which is currently non-guaranteed.

While a $15MM payment would be almost a middle-class edge rusher deal this year, with 17 edge defenders earning that on average, a one-year deal would allow Clowney a chance to re-enter the market at 28 during what could well be a more normal 2021 offseason.

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24 comments on “Browns Willing To Increase Offer To Jadeveon Clowney?

  1. dynamite drop in monty

    Bidding against themselves ? Vintage browns move.

    No one other than ten, ind or sea has offered an excess of 10 mill yet CLE will buy into this media related boondoggle

    • freemamg

      Sea offered 15mil, bidding war between the two. I’m sure there’s been further engagement between the Browns and Clowney’s camp given M Garrett is represented by the same agent.

    • Jcool90

      Cuz they think this will make them win the division BUT SIT down and back cause it will surely not. One player won’t. Baker won’t. Yall messed up in the draft. He has so many weapons even RG3 can do better. Baker blows didnt win it in college n won’t in the NFL. Lamar my boys are the ravens he will have more rings than Baker lol baker

      • Ak185

        I’m sure that this is in a language but I am having trouble figuring which one.

  2. playicy

    I can’t see why Clowney won’t go to winner like the Seahawks than think about the loser browns

    • wagner13

      The Browns aren’t that bad. Last season was a bit of a “Murphy’s Law” situation, as everything that could’ve possibly gone wrong went wrong. Mayfield regressed, the offensive line was in shambles, Kitchens proved to be in over his head, and Njoku proved to be made of glass bones to name a few problems.

      Looking forward, Mayfield should be better protected behind a proven veteran like Conklin and a talented rookie in Wills: Instant upgrades over the deplorable Hubbard and Robinson duo. Hooper will force Njoku to step up, especially in a contract year. Garrett will be back on the field and Stefanski should be a more competent coach than Kitchens.

      Obviously, the Browns won’t be instant contenders, but they should easily be in the wild card mix. It sucks that the division is so rough and they lost Schobert/Kirksey, but people seem to really be sleeping on them. To suggest they’re a “loser team” currently is ignorant. As a Steelers fan, I genuinely view the Browns as a legitimate divisional threat. If they offer a better contract, there’s no reason for Clowney to turn it down. He’d benefit from playing across Garrett and could take advantage of a more predictable 2021 market

      • carlos15

        They are a loser team currently. Look at their record. It’s not ignorant, it’s factual. Their potential may not be that of a loser team but potential is nothing until it is realized.

      • so what your saying is Njoku is not a superstar TE? There was a guy a couple weeks ago that was trying to trade him and a couple of spare parts for Jamal Adams while saying how great that trade is for the Jets. If i remember right they were saying some picks or pieces should be going back to the browns as well.

        • wagner13

          I really hope you’re being facetious, because Njoku is nowhere near a superstar tight end. He had a solid 2018, but otherwise has done next to nothing

      • jkoms57

        Browns are terrible.

        Even with Clowney they lose 10 games

        Buster Mayfield is still running the show last I checked

  3. sufferfortribe

    I find that I don’t care anymore what happens. The Browns are dead to me now, after Mayfield’s comments.

    • seth3120

      He’s never short on things to say and easily provoked by media so it wouldn’t surprise me if he said something that made you scratch your head. But I don’t follow the Browns close and must have missed the comments you’re referring to. What did the hothead say?

      • sufferfortribe

        When asked if he’d be kneeling during the anthem, he told the person to get their head out their ass, and said yes.

      • frozeninneohio

        “…never short on things to say…” said by the “f*%#^* midget”. Hilarious…and in other news, Clowney thinks he should paid based on one hit in college, which is a good thing because he would starve if he was paid based on his results in the league.

    • compassrose

      Baker is Manziel lite. Not as big of a head case but one none the less. I don’t understand why this guy got so many commercials before playing an NFL down. I find it hard to believe he will take the Browns far. Sorry but I don’t believe he is the player you all wanted and think he is.

    • myaccount

      You know the Indians have players who support kneeling for the flag, too, right? May want to just give up on sports altogether if that offends you.

  4. Ak185

    I have to be curious-are the Browns prepared to increase their $12 million offer or the $18 million offer? I’ve heard both numbers. The former seems ludicrous, the latter seems fair. The article sheds good perspective on the comparative value of the $15 million offer-it’s pretty average for that position around the league.

    • wagner13

      I believe the $18 million offer is a misreport. It certainly wouldn’t make sense to up such a lucrative guarantee

      • Ak185

        Agreed. It would be absolutely silly to turn that down. $12 million, however, is well below market value for an average EDGE defender, so it’s actually rather surprising that the Browns would think that offer competitive for the price point.

  5. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Clowney isn’t worth 15 million a year. We’re talking about a guy who averaged about 6 sacks a year thus far while playing on the same unit as JJ Watt for the bulk of it, who commands the game-planning attention. He’s just a recognizable name.

    • i think its more oliver at 18 vs clowney at 15 rather than just adding clowney.

    • Ak185

      Watt and Clowney played three games together if memory serves. As the article notes, $15 million is actually extremely average when compared to NFL players at comparable positions.

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