Seahawks Offered Jadeveon Clowney $15MM/Year?

At one point in negotiations, the Seahawks offered Jadeveon Clowney a one-year, $15MM deal, according to a league source who spoke with Mike Florio of PFT. If that proposal is still on the table, it stands to reason that the defensive end could return to Seattle, but according to veteran NFL reporter Josina Anderson, that is not the case (Twitter link). Anderson says that the starting point for negotiations between the two sides would be “very different” than the $15MM figure.

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Clowney has said that he wouldn’t mind returning to the Seahawks, though he rejected an offer from the team early in the offseason. Since then, the Seahawks have found front seven help elsewhere by adding Bruce Irvin and Benson Mayowa in free agency. They also found edge help in the draft by selecting outside linebacker Darrell Taylor (Round 2) and defensive end Alton Robinson (Round 5).

When free agency opened, Clowney was said to be asking for $21MM/year. Weeks later, that ask was reduced to around $17-$18MM per annum. The Browns – long believed to be a frontrunner – recently offered Clowney a deal that was worth somewhere around $12MM per year. The former No. 1 overall pick turned them down in hopes of finding a better deal, but some believe that Clowney is overestimating his market.

The Giants, Eagles, and Jets are not in the mix for Clowney, even though they could all use some help on the edge. That leaves the Browns and Titans as the likely frontrunners, though the Titans have also downplayed their level of interest. The Seahawks are still open to bringing Clowney back, per Anderson, but it seems their offer would be closer to the one that the Browns put on the table.

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11 comments on “Seahawks Offered Jadeveon Clowney $15MM/Year?

      • Mr Goodkat

        Zach cited Mike Florio as his source of the source, so OP would actually be questioning Florio’s professional credibility.

        • Ak185

          Florio’s credibility has and always will be questionable, but that’s mostly due to his obnoxious insistence on injecting and shaping stories to fit his own opinions. Mostly that has to do with either his politics or Derek Carr blocking him on Twitter, which is kind of funny actually.

          He’s not exactly an insider, but he usually is okay in delivering numbers and, if you ignore his snarky political superiority and utter hatred of anything ESPN or the NFL, he mostly is reliable when it comes to pure numbers. Unless the story is about Kaepernick, Brady, or player discipline, all of which are topics that he steers according to his point of view.

  1. seth3120

    Highly doubt Seattle bids against themselves after moving on from Clowney and addressing the void in the draft. 12-13 a year or in the neighborhood of the Browns offer could make sense if they are even still interested.

    • davidkaner

      Very small market. He goes back to Seattle & 15 million would be a great deal for him.

      • seth3120

        That’s my thought. He overplayed his hand and teams went another direction because of it. They may circle back around or have some interest but with less cap room to offer him what they might once have. Clowneys leverage has gone way down and teams interested know it and are looking for a bargain. IF he can top the Browns offer even on a one year deal he should take it and comeback with a better feel for what his value is and perhaps get the 15-17 million range that if he’d came out asking for from day one Seattle would have given him(I believe they offered 15). If he wasn’t asking for 21 Seattle might have come off that 15 offer up to 16 or 17 but when they didn’t feel like they could get a deal done they moved on before other free agents and draft picks came off the board. Probably needs to be a bargain to be a fit in Seattle

  2. mdunkel

    Let him sit out a year for “ lack of interest in his services” and see what he would play for next year. What a chump.

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