Devonta Freeman’s Asking Price Too High For Bucs

Interest in former Falcons RB Devonta Freeman has picked up significantly over the past couple of weeks. Atlanta released Freeman on March 16, and there were no public reports of interest in his services for some time, but the Jets, Eagles, Seahawks, and Buccaneers have recently kicked the tires on the two-time Pro Bowler.

Seattle ultimately filled its RB need by signing Carlos Hyde. The club submitted a one-year, $3MM pitch to Freeman, but when he did not sign, the Seahawks pivoted to Hyde, who landed a one-year pact worth up to $4MM with incentives. Philadelphia and Tampa have yet to pick up a veteran RB to add to their stable, and unless Freeman’s asking price comes down, he will not be joining up with the Bucs.

Tampa head coach Bruce Arians says his club would have interest in Freeman if his price tag wasn’t so high (Twitter link via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times). The way he phrased that statement is interesting, because an earlier report from Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Enquirer suggested the Bucs had made an offer to Freeman, who was considering that proposal along with one he received from the Eagles. Arians’ statement today implies that Tampa either never made an offer or else is not willing to further engage until Freeman lowers his demands.

The Bucs were rumored as a potential landing spot for an RB upgrade earlier this offseason, as their depth chart is currently topped by 2018 second-rounder Ronald Jones, who had an up-and-down season in 2019 after a disastrous rookie campaign. GM Jason Licht has expressed confidence in Jones, but the team was looking for a pass-catching back to complement him, and Licht did pick up two RBs in the draft: Ke’Shawn Vaughn (third round) and Raymond Calais (seventh). Freeman profiles as a potential upgrade for a team that suddenly has Super Bowl aspirations.

For his part, Freeman recently shot down rumors that he is considering sitting out the 2020 season. He appears to be aiming for a 2020 payout closer to the one that he was scheduled to receive from the Falcons (about $8MM), but that’s likely not coming his way, as he is now two years removed from his last effective season.

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17 comments on “Devonta Freeman’s Asking Price Too High For Bucs

  1. mcmillankmm

    He might be waiting a while if he’s looking for a contract valued at $8M per year.

    • CursedRangers

      Exactly! You and I both have the same chance of getting a $8M contract to play football as he does. Zero chance

    • rocky7

      Certainly no guarantee as he will be 3 years beyond significant personal achievement, and that 2017 season wasn’t exactly a lightening rod for a contract ask of this size either.

    • Why would any team pay him more after taking a year off, particularly when the 2 years before it were nothing special? If it didn’t work for Le’Veon Bell, it sure isn’t going to work for Davonta Freeman

  2. bradthebluefish

    Time for Tom Brady to call him and tell him what he’s missing out on.

  3. votto4president

    time to retire Freeman, you haven’t been productive in 2 years and still think you’re worth 8m? Laughable.

  4. of9376

    Should take a 1 year prove it deal. His injury problems scare away most teams when it come to multi year contract.

    • Hannibal8us

      I don’t think RBs can take prove it deals, their shelf life is just too limited. Even if he has a good year his age will be what limits his earning power then.

      • jkoms57

        Exactly. Either pay him 6 mil to take a beating, or hes walking away.

        I think hell end up getting 5 or 6 mil with 4 guaranteed.

        Quite a few teams could use him

        • Probably would have happened by now, don’t you think? If he sits out a year, the offers will be even less next time around. He hasn’t done anything worth that kind of money for 3 years now

  5. This just seems foolish. His stocks not gonna go up after sitting out a season. Look at what Bell and Gordon ended up settling for after they sat out vs what they were offered prior to sitting out

  6. noodles465

    Dumb! Play and get paid and audition for season 2021? Or sit on the unemployment line and get another year older…… why are these guys so greedy????

  7. king beas

    This guy has no idea he’s not good anymore it’s wild. Peep your numbers it’s not 2016 anymore

  8. crosseyedlemon

    Apparently he’s having trouble convincing anyone he still has ten good years left…lol.

    • He’s a legend in his own mind LOL. Just the right combination of arrogance and stupidity

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