Devonta Freeman: I’ve “Got 10 More Years In Me”

Over the weekend, there was talk of Devonta Freeman potentially sitting out the 2020 season and speculation that he could consider retirement if he does not find a deal to his liking. On Monday night, Freeman set the record straight in a tweet that he deleted moments later (Twitter link via Mike Garafolo of The family-friendly portion of the message that we can share here: “I got ten more years in me. Kill that fake retirement [stuff]!” 

Freeman talked with the Jets and Eagles in recent weeks and turned down a one-year, $3MM offer to join up with the Seahawks. It’s unlikely that he’ll land a deal to match his last one – a five-year,$41.25MM deal with an average annual value of about $8MM – but he’s aiming for something in between. Only trouble is, there aren’t a ton of teams that are desperate for RB help at this stage of the offseason and Freeman’s stock has taken a tumble.

In 2018, Freeman was limited to just two games. Last year, he managed to play in 14 of the Falcons’ 16 games, but he looked like a shell of his former self and averaged just 3.6 yards per attempt.

Roughly three years ago, Freeman became the second-highest paid running back in the NFL on an annual basis, behind only the franchise-tagged Le’Veon Bell. As a reminder of how quickly things change in this league – the league’s other leaders in compensation in 2017 were LeSean McCoy and Doug Martin. McCoy may be on the cusp of a bargain basement deal to return to the Eagles and Doug Martin has not played a down since the 2018 season.

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19 comments on “Devonta Freeman: I’ve “Got 10 More Years In Me”

  1. baseball10

    These poor running backs just dont understand. They really need to fix the pay scale for rbs as they waste their most valuable years on rookie contracts

      • braveshomer

        I mean @baseball10 is completely on point…@jeterleader you just felt like saying something snarky just to say it I guess lol sheesh

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      That’s a good take, baseball. It’s tough for RBs. Every other position, you play out your rookie deal and get your money. For a RB, you play it out hoping you can stay healthy, and be productive enough that GMs and fans don’t think your old in your late 20s. Given the volatility of the position though, that’s also not an unfair way to look at it. RBs should get their money early, so when that 2nd contract comes due there’s not such a difference in valuation between a player trying to get his, and a GM trying not to get burned.

  2. Ironman_4life

    I have about 10 years left in me also. All the drugs and alcohol have taken their toll.

  3. phillyballers

    Smh. Dude is going to be out of the league with this mindset. They key to being a successful journeyman in the NFL is being on a roster. Who’s out there getting a big contract from their 2nd team? Bells signing got the GM canned. 3M for 1 year is not bad coming off 2 down years.

    • It’s amazing how out of touch with reality that some of these players are. This guy BARELY cracked 1,000 yards twice in his career, and hasn’t gotten there since 2016. Now, as a 28 year old running back coming off a horrible season he turns his nose up at $3 million dollars? Fine dude…go ahead and sit out. I’m sure someone else will be thrilled to accept that measly paycheck. The league will not miss you one bit, and good luck getting a better offer after sitting out a full year. Unbelievable

      • I give no fox

        Did you just look up his rushing yards and saw they weren’t amazing so it gave you the right to bash this guy? Freeman isn’t a traditional between the tackles rb. He’s had over 1k yards from scrimmage every year except his rookie and the season he got hurt. He is a dynamic receiver. This was by far his worst year as a runner, but it’s also coming off foot and groin injuries that cost him the season prior. If I had to wager a guess, you used a high draft pick on him in fantasy and he cost you your season and therefore you forever hate him


    Even with past injuries…I still say he’s worth 5-6 million if healthy now….not three. I don’t blame him.

    • wagner13

      The market sets your value. If nobody’s willing to pay you $5-6 million, you’re simply not worth it. No team is so desperate for a starting runningback that they’re willing to pay that sum of cash

  5. kylewait89

    You take what the market dictates. I mean his best chance for touches was probably Seattle as well. Saying you refuse 3M and a chance to play says that you’re not looking to get those ten years. You’re looking for more money that isn’t there.

  6. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Unfortunately for many of us, there’s usually a huge difference between “I want to work and get paid well for it for ten more years” and “there are organizations out there willing to pay me well for working for ten more years.”

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