Josh Gordon Applies For NFL Reinstatement

Josh Gordon has formally submitted his request for reinstatement, according to Tom Pelissero of (on Twitter). Gordon has been training throughout the offseason in hopes of getting back on the field. Now, the league must rule on Gordon’s eligibility.

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Gordon, 29, has been working out in Seattle with optimism that he could be cleared by the league office before training camp. It is, unfortunately, familiar territory for the talented wide receiver. In December, Gordon was hit with yet another ban – this time, an indefinite suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. That gave him a grand total of six career suspensions from the NFL and it’s not clear if Roger Goodell & Co. are ready to give him an immediate shot at redemption.

Gordon spent time with the Patriots and Seahawks last year. His contract with Seattle has lapsed, making him a free agent. Teams can, in theory, sign Gordon before he receives word from the league office, as the Cowboys did with Aldon Smith. Still, teams are likely to wait until they have a clearer picture of Gordon’s availability for the coming season.

Last year, Gordon had seven catches for 139 yards in five games for the Seahawks. Coach Pete Carroll has hinted that he’d be interested in a reunion and it stands to reason that other clubs will at least consider the former Browns superstar. Despite the hiccups in his personal life, Gordon’s talent will always tantalize evaluators. Several years have passed since Gordon’s exceptional 2014 season, but it’s impossible to forget what he achieved while focused and on the field. In that campaign, Gordon finished out with 87 receptions for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns in 14 games.

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27 comments on “Josh Gordon Applies For NFL Reinstatement

  1. Katsuro

    Suppose now is as best a time, as any, but iirc he also flunked a PED test.

    Said it before he became a Patriot and will say so after: how many chances should a person get? 6 times is quite a bit.

    Yes, I know weed is legalized in virtually every state (if not all) and rightfully should be. He wasn’t only doing weed in the past however, as he openly admitted. Whether he still does the harder stuff isn’t really the issue, it’s the continual lack of adhering to the rules of employment

    • jawn

      Not sure where you’re getting your information. Marijuana is only fully legal in 11 states. In many states it hasn’t even been decriminalized and won’t be legalized anytime soon

      • Katsuro

        In any case, the point is most states won’t lift a finger for weed use, unless you are trafficking, and that Gordon has had a ridiculous amount of leniency/forgiveness for being a habitual offender. When is the line going to be drawn?

  2. tropicoflungcancer

    Spoiler, pt. 1: Josh Gordon reinstated by NFL
    Spoiler, pr. 2: Josh Gordon suspended for substance abuse a 7th time

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Stephen King is a good writer but the guy who provides Gordon with a fresh apology each time is even better.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      They’re non-violent offenses, so what’s the harm? As long as someone doesn’t physically harm another living being in some way, shape or form; give them a thousand chances, I believe. Now I’m not saying anyone should be jumping to pony up a big money deal; nor will they, I’m sure. League minimum with incentives though, there’s zero reason not to do it.

      • DarkSide830

        what’s the use of suspending him at all then if that’s the mentality? seems there is no impetus to stop the suspendable activity if its a lock to get reinstated next time.

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          Well, his paycheck. There’s a pretty wide difference between league minimum and what his ability could command.

      • CursedRangers

        I agree with you on the non violent part. Total different conversation compared to something like domestic violence. However the in-season suspensions hurt his teammates. They have to scramble to find someone to replace him with. Plus the media circus that ensues. You have a team full of people busting their tails for a chance to win a championship. When a teammate goes down due to something self inflicted it impacts the team.

      • Katsuro

        Whether one agrees or not about the NFL’s policy about substance abuse, it’s there….and keeps being violated by Gordon. Playing while under the influence, which Gordon had admitted to doing quite often, can pose a risk to himself and others.

        Remember, it wasn’t just weed he was doing

  4. K3vin

    For all the people that say weed isn’t that addictive or that big a deal, case in point.

    • depressedtribefan

      um, what!?!! I smoked all the time, joined the military for 12 years. I stopped well before my drug test at MEPS to get in to the military. not once did I crave weed.

      There are so many medical benefits for weed.

      you literally couldn’t be any more ignorant on the topic.

      • Polish Hammer

        And yet the people that campaign for it being legalized are typically the stoners that use it for recreational purposes and not the medical benefits it supposedly brings.

  5. wagner13

    Hey Zach. Just wanted to point out Gordon’s miraculous 1646 yard campaign actually came in 2013

  6. Michael Chaney

    It seems like Josh Gordon has been around too long to still only be 29

    • Polish Hammer

      That’s probably because he was kicked out of college halfway through for numerous drug issues long before the numerous pro football drug issues. He deserves a second, I mean twenty-second chance!

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