Cowboys’ Aldon Smith Reinstated By NFL 

The NFL has granted reinstatement to Aldon Smith, according to’s Tom Pelissero (on Twitter). Smith will be allowed to join the Cowboys virtual offseason program next week, as’s Mike Garafolo tweets, and he’ll be on course to join his new team in Week 1. 

The Cowboys surprised everyone when they agreed to sign Smith in April. The edge rusher hasn’t played in an NFL game since the 2015 campaign, but the Cowboys were encouraged by his sobriety and excited about his potential. Smith is a former All-Pro and when he was on top of his game, he was among the league’s very best defenders.

“I would say first-hand that I know that [Smith] is very diligent in his work to do the things the NFL looks at to reinstate,” Jones said in April. “I wouldn’t dare get into where the league is and how they will go about this process … [but] as a league, we really are bent toward the medical aspect of many of these problems or many of these things that have been in consideration when a player has to have some type of suspension. We’ve made it more medically oriented to where you can have good grades from doctors, and that weighs into being a player in the NFL.”

In his first two pro seasons with the Niners, Smith registered 33.5 sacks, including a league-leading 19.5 sacks in 2012. And, even when he was limited to just eleven contests in 2013, he still managed 8.5 sacks.

The Cowboys believe that Smith’s off-the-field trouble is behind him. That’s a good thing, because his rap sheet won’t give him much wiggle room if he runs into any issues. Smith has been arrested for DUI and suspended for substance abuse policy violations on multiple occasions. The Cowboys, of course, have been willing to dole out second and third chances to talented players like Smith, and they’ve gotten mixed results. The hope is that Smith will follow through on his vow to stay clean, and that he’ll be joined by Randy Gregory, who is also making his case to Roger Goodell.

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19 comments on “Cowboys’ Aldon Smith Reinstated By NFL 

    • jkoms57

      As much as I’d love to agree, McCarthy is a game changing addition.

      Imagine trying to defend 4 wide with Zeke in the backfield.

  1. heartbrokentexassportsfan

    If he and Randy can stay on the field, the boys will have done a great job getting some talent on the defensive side of the ball.

  2. Didn’t he get arrested for making terroristic threats at an airport and have a gun in his bag?

  3. Katsuro

    Yah, let’s reinstate a dude who has had a slew of legal issues SINCE being out of the league.

    • Rocket32

      Katsuro It really is just a joke at this point. These guys get unlimited chances to make their same old mistakes. Just like with Josh Gordon you know something is gonna happen and he won’t be playing for long. It’s when not if. Then the league will give him another timeout before he comes back to do it all over again.

      • Katsuro

        It really is Rocket. DV should have no place in any sport which influences youth (whether people think athletes should or shouldn’t is another debate).

    • sbc2556

      I don’t actually understand the mentality of people like this.. who gravitate towards crime and stupid behavior when they’re handed a golden opportunity to make a fortune doing what they love. 99.9% of society never gets the chance. However; our Democracy allows for rehabilitation and second and third chances. But not all criminals are equal. I’m not a Cowboys fan and don’t think they’re making good choices, but I don’t care how much dope Gregory smokes, as long as it’s not around me, and Smith has served his time.I’d rather have them play football again than a rapist or child molester get a slap on the wrist and walk the streets again! It’s all relative.

      • Katsuro


        Aldon is a DV participant. He was arrested for violating a restraining order, then arrested again for violation of bail conditions. I personally have a 0 tolerance policy for DV offenders.

        • sbc2556

          Yikes! I stand corrected, then, and modify my comment in regards to him! I hadn’t realized that it was that bad! I’d only heard of some of the other charges. You’re 100% right, @Katsuro!

  4. The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

    Best of luck, it would be a great and encouraging story if he has been able to turn his life around.

    • Ironman_4life

      Unfortunately it’s gonna take a prison stint for this dude. All talent and no brain.

      • crosseyedlemon

        I assume you meant to place your comment in a story about former Chief player Kareem Hunt.

        • Katsuro

          Smith was arrested for violating a restraining order, then arrested again for violating bail conditions not all that long ago. He was arrested last yr as well for substance abuse, one of the very reasons he was suspended in the first place.

          Dude is a DV idiot

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