NFL Cancels Hall Of Fame Game

The Hall of Fame Game has been canceled, per a Thursday morning announcement from the NFL. The league’s annual preseason kickoff was slated to take place on August 6 between the Steelers and Cowboys.

COVID-19 cases have risen all across the country and a number of players have tested positive for the virus in recent weeks. Not long ago, the league was optimistic about having fans in attendance for games and moving forward with its existing preseason and regular season schedule. Now, everything appears to be in flux.

As of this writing, the rest of the NFL’s exhibition period remains in tact. However, that could change quickly. On Thursday, the league will have a virtual huddle-up to discuss the fate of upcoming training camps and other in-person offseason activities.

Before this, teams were planning to hold training camp on July 28, which is the scheduled start date for most of the league. They were also hoping to have a pre-camp conditioning period. At minimum, it seems likely that the preseason will be shortened from its usual four-game slate to two games.

On the plus side, Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated that a COVID-19 vaccine could be developed sometime before the end of the calendar year.

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17 comments on “NFL Cancels Hall Of Fame Game

  1. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I’d almost bet that this is the first step toward the cancellation of the first two preseason games, since it’s long been said the preseason is too long, anyway.

  2. wagner13

    Seems sensible to me. I’d rather players have a longer training camp period to ease into physical activity and avoid any devastating injuries caused by a premature return to the field

    • Ak185

      I would too, but the reduction in practice time (especially contact practice) every year makes this less likely. As it stands now, preseason is essentially practice/OTAs/training camp for teams.

  3. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Any positive news is welcome, of course, but a vaccine “before the end of the year” potentially does very little to benefit the NFL this season. I guess it comes down to before the end of the year like August (which I doubt, since I’m sure we would have heard more about that by now) or before end of the year like December.

  4. sufferfortribe

    I’m betting there’s been a vaccine all along. It’s just being delayed for political reasons.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      OK, so…setting aside the process and timeline issues with this statement…

      Who, specifically, is doing that and how?

      Who is delaying it? Who is currently in possession of this vaccine as we speak and how did they gain possession of it?

      • crosseyedlemon

        You’ll just have to wait for the movie sequel to “Outbreak” like the rest of us to find out.

        • forwhomjoshbelltolls

          People are free to believe whatever they want no matter how untrue.

          I just kinda wished they would, at least, check the math on their bogus stats and consider the logistics of their conspiracy theories.

          For example…

          Where are the warehouses full of this vaccine and who is hiding/guarding them?

          Did they invent it themselves and, if not, who did?

          Why would they bother making a vaccine for a “hoax” when car accidents are, like, a trillion times more deadly, or so I’m told?

        • forwhomjoshbelltolls

          Thanks, Iron. Great example.

          “Collusion” never made any sense as an allegation.

          “Collusion” implies a partnership. Putin would never partner with a pawn.

          No “collusion”…just a standard KGB “useful idiot” operation.

  5. Relative to Covid-19, the use of the word “Fact” is dubious. But, according to stats aggregated at, the percentage of open cases is decreasing every day. This is a very positive sign indicating that more cases are closed either by recovery or death. This is shown in the data both globally and for the US. This stat coupled with the fact that the recovery vs death ratio is also increasing meaning more people are recovering than dying overall means that in spite of the “spikes” and “increases” we are now getting better faster than we are getting infected.

    This statistical evidence will remain so until those in power decide to manipulate or the tin foil hat falls off of my head.

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