NFL Unlikely To Incentivize Rooney Rule Hires 

Last month, the NFL weighed a handful of amendments to the Rooney Rule that would incentivize teams to hire coaches and leading executives of color. However, the proposal ultimately did not make it to a vote. In an interview with Shlomo Sprung of Forbes, NFL executive VP of Football Operations Troy Vincent indicated that the system will be revamped, but in a different fashion. 

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By no stretch of the imagination was there any thought about degrading, using individuals as bribes, pawns,” Vincent said. “Coach [Tony] Dungy said it right, we should not be rewarding people or have a system that rewards people for doing the right thing. But we do believe there’s merit in rewarding people for identifying and developing minority coaching talent.”

The May proposal reportedly would have given teams improved draft position in exchange for hiring minority head coaches or GMs. A team hiring a minority HC would move up six spots in the third round; a team hiring a minority GM would move up 10. Those incentives also could have been combined, per the proposal. A team hiring a minority head coach and a minority GM would jump up 16 spots in Round 3.

Ultimately, league owners didn’t put that pitch to a vote, but it seems likely that the league will adjust the Rooney Rule – perhaps with a compensatory pick for losing a hired minority employee to another team. Vincent says it’s a “broken” system, one that was designed to increase the hiring and advancement of minority leaders, but has resulted in only four minority head coaches in the NFL.

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12 comments on “NFL Unlikely To Incentivize Rooney Rule Hires 

  1. JJB0811

    Where is the difference by giving teams higher picks for hiring a coach and giving a team another pick for losing a minority coach?

    BB and Andy Reid’s staffs are constantly picked for promotions to other teams. Are they really going to give HoF coaches more picks?

  2. burrow_is_a_bust

    Good there is no discrimination by this hiring if ur good enough u get the job they got to stop with this bs!!! Maybe make a Rooney rule for black qb tht if u draft one u get some draft pick or something !! Seriously?!?!

  3. parx

    Wouldn’t teams just refuse to hire minorities from say other teams in their division if it gives teams a compensatory pick for losing minorities? This is so messed up, should there be more minority coaches and executives? Should it be based on the population of minorities in America or population of minorities playing in the nfl? What is the correct number of minority coaches/executives in the nfl?? Can the world see past skin color ever? Or are we goin to take our minds which have literally gotten us to space and waste them by tripping over color of face forever? I’m for the best candidate, I don’t care what color or religion they are, why anyone does is just a waste of thought

  4. DarkSide830

    good. there are ways to encourage an increase in racial hirings on sidelines ans front offices. encouraging sleezy owners to farm draft picks is not one of them.

  5. 2012orioles

    Or just treat everyone like human beings regardless of anything! A minority coach has a draft pick attached to him, as if theyre less valuable than a white coach! Talk about racism.

    • jr.white

      if you can’t understand that the lack of minority coaches in a sport where black players is a problem I would suggest you reassess your position. I was no fan of this proposal, but at least it’s a topic of discussion

      • LordShade

        There has been plenty, but very few recently have been successful at all…so they get fired. Bad coaches shouldn’t get to keep their jobs simply because they are black.

  6. SportsPoster

    I guess rewards for developing minority coaches is better than rewards just for hiring a minority but I don’t like a reward system for this. Shouldn’t the reward be having a good coach?

  7. washington_bonercats

    Message to Burrow is a bust: I will not stop until I get your racist ass off this site.

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