Patriots Were Cam Newton’s Only Offer

The Patriots represented Cam Newton‘s one and only contract offer, according to’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter). The Browns also showed recent interest, Schefter hears, but they did not put a deal on the table. 

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Several clubs were connected to Newton, but his free agency dragged on far longer than anyone expected. Now, we know why. Previously, we heard that the Chargers considered him, and Newton’s former head coach Ron Rivera at least thought about bringing him to the Redskins. Still, neither club presented a deal to Newton and his talks with the Browns “never really went anywhere,” per Schefter.

All along, Newton has been seeking an opportunity to start – ideally, with a contender. He found the perfect match in the Patriots, who were previously set to weigh the likes of Brian Hoyer and youngster Jarrett Stidham. With the Browns, Newton would have been entrenched as the QB2 behind Baker Mayfield, and that probably didn’t hold much appeal for him anyway.

With that lack of interest, the Patriots were able to land Newton for an absolute bargain. He can earn up to $7.5MM in 2020 through incentives, but his base salary is much, much lower.

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48 comments on “Patriots Were Cam Newton’s Only Offer

  1. Natergater77

    I see this as another move by Belichek to out smart everyone. Stud ham no longer will have pressure of being the one to replace Brady.

    They get a year maybe two out of Newton and then Jarrett has to replace him not TB12

    • Belicheck doesn’t do well with personnel, he does well with scheme… best recent example is selecting Sony Michel over Nick Chubb. Michel is just a guy in NEs backfield, but Chubb is a top 5 RB in the NFL.

      • crosseyedlemon

        It’s also ironic that Lamar Jackson was available when they selected Michel. Had they acquired QB insurance then, they wouldn’t be trolling for free agents like Newton now.

      • Natergater77

        Glad to see autocorrect did something good in creating a new nickname lol

    • jkoms57

      Not so fast, not sure if it was predictable,

      Considering Cam was ONLY signed to cover up top news of Patriots filming Bengals Sideline story.

  2. rxbrgr

    One team was interested in Newton, with his baggage, for $1m? And we think there’s a team out there that will seriously sign Kaepernick, with infinitely more baggage and who I’d doubt would accept a minimum salary?

    • Ak185

      If only for football reasons, I would agree. Kaepernick, however, would make a lot of people happy by signing with a team, which is a concern the NFL doesn’t have for Newton. It’s ironic that the league who was thought by some to be colluding to keep Kaepernick out will now be thought by some to be colluding to bring him in.

      Basically Newton signing affects one team. Kaepernick signing affects thirty-two. Deserved or not deserved, the league would be happy to have PR so they can wash themselves publically of their perceived guilt in Kaepernick’s protest saga.

      Even with all of that, it would have been hard to justify Kaepernick being signed over Newton, given their similar skillsets and the fact that Cam has played more recently and at a higher level. With Newton signed, the only buffer free agency wise to the Kaepernick debate is gone, and I expect to see stories about anonymously sourced deals pick up steam. Some team will be convinced to sign him. The only thing that I think is undeniable to anyone is that whomever signs him will face a lot of pressure if they want to cut him, and that’s the thing that teams will be most uncomfortable with.

      • bradthebluefish

        Curious if the NFL will incentivize any team that ends up signing Kaepernick.

      • jkoms57

        Kap ain’t doing that to himself.

        Hed completely embarrass himself on the field.

        Hell will freeze over before Kap makes an NFL return

    • Vanilla Good

      Yeah lol can you imagine signing someone who is against police brutality lmao

      • leefieux

        Lol…or someone who hasn’t played in 3 years and was mediocre when he did play. Talk about brutality! Can’t believe that the Pats chose Newton (a black man) over Mr Baggage,

        • earmbrister

          Newton is washed up, and the small amount of guaranteed $ prove it.

          Newton will be out of the league in a year or two. No arm, no legs (feet).

          Kaepernick is the better QB at this point.

      • Dodgethis

        Against police brutality? Do you know anything about the spoiled, adopted by white people, clown known as Colin? I hope someone signs him and throws him out on the field. Then it will obvious to everyone why he wasn’t signed. He’s trash just like his terrorist girlfriend, and all the morons who don’t understand statistics and are drinking the coolaid.

    • washington_bonercats

      Surprised Jerry hasn’t snagged Kap just to set his jersey price at $200

  3. pasha2k

    After hearing WEEI screaming for the last 2 Months to sign Cam, it is far from a surprise.

  4. tommytbom

    Pretty good day for the Pats, they get a half baked quarterback and only a million dollar fine pus a draft pick for filming. Teflon Bill keeps rolling.

  5. harden-westbrook-mvps

    How can you call it an absolute bargain when a team signs a washed-up has-been, even if his base salary is near the minimum and he fails to reach the incentives?

    • DarkSide830

      you can’t. odd to say this in an article about someone who doesn’t fit that description though.

    • wagner13

      What empirical evidence do you have he’s washed up? A two-game sample in which he was injured last season? In 2018, he was setting career-highs in efficiency prior to his shoulder troubles

  6. retsubllab

    Equip Mgr: “Hey Cam, uniform number 1, right?
    Cam: “I hear number 12 is available.”

  7. wagner13

    There’s no way the Browns would actually have signed him. They’re already committed to Mayfield and Keenum is an above average veteran backup

  8. dms0746

    What a waste of money. He’s not slated as the expected starter. So WAIT! You bring him in as a locker room presents? YES, that must be it!

    • crosseyedlemon

      There’s actually some logic to bringing in a high profile player like Newton or Beckham who is going to draw plenty of media attention. It takes some pressure off other players and someone like Belichick who hates addressing the media would be more than happy to let Newton field questions instead.

    • Bringing the locker room presents would probably help him make friends with his new teammates.

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