Antonio Brown Interested In Seahawks Deal

Russell Wilson has lobbied for the Seahawks to sign Antonio Brown, and the free agent wide receiver would not mind resuming his career in Seattle.

The duo worked out together this week, and Mike Garafolo of reports Brown would love to play for the Seahawks (video link). Additionally, the Seahawks have engaged in internal discussions about signing Brown, per Garafolo. They are now the team most closely connected to the former perennial All-Pro.

Other teams are interested as well, per Garafolo, though it is not certain who those franchises are at this point. The team that signs Brown would need to prepare for a suspension. The NFL’s investigation into the wide receiver’s off-field issues is ongoing.

The Seahawks signed Phillip Dorsett this offseason, and he would seemingly enter camp with a good chance of winning the team’s No. 3 wideout job behind Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf. A Brown signing would shake up the Seahawks’ passing attack. The former Steelers superstar earned first-team All-Pro acclaim in four straight seasons and scored 15 touchdowns in 2018, the year his All-Pro streak ceased. Brown’s actions since Week 17 of the 2018 season have made him one of the most volatile players in modern NFL history, with the soon-to-be 32-year-old receiver burning bridges at will.

Other than the three teams that employed Brown last year, the Saints were the other known suitor. They worked Brown out late last season, but even that produced controversy. Tom Brady‘s interest in having Brown play with him in Tampa Bay is well known, but the Buccaneers are not believed to be interested. Brown has been quieter on social media in recent months, and it is starting to look like he will be given a chance to return to the league at some point this season.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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51 comments on “Antonio Brown Interested In Seahawks Deal

  1. jeterleader

    please don’t sign him he’s just a buckload of trouble and I don’t care how talented he is, he’s not worth it. I don’t understand why Russ wants him.

    • Black Ace57

      A lot has been said about most of his off the field stuff over the past year since the trade to the raiders, but I know I have and others might have forgotten about just how toxic he was with the Steelers (I’m sure the Yinzers here haven’t forgotten though). I was watching a recap of the final Antonio Brown season and there was already too much going on from him. From demanding passes to walking out on and skipping practices he is just too much.

      For me the most damning thing was how he completely threw Ju Ju Smith Schuster after he fumbled late in a game they lost. To do that to a young guy on your team to deflect responsibility (like most of the players and coaches BESIDES Ju Ju did) just shows that he is not the type of player that contributes to championship football. This is not worth it for the Seahawks.

      • jkoms57

        Yep. One thing if it’s just off field issues… but AB will destroy the locker room too.

  2. jeterleader

    poll: will the Redskins change their name and if they do what will they change it to?

  3. Kwflanne

    Please rename article: Antonio Brown interested in anyone who will take him at this point.

    It’s more accurate

  4. ffjsisk

    Redskins post was closed for comments so I’ll say this here… The Redskins will play in Sioux City in a empty stadium out of spite before they change the name.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      The metro DC area is now the richest in America, but sure…he’s going to move the team to Iowa.

      • bostondynasty

        More affluent than CA’s Orange County? The only number you appear knowledgeable of is AB’s chest size.

  5. Russell Wilson is a hero to Seahawks fans, and rightfully so. I am not one, at all, for the record, but I can appreciate Wilson… and I don’t understand why he would put himself out there for AB. It won’t end well. Don’t use your cred for this.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    So basically the team that called for a one yard pass in a SB is looking for a way to make an even worse decision.

  7. Polish Hammer

    How long until we hear Pete would sign him but he respects him too much as a WR and doesn’t want to insult him with backup $?

  8. bradthebluefish

    Take him on. Doubt he’d cost much. Make it league minimal + incentives. Could always release him. Easy decision IMO.

  9. TJECK109

    I think the truth is surfacing… only reason he’s interested in Seahawks deal is likely because no one has really shown that much interest

    • warwhatisitgoodfor

      Except the Seahawks were linked to him before he signed with the Pats. They have always been interested

  10. bigeasye

    News Flash:
    I also want to sign with the Seahawks or anyone else who will pay me a minimum salary. I may not be as talented as AB but I’m not on social media and I’ll show up work every day with a good attitude and won’t be a distraction.

  11. nutznboltz

    I wonder what Russell’s wife thinks about him wanting a guy on his team that has treated women the way he has.

  12. dalton2green22

    Straight up thug, there are blacks and n words, he is straight up N !!!!

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