East Notes: Newton, Williams, Giants

Most of Cam Newton‘s 2020 earning potential will be through incentives. As for base salary, the Patriots landed a former MVP for the league minimum. Newton will earn just $1.05MM in 2020 base salary, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports (on Twitter). The Pats entered the week with the least cap space in the NFL. New England guaranteed Newton just $550K, which is notable given the veteran passer’s injury issues in recent years. Newton underwent foot surgery in December and has rehabbed that Lisfranc issue for several months. The 31-year-old standout can collect $6.45MM through incentives and pre-game roster bonuses, La Canfora adds. The contract does not prevent the Pats from franchise-tagging Newton next year.

Here is the latest from the NFC East:

  • The Giants and Leonard Williams discussed a new deal late last season and before the March franchise tag deadline, but the sides were not especially close on terms. Now franchise-tagged at $16.1MM, Williams wants a deal that will pay him between $18-$20MM per year, SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano notes. The Giants did not want to go there. Although Dave Gettleman traded for Williams in a contract year, Vacchiano adds the ex-Jet may have less support among Giants brass. While Williams is a former top-10 pick, he has 17.5 sacks in five seasons — including a half-sack last year. That sack total ranks 84th since 2015, though the interior defender’s 101 QB hits rank 12th in that span. This massive gap, along with the tag, creates an interesting negotiation.
  • Evan Engram may have missed Giants team activities in a normal offseason; the fourth-year tight end underwent foot surgery late last year. But New York’s top tight end recently posted a video featuring him running and cutting, via the New York Post. While Engram is far from a safe bet, given his injury propensity as a pro, this represents a good sign for a Giants team that did not use its top skill-position configuration — Engram-Saquon BarkleySterling ShepardGolden TateDarius Slayton — once last season.
  • Despite the Patriots waiting until late June to add their likely starting quarterback, their QB situation now looks better than the Redskins‘. Ron Rivera discussed a Newton deal earlier this offseason but said this week the fit was not right in Washington. “If the circumstances had allowed us, I would not have had an issue with that,” Rivera said during an interview with 670 The Score (via NBC Sports Washington). “I would’ve been very confident and comfortable going after him and bringing him to be part of what we’re doing here.” The Redskins are set to enter training camp with Dwayne Haskins and Kyle Allen as their top healthy QBs, though Alex Smith remains on the roster.
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34 comments on “East Notes: Newton, Williams, Giants

    • Afk711

      He’s coming off a massive injury and no team wanted to give him starting money this year. If he gets tagged he will gladly take his QB tag contract.

    • bradthebluefish

      Agreed. If he’s suppose to be making an epic comeback, I would want to be tagged.

    • So what your saying is that he should have ignored the only contract offer he received since being released in March because on the chance he has a major comeback he could potentially be franchised tagged.

      To be worthy of a franchise tagged, ALOT would have to fall his way:

      The season actually happens (which even at this point is no guarantee)

      The team signing him would have a need at starting QB and the fact he has been out there this long shows most teams have the qbs for this season lined up.

      He would have to be over his injuries.

      He would have to win starting QB job.

      He would have to play well

      He would have to play long enough (most likely 3/4 of the season or more) for the team to be willing to risk a franchise tag on him. 26M is not cheap especially with a lot of potential starting qbs coming back on the market next season.

      He most likely would have to end the season healthy and not injured.

      The fact he landed in a place where he is potentially the starter puts him in a better place for next season as long as he can stay on the field and be even mediocre. This will atleast allow him to be picked up for a back up job if not starter.

  1. earmbrister

    Mr. Robinson, with all due respect, you seem to be very confident about Newton’s ability to overcome both shoulder and foot injuries.

    I’ve been saying that the Pats have the worst QB room in the NFL. Don’t shoot the messenger Boston fans, I’m a Bruins fan. You bring up the connection to the Redskins. It might just be me but I’d rather have:

    Haskins > Newton

    Allen > Stidham

    Though I have nothing against Stidham, it’s just that Allen has played in about a season’s worth of games. Stidham could prove to be legit.

    I’m shorting Newton, the shoulder/foot/sulking doesn’t appear to be a recipe for success.

    • Can you read? I’d love for you to point out just where “Mr. Robinson” said anything predictive about Cam Newton’s ability, much less something so glowing as to cause you to write this wall of text.

      He literally just recited Cam’s contract and incentives. He didn’t say anything about how he thinks Cam will do. Slow your hater roll down.

      • kylewait89

        Haskins is better? According to what? His wins were by 3 and 9 points. Where he averaged 48%, 151 yards and no TDs. He literally had no hand in the wins. If it wasn’t for Jeff Driskel’s incompetence they likely don’t win against Detroit and the rushing attack having 200+ yards and 3 TDs gave them a win against Carolina. I mean an injured cam almost beat LAR and TB. I’m sorry but there is no universe where Haskins is better than Cam.

        • jkoms57

          Haskins over Newton at this poin, no doubt.

          We’re not even sure Newton is the best QB on the Pats rn ,,

          It’s a joke to compare him to an actual starting nfl QB

  2. JJB0811

    Cam & NE will win the East, nothing new there, It’s that predictable. They’ll rely on the running game and new TE’s for their offense.

    • wagner13

      You really think a pair of third round rookie tight ends in a shortened offseason is going to determine the winner of the division? It’s more likely their success will be based on superior offensive line play

        • wagner13

          So that means Keene and Asiasi are automatically guaranteed to be successful? What about the Belichick skill position picks that have failed to pan out, such as Chad Jackson and Brandon Tate?

          • JJB0811

            Sure. No one draft’s perfect. But as for coaching & in game managing, I’ll take BB over the rest of the coaches in the division.

            • wagner13

              Of course. You’d be a fool not to trust Belichick. I just don’t think the tight ends will prove to be the difference maker. I believe Bill plays to his strengths, which is why the offense has had different types of personnel featured prominently throughout his tenure. For instance, in 2007, he used his talented wideouts. In 2004, he used Dillon and Faulk to ground and pound. I think we have similar lines of thinking, just a bit of mixup

              • I think the TE will play a bigger role than you are making out to be. BB will be more run heavy and if you have a decent blocking TE with decent hands they could play a big role.

    • jkoms57

      The best part of this is that the Pats fans now have false hope.

      Bill’s easily win division. Pats grab 9 wins, but only if Stidham works out.

      Thinking Cam will work out is a joke

  3. wagner13

    How can Leonard Williams think he’s worth anywhere near that amount of money? Clowney’s struggling to even top $12 million and I would argue he’s the superior player. Players like Ngakoue and Chris Jones are worthy of $18 million contracts; Not someone who averages 3.5 sacks/season

  4. tjbarnaba

    Cam won’t be on the Patriots roster week 1. He’s a camp arm and a way to prep that defense for the Ravens. Anyone who thinks he will lead that team in anything is missing the real story.

    • Since you’re privy to Cam’s medical file and can state confidently that he won’t even make the team, how about sharing it with the rest of us?

      • tjbarnaba

        Has nothing to do with his medical report and everything to do with Belichick and the structure of the contract. It’s build to allow the pats to get out of the deal before he reaches any incentives. They don’t have the money to pay him those incentives. This is a classic Belichick move, maybe little trolls like you should study NFL history rather than acting like you know your ass from your elbow

        • not sure there was a guy that came back twice from shoulder surgery to win comeback player both times and even took his team to the playoffs his final season

  5. Stillers12

    Why the random hate on the Redskins? Cam wouldn’t have been happy there and he’s never going to be the player he was 5 years ago. Redskins were smart not to add him. Addition by not adding.

  6. Ramon Garciaparra

    Dave Gettleman is an out of touch GM who in the past two years with a roster light in depth has traded five draft picks for Williams and Baker. Because they had so little depth he then wildly overpaid in free agency to fill gaping holes at corner and linebacker. He uses dated philosophies from the last century to roster building in the 2020’s. The game has passed him by but the Mara’s feel comfortable with an arrogant and authoritative figure making decisions based on his superior knowledge of the game. Just another know it all jerk in a position of authority.

    • RockHauler

      While I agree with some of the things you said, I feel as though Gettleman inherited such a mess from the previous GM, that he has no choice but to trade up for a player like Baker who will be on a rookie contract for 4 years with a 5th year option. Knowing that Jenkins was a goner and to expensive.
      As for the Williams trade, well that was just I’ll conceived to say the least.
      The FA signings brought in are all front loaded, meaning they count less against the cap after this season and if they don’t work out after 2 years can be cut with minimal dead cap money. Also leaves team with more free cap space on the next couple years then the typical back loading of contracts.

  7. JohnTheSportsFanatic

    I know we gave up a 3rd and a 5th for Leonard Williams, but no way he deserves 18-20 million!

    • RockHauler

      I agree! To many of these players overvalue themselves, or have agents who overvalue them. See Dak, Clowney, Jones, Williams, Golden, I could go on but I think you see my point.
      Especially with a possibility that the cap might go down instead of up, these players need to get real.

      • jkoms57

        Its not overvalue if someone offers it.

        Cam Heyward is going to get 15Mil, so Leonard is marketing himself as the younger option

        • RockHauler

          Agreed! However, no one is offering them the money they want so they are overvaluing themselves.
          For example, you hate where you are working, think you deserve more at your job, send out resumes saying you want X amount of money per year plus perks. You go to 32 job interviews and no one offers you that money or even close. What do you do? You have to set your expectations lower and realize that you are asking for to much. If someone pays you that great! But if no one does then you reassess.

  8. kylewait89

    So Williams puts pressure in the QB but he doesn’t get home. That’s the difference in 10M and 18M. Honestly unless he has a big year, I don’t see the purpose in entertaining an extension. With the additions of McKinney, Martinez and Bradberry there is no reason he can’t do better. If not, DL isn’t a bad position group for the 2021 draft.

  9. crosseyedlemon

    Seems ridiculous that so many fans are already writing off Haskins. With Gruden as his coach and an OL that resembled a turnstile he had no chance of succeeding.

    • kylewait89

      But his coach is now a guy not remotely known for offense. And is the OL any better? Haskins didn’t look great coming out, he may not be in a good situation but it’s even more reason to question why anyone would think he’s a better option than Cam. Cam is coached by one of the best football minds and at the very least has a good OL.

  10. flagsrup

    For my two cents, I don’t believe Cam and BB are gr8 matches. Cam is more easy-going and fun-loving while BB is more straight and narrow with no funny business. Could create friction IMO. Maybe NE signed him to create QB competition. The conflicting personalities, questions about Stidham, Cam’s past injuries with another probably just around the corner do not make a good QB situation.

    As for Gettleman, he’s not a good chooser of talent, IMO. Jones is the only noteworthy addition on his watch to date IMO and it has been said Pat Schumer (Spell?) recommended Jones to him. If I was a team owner, he definitely would not be the GM.

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