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While the NFL and NFLPA are reportedly close to agreeing to a set of gameday protocols that would nominally attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the two sides still haven’t officially worked out an accord regarding a training camp and preseason schedule. Let’s take a look at the latest as the league and the union work through a variety of health-related issues:

  • NFLPA president J.C. Tretter recently outlined the union’s stance on a number of items, including support for a NFL/NFLPA Joint Committee of doctors-recommended 48-day training camp schedule and the elimination of the preseason (the league prefers to keep two exhibition games in place). While the NFL didn’t publicly comment on Tretter’s piece, one source called the post “very disappointing and contrary to the sense of collaboration going back to the early days of mid-March,” tweets Tom Pelissero of
  • The timing of training camp and the length of the preseason remain key issues. The NFL wanted players to report for camp earlier than the CBA allows in order to fit in a longer schedule, but the union has declined to do so, per Pelissero (Twitter link).
  • The aforementioned Joint Committee recommended one-to-two preseason games, but the league is still standing firm on zero exhibition games, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post (Twitter link). Appearing on WEEI, NFLPA senior director of player affairs Don Davis questioned why two preseason games would be any safer than four. A source tells Jeremy Fowler of (Twitter link) that preseason contests are likely to be used a bargaining chip.
  • Amidst the ongoing pandemic, a number of clubs have proactively announced that games will feature limited capacity seating. Of course, those teams are assuming that fans will be allowed to attend contests at all, which is far from a given at this point. So far, the Packers, Chiefs, and Ravens have each announced plans for reduced capacities.
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15 comments on “Latest On NFL, COVID-19

  1. jewish and proud

    Y did TR become so strict and lock a lot of the stories . Pls don’t tell me because of burrow?!?!

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      Actually, I doubt it had anything to do with him.

      It was because every post on MLBTR turned into “Covid is a HOAX!” vs. “Go back to 3rd grade and learn something”.

  2. antsmith7

    I feel like the best case scenario is that we get through the entire season without fans. Even that seems far fetched.

    • Attitudes like yours are why the virus is still spreading like crazy throughout America while most of the rest of the world has it well under control. Sports even happening at all is still very much in danger because, amazingly, people like you refuse to accept reality, science, medicine, and the advice of experts. Grow up.

      • forwhomjoshbelltolls

        I dunno…I’m kinda amused when people who are in a literal cult call everyone else “sheep”.

        • flmetfan

          Woo! You nailed it! There’s a lot of Jim Jones circa 1978 fans unmasked out there!

        • dorfmac

          Exactly. It’s too bad we can’t just restrict COVID transmissions to these clowns, let them die off, and the intelligent and compassionate can live in peace.

      • Ironman_4life

        So because you’re a medical expert and he has an opinion that you don’t agree with that makes him not a grown-up?

  3. dcahen

    Try to imagine how you limit fans. If you cut out 50%, long time lower level fans may have to move to upper levels; so some will not go at all rather than move. Then what about pricing? Most fans moves will be to less expensive, so refunds are in order (same to shortened preseason). I’m not sure all the moves & bumps, if you will, can take place In the months ahead. You can’t wIt to the last minute & have a foolproof plan.

  4. This is going to be #@^& show leading up to the cancellation of the season. If you haven’t gone through all of the snacks you bought in Feb/Mar, enjoy.

    • knowitall69

      i agree. i think MLB can get their season in but NFL is doomed. It has to do with timing, NFL is right in the middle of Flu season and Covid will be at its worsed too at that time. considering how the game of football is played, meaning close contact, it’s going to spread like wildfire. sorry to say.

  5. b.kline

    Why does the first point eay the joint committee recommends no spring training but the league wants two and the third point says the opposite?

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