NFL, Players Still At Odds Over Preseason

The preseason, in theory, is just weeks away. However, the NFL still has a major gap to bridge with its players. The league is still pushing for a two-game preseason while the NFLPA is countering with zero games (Twitter link via Tom Pelissero of

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Of course, that’s just one piece of the complicated puzzle. Players have also expressed concern about testing frequency, protections for players who might contract the coronavirus during the year, and related issues. The clock is ticking, but there could be some progress by the end of the week – NFL owners are set to huddle up via conference call on Friday. Meanwhile, the CBA dictates that the league’s rookies can report to their teams as early as Tuesday.

We still don’t have answers,” one union source told Pelissero.

The NFLPA also wants higher-risk players to have the ability to opt out of their deals and still receive their salaries. In addition, they’ve requested an extra accrued season towards free agency for players with at-risk family members. The league is unlikely to cave on either issue and, for the most part, the league believes that it has the legal right to make these decisions, without the permission of the NFLPA.

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  1. Brown Trout Fisherman

    It’s always about $, They need a few practice games. If it’s too dangerous to play Preseason then why play? Money.

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