No Talks Scheduled Between Dak, Cowboys

The Cowboys have until 3pm CT Wednesday to finalize an extension with Dak Prescott. Signs continue to indicate that will not happen.

As of Monday afternoon, no talks between the Cowboys and their fifth-year quarterback are scheduled, Todd Archer of notes. Deadlines drive action, and the Cowboys have a history of final-minute tag deals. They extended Dez Bryant minutes before the 2015 deadline. But based on the recent consensus and the financial uncertainty COVID-19 has created, Prescott playing 2020 on the tag continues to be the likelier scenario. More urgency was expected leading up to the deadline, Archer adds.

Prescott, whose last known negotiations with the Cowboys occurred in March (per Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram), is attached to the $31.4MM exclusive tag. Not much extension optimism has surfaced among this year’s group of tagged performers. None of the 15 players to receive the franchise or transition tag this year have signed an extension.

The NFL and NFLPA remain in talks on how to navigate the 2021 salary cap, which would stand to plummet considerably — due to a season with limited or no attendance — if the sides do not come up with a solution. This has slowed teams’ negotiations.

Should the Cowboys and Prescott not agree to terms, he will join Kirk Cousins as the only quarterbacks to play on the tag in the past 15 seasons. Cousins’ stalemates with Washington led to two tags and free agency. Prescott would be set to earn $37.7MM on a 2021 tag and $54MM in 2022, should this already-lengthy saga reach that point.

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16 comments on “No Talks Scheduled Between Dak, Cowboys

  1. JJB0811

    We’ll sorta remember Kirk. Typical bar debates. ‘He was good, but on bad teams’. Or ‘He sucked and held teams back’.

    But he’ll care less as he logs into his financial accounts & see $100m for playing his cards right.

    Always admired his he handled himself. Smart dude.

      • DarkSide830

        the fact that people believe Rivers is more overrated actually serves to better Dak’s case at being overrated, because Rivers is lightyears better than Dak.

    • Lol at this. How is he overacted when in every Dak discussion that comes on here you read posters writing how mediocre he is and doesn’t deserve the payday he’s demanding? Overrated? Judging by the comments from fans he is underrated if anything. Can’t say he’s overrated at this point. I haven’t seen a positive Dak comment on any board in a while lol.

      • wagner13


        That’s a great point. I think people forget what the word “overrated” truly means when evaluating players. Like you said, I don’t see too many analysts or fans ranking Prescott among the upper echelon of quarterbacks. I think he’s pretty fairly rated as a borderline top ten signal caller. Someone you can trust to lead the team and competently guide a talented offense, but not someone who can elevate a below average squad (Russell Wilson and his atrocious offensive line)

  2. bigjonliljon

    He should have taken the contracts offered earlier in off season. No one is going to see big money contracts for a while. At least a few years. COVID will be digging into owners check books so much that they won’t be offering the contracts that have been doing in past few seasons. Baseball is already as much as public ally admitting such.
    Note – the exception of what stupidity KC did with Mahomes.

      • Dodgethis

        No he didn’t. NFL contracts aren’t fully garunteed, and when talking about the value of a contract signed, you can only cite the garunteed amount as the amount signed for.

        • Dodgethis

          Should add, modern media is horrible at this, in the click bait era. Kinda like forbes telling you how much someone is worth.

      • Rondon

        Yep.. And that was Mahomes. Think there’s a bit of a difference? There’s him and everyone else.

  3. cayman97

    They don’t want him really. If they did they would have signed him. In their defense he is way overrated.

    • Dodgethis

      He wants too much money. They would be fools to pay him. Position isn’t nearly as rare as it used to be. Virtually every team has a “name brand” qb, and cowboys have never had anything except mediocre qb’s to compare it to.

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