Jaguars Close To Yannick Ngakoue Trade?

The Jaguars may be on the verge of ending the Yannick Ngakoue impasse. They are “extremely close” to a deal that will send the disgruntled defensive end elsewhere, Mike Lombardi of The Athletic reports (on Twitter).

A team has submitted a firm offer to the Jags, with Lombardi adding that a second-round pick may well be the compensation. This rumored trade could occur as soon as today, Lombardi adds. Any team that trades for Ngakoue cannot extend him until after the season. The franchise tag deadline passed more than a month ago, putting Ngakoue in a similar position to Jadeveon Clowney last year.

The Raiders resumed their Ngakoue pursuit before training camp, re-engaging with the Jags on trade talks, per Sirius XM’s Adam Caplan (on Twitter). The Jags and Raiders discussed an Ngakoue deal in April, but talks did not progress. Las Vegas has 2019 draftees Clelin Ferrell and Maxx Crosby spearheading their pass rush, but the Raiders’ perennially shaky defense could certainly use a player of Ngakoue’s caliber.

Although a report last week indicated the Jets were not interested, Lombardi tweets the team is involved in this pursuit. Gang Green has done surprisingly little to upgrade its edge rush this offseason, so Ngakoue would surely help the cause. The Jets are not believed to be interested in Clowney. The Seahawks were a rumored Ngakoue suitor prior to the draft. They pulled off a similar deal last August, landing Clowney from the Texans for a third-round pick and change. They have again been linked to Clowney, and Clay Matthews has surfaced on Seattle’s radar.

Ngakoue has not reported to the Jaguars but has hired a new agent, according to Neil Stratton of (on Twitter). This may be accelerating the trade talks. Ngakoue fired his previous agent last week. Jacksonville received multiple offers for Ngakoue before the tag deadline. While the ideal time to trade the fifth-year defender would have been before July 15, the 2021 salary cap’s uncertainty may not make a rental scenario too damaging for the Jags’ compensation. Still, a first-round pick and change — which the Chiefs paid for Frank Clark last year — was previously rumored as the price.

Ngakoue, 25, has been at odds with the Jaguars for months. He has vowed never to play for the team again, though he did check in with Jags brass earlier this summer. The former third-round pick would certainly upgrade a team’s pass rush, having racked up 37.5 sacks in four seasons. The Jags trading Ngakoue would continue their rebuilding path. They have already dealt Jalen Ramsey, Calais Campbell and A.J. Bouye over the past 10 months.

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40 comments on “Jaguars Close To Yannick Ngakoue Trade?

      • Marvel's MAGA Man

        Wrong. Vince Young’s Philly dream team.

        Their roster featured 10 players who had made 25 Pro Bowl appearances between them.

    • Datthew Millon

      I’ll take a lucky bet a day Dallas the loss of McCoy and the idea of them upgrading defense I know it seems highly unlikely to impossible but it’s a fun guess and I’ll take it.

  1. Regi Green

    Hoping it’s the Eagles.Their line is banged up with both Barnett and Hargrave injured.

    • I’d rather not give up a 2nd for one season (if that) of Yannick. Eagles can’t afford to sign him in 2021.

      • Regi Green

        Yea,you’re right.I didn’t even think of that when I wrote it.The tag money would also significantly cut into the potential rollover space as well.

    • markdavisbarber

      You honestly think that Gruden and Mayock are going to pay his asking price, especially with a possible drop in cap coming next year?

      Besides, this is a Mike Lombardi story. When was the last time him or Amy Trask were even close to being on point with a Raider rumor since they were escorted out of the building?

      • Super T

        Why not they will have over 40 players become free agents next year. He is 25 y/o and fills what is arguably the only hole left on the team (pass rusher) right now.

        • markdavisbarber

          The list of teams that have “only one hole” is very short and does not include The Raiders.

          Update —- Jets, not the Raiders…. Thanks Mike —

          Okay, so this one is real, hearing the team deeply involved is the NY Jets…..that’s not fake news. does it happen? not sure, but they are trying.

          — Michael Lombardi (@mlombardiNFL) August 19, 2020

          • Super T

            So what other hole would you say the Raiders have right now besides lack of a pass rush?

            • markdavisbarber

              The Raiders last playoff victory came in 2002, the last playoff performance was in 2017… Right now the entire league is chasing a division rival that appears to be able to outrun radar.

              If anyone in the front office or the coaching staff believes the team is one piece away from a dynasty of champions… Fire Them..

              As for the off season of work, please name one team that won the off season paperwork championship and went on to Super Bowl bliss…. Please….

              Maybe The Raiders are one piece away from the playoffs……

              • Super T

                You didn’t answer my question at all. Again, What holes do the Raiders currently have besides pass rush?

                They won 3 more games last season (7-9) than the previous season and then signed the best 2 FA LBs (Littleton & Kwiatkoski) available. Drafted 2 of the best WRs in the draft (Ruggs & Edwards), signed/drafted 3 more quality CBs (Amukamara, Arnette, & Robertson).

                They have a decent QB (Carr) & arguably the best backup QB in football (Mariotta). They have a top 10 offensive line in the league. They have a top RB (Jacobs) and top TE (Waller).

                So again, Please tell me what holes they currently have besides lack of pass rush? And I never said they were one hole away from a dynasty, I said one hole away from the playoffs.

                And you do know more teams make the playoffs this season, right?

                • markdavisbarber

                  OK.. You are going to drink the juice of every signing and leave out Carl Nassib and Maliek Collins. The 2nd most glaring need of the D was the middle and love the Kwiatkoski singing. However, look at the three “quality” CB that you listed and please note, these three are after Eli Apple fell through. (damn Raiders didnt sign Slay either) They are only an upgrade because the secondary was that porous. The return of Abram will hopefully make the secondary look vastly improved.

                  Ngakoue is a single dimensional player that wants way too much money. That goes completely against the grain for how the Raiders roster has been built. They are not one pass rusher away from taking it all.

                  • Super T

                    I’m not saying they’re going to hit on every move they made. But they were 7-9 with a terrible defense and limited offensive weapons last season, so if they hit on some of the additions they will improve.

                    Add in a 25 y/o who already has 37 sacks in 4 seasons to improve a pretty much non-existent pass rush last season, and I don’t see how they can miss out on the playoffs again?

                    • steveo730

                      I’d rather they sign Clowney. He’s a 3 down player who’s far superior against the run. I try to take saber metrics with a grain of salt but when you compare their PFF rankings it’s not even close. Fact is neither guy should be signed by the Raiders. Big money belongs on the offensive side of the ball.

  2. TJECK109

    I think 2 sleeper teams would be the Bills and Titans. Bills have shown they are always willing to deal. Titans were looking at clowney

        • Marvel's MAGA Man

          Jaguars get #1 overall they should trade it immediately for a kings ransom of draft picks and roll with Minshew.

          As great as Lawrence is projected to be. Draft capital and building a well rounded team around Minshew could set the Jaguars up for years to come.

          Bears could be in play. Steelers could be a dark horse as could the Patriots. Saints need an heir to Brees.

    • wagner13

      The Bills don’t need him. They have a nice mix of veterans and youth, rostering Addison, Espenesa, Hughes, and Murphy as edge rushers. Tennessee would be a good fit, given their lacking pass-rush, although I’m not sure if they’d be willing to deal him to a division rival. That said, if Tennessee offers the most promising package, they’d be foolish not to send him over

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I’m sure a defensive minded HC like Ron Rivera would love to have him. Washington has some cap space and they are a non conference opponent the Jags won’t have to face this season. Ngakoue has roots in Maryland too.

    • wagner13

      Washington already has Kerrigan, Sweat, and Young as edge rushers. They’re overloaded on the front seven and Yannick would be an unnecessary addition given their needs at other positions

      • Ak185

        Wagner, you’re absolutely right. It is also absolutely right that despite all of those players, Washington still spent the second overall pick on an EDGE rusher.

        I agree with you, that it’s a silly suggestion, but then again, they also basically did this move during the draft when they could have filled some of their actual needs.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Needs can change in the blink of an eye if injuries arise. Salary considerations aside, if you had Mahomes and Watson became available would you say “not interested because we have other needs?”

  4. steveo730

    Dudes not getting traded until Clowney is off the market. Clowney will only cost cash while Ngakoue will cost cash and a high draft pick.

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