Allen Robinson Asks Bears For Trade?

3:40pm: Robinson’s dissatisfaction has resulted in another step. He has indeed inquired about a possible trade out of Chicago, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports. The Bears trading Robinson would represent a drastic step — and an unlikely course of action considering they are as of now using the 2020 season to make a final evaluation on Trubisky.

1:53pm: One game into his contract year, Allen Robinson does not appear to be content with his Bears status. Chicago’s No. 1 wide receiver has grown frustrated with his extension negotiations, Tom Pelissero of reports (video link).

The latest Robinson report, in July, indicated no talks had commenced. However, the Bears have made Robinson at least one offer, with Pelissero adding that the seventh-year wideout is not satisfied with the team’s proposals and removed Bears-related references from his social media pages Tuesday.

Robinson, 27, is in the final season of a three-year, $42MM deal. Since he signed that contract, the wide receiver market has changed substantially. Robinson’s $14MM AAV now places him 15th among receivers. He has not requested a trade at this juncture, however, per Pelissero. The former Jaguars draftee said late last season he was interested in a Bears extension.

Despite Mitchell Trubisky having not lived up to his draft slot, Robinson has consistently produced in Chicago. He caught a career-high 98 passes last season, one in which his quarterback regressed considerably, and posted 1,147 yards. Against Detroit in Week 1, Robinson caught five passes for 74 yards.

The Bears drafted Anthony Miller in the 2018 second round, but Robinson has operated as their chain-moving centerpiece since arriving that year. The organization has agreed to a few September extensions in recent years, inking Khalil Mack, Akiem HicksEddie Goldman and Cody Whitehair to new deals in the season’s first month. However, each of those deals occurred just before the start of the regular season. The franchise tag could come into play for Robinson, whom the Jags let hit free agency two years ago. A deal that would prevent such a scenario does not yet appear close.

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44 comments on “Allen Robinson Asks Bears For Trade?

    • crosseyedlemon

      Pace: “I’ll be happy to extend you if you can sub for Cordarelle in the backfield”.

  1. itslonelyatthetrop

    Even now, Chicago still throws around nickels like manhole covers.

  2. Ak185

    The Bears don’t know who their quarterback will be next year. Extending Robinson is likely lower on their list of priorities than it is Robinson’s.

    • Matthew Heywood

      If you have no one to throw too it doesn’t matter who your Qb is and the bears shouldn’t mess this up as he is the best Wr they have ever had

    • Oooof

      Well, the QB is a problem they probably can’t solve until the offseason, whereas losing their best offensive player is a problem they can act now to prevent having this offseason. Priority and timetable are not the same thing.

      • Ak185

        Agreed, but the Bears may decide to draft a new QB during the offseason. If they do so, it will likely take another two years at least to be competitive again in most cases. Will it be worth it and will Robinson’s play hold up? If the Bears need to rebuild again, they may as well let Robinson walk or go to a contender. Mack’s deal is already weighing on the books as is, and if the team doesn’t think that they can compete, there is little to gain by paying veteran superstars when they could be evaluating young players that will contribute for the next four to five years instead of the next two.

        The Bears need to figure out if they can compete before they decide on Robinson. Try asking yourself that-do you think that the Bears can compete this year or next year? You can see the difficulty in deciding an honest answer. And they cannot trade Robinson because they need to make a final decision on Trubisky this year. What I am saying is the Bears’ decision on Robinson is completely dependent on their decision at quarterback, which they cannot make yet. The earliest they can decide would be next month if Trubisky just bombs and it’s obvious that he will not be retained. His comeback last Sunday only muddies the pool, because it shows his upside that is a glimmering hope amidst his mediocre play, and the Bears want to see if Trubisky finally had got it or will always be uneven.

        Extending Robinson only works if the Bears are confident that they will not tear down the rest of the team when replacing Trubisky, and that only happens if they think that the team overall is solid and that quarterback is the real issue. I honestly don’t know if it is that simple. Maybe, maybe not. But if the Bears keep Robinson and dump Trubisky, they need to make sure that whatever quarterback they play can have in the playoffs within two years, given Robinson’s extension and Mack’s contract.

  3. mcmillankmm

    Damn I bet the Bears we’re frustrated when he didn’t start earning his contract until last season

    • Oooof

      Obviously they could have hoped for a couple more games played, but do you seriously think the Bears were disappointed with how he played in 2018? That seems like nonsense. And the dude got $2 million less per year than Watkins in the same offseason. They signed a deal that would be fair if he was mostly healthy and good, and would be a huge steal if he stayed healthy and played to his full ability. The latter happened, and he reasonably wants to be paid like what he’s shown he is.

      • mcmillankmm

        Oooooof you tell me…does 55 catches, 754 yards, and 4 TDs warrant a salary of $14M per season? If anything, sounds like your analysis is nonsense.

        • Oooof

          First of all, free agent deal annual salaries are usually more exorbitant in their first year than their last. Also, some expectation of a slower start was built in because of injury. Last year more than evened it out.

          But even if you ignore all that, you’re just using counting stats? That’s not analysis. He had Mitch Trubisky throwing to him, he was in an offense that favored volume of passes to shorter routes, and he put up a 74.7 PFF grade for that season.

    • Bryzzo4417!

      You make it sound like it was a 10 year deal and he waited until year 8 to break out. Everyone knew it would likely take a year to get back to his old self. And he did just that, leading the league in contested catches while having a fantastic year 2. And hes off to a quality week 1 start this year. I dont understand the point you are trying to make.

      • mcmillankmm

        The point was he was grossly overpaid in Year 1 and underpaid in Year 2…just questioning his frustration is all

        • Bryzzo4417!

          First of all, he was not grossly overpaid, but ok. Second, I’m not understanding what this has to do with his next contract. We all know he’s a great WR now, regardless of if he performed in year 1 of the deal. We know he’s great, and deserves a great receivers salary moving forward. His current contract is irrelevant

          • mcmillankmm

            My comment was in regard to his current contract…I didn’t say anything about it in regards to a new contract. The comment was in regards to his 2 years in Chicago, and how I imagine the Bears were frustrated with how he performed in Year 1.

          • mcmillankmm

            But it doesn’t seem like we are on the same page so we can agree to disagree. I don’t envy the position the Bears are in.

  4. rondon

    Funny how he doesn’t mention that the Bears made him one of the highest paid WRs 3 years ago, one season after he missed a year with a major knee injury. No complaints then.

    • Oooof

      If he hadn’t been healthy or good, the Bears wouldn’t have paid him nearly his full contract, which was $2 million less per year and less guaranteed than Sammy Watkins’. Why are you acting like an ingrate because his contract turned out to be a bargain for the team and he doesn’t want his next one to be? They made a wise gamble, they didn’t do him a favor.

          • mcmillankmm

            Thanks…I’ll look for you on TV this weekend? What network do you analyze for?

            • Oooof

              I’ve actually offered some points. You’ve just listed a few raw total stats for a wide receiver with a bad QB, then resorted to insulting me.

              • Regi Green

                1 point ya made multiple times is that Watkins got paid more than him,but you don’t mention anything about Watkins having to take a pay cut.Watkins is a bad comparison,because he’s not in the group of 14 ahead of him.

                • Oooof

                  I’m using Watkins as a way of measuring what the market was like that offseason. Robinson did not get top of the market money.

                • Oooof

                  Whoops, you caught a mistake I missed. I meant to ask why he’s acting like Robinson is an ingrate.

                  • rondon

                    Well, “he” is me from the original comment and I don’t think “ingrate” applies. I think anyone who airs their dirty laundry in public in order to solicit sympathy is classless and frankly, with so many people struggling and out of work, tone deaf comes to mind. Ungrateful fits too. And $42MM and $14MM AAV looks like a “steal” now, but it was a very solid deal for a guy with one good season and coming off a serious knee injury. And btw… No one else offered him that kind of money or deal.

                    • Oooof

                      If NFL players didn’t air out their dirty laundry, half the time they wouldn’t get deals. Owners love it because it makes people resent players for making millions, when the players are the one doing the work, taking the hits, suffering the injuries, and scrapping to make money on a short timeline, while owners make much more money and get an appreciating asset to boot. Dirty laundry aired out in public is a small price to pay.

  5. ruckus727

    4 years and $72M sounds about right. Maybe 5/$90M. He needs to be making 18-20M a year. Dude might be the most underrated WR in the league. Put him with a good QB and he might be a top 5 WR. And he’s still only 27. Pay this dude.

  6. Bryzzo4417!

    The Bears have become laughable. The fact they were a playoff team 2 years ago still seems shocking. Robinson was the teams best offensive player a year ago. Hes 27. Hes not asking for a raise this year, he just wants an extension. PAY. THE. MAN.

  7. scrantonstrangler

    Wonder if an early 2nd, a 5th, and a player in return would do it

  8. ruckus727

    Dolphins should trade for him and extend him. Washington and the Jets should consider it too.

  9. natsfan3437

    Please get traded to the Jets. I swear Sam may not be good…. But he is better than Mitch!

  10. kroeg49

    What the hell are the Bears waiting for. Extend this man and give him the money he deserves. If not, tear it down, dumping anyone making near $8-$9 million a year. So disgusted with this organization. Please sell to some billionaire.

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