Bengals Claim Austin Seibert Off Waivers

The Bengals have claimed kicker Austin Seibert off waivers from the Browns, as Tom Pelissero of tweets. The move won’t become officially official until 4pm ET/3pm CT, but the Bengals are guaranteed to get Seibert thanks to their No. 1 priority on the waiver wire.

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The Browns dropped Seibert earlier this week and it now appears that they’ll be facing him on Thursday night for their intrastate showdown. The Bengals grabbed Seibert as insurance for Randy Bullock, who may be out with a calf injury. Injury aside, Bullock also missed a 31-yard field goal down the stretch of their Week 1 loss to the Chargers.

Seibert’s last straw in Cleveland came after a blowout loss to the Ravens. The young kicker missed a field goal and an extra point attempt in the 38-6 defeat, though there was plenty of blame to go around. As a rookie last year, Seibert nailed 86.2% of his field goal tries, though he missed five of his XPs.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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11 comments on “Bengals Claim Austin Seibert Off Waivers

  1. deal1122

    Wouldn’t it be something if he nails the game winner against Cleveland on Thursday?

    • crosseyedlemon

      I know for a fact that there is a historical precedent for this happening. I believe it took place in the 1970s although I can’t recall the kicker. He was released one week and then kicked a game winning FG against his former team the following week.

    • bucketheadsdad

      …..or even better (or worse for the Browns), what if the Browns are down 19-17, and Cody Parkey misses a chipshot game winning kick. As a lifelong Browns fan, THAT is what I fully expect to see happen.

  2. getoffmylawn

    Well Seibert had to be cut after not making any tackles against the Ravens’ rushes, producing no sacks or pressures and not defending any passes Lamar Jackson threw Sunday…oh, um, never mind…

  3. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    Maybe they should have cut the overpaid helmet basher instead, who had, what, one tackle?

    • Michael Chaney

      Obvious troll comment, but I’ll give in. Even if Seibert hadn’t kicked so poorly on Sunday, they still had a bunch of kickers in for workouts on multiple occasions during camp (meaning he was likely on a short leash to begin with), and he still missed five extra points last year.

      Meanwhile, Garrett is one of the top pass rushers in the game. If the Browns hadn’t paid him, someone else would have.

    • getoffmylawn

      I’m so sick and tired of this ignorant take about Myles Garrett, calling him names like “helmet basher.” Up until that moment Garrett comported himself both on and off the field in an exemplary manner, representing himself and the Browns well, with a depth of soul and maturity that is not typical among young adults. Garrett apologized for his actions the night it occurred and I haven’t heard one single Browns fan say it was the right thing to do, while defending Garrett’s character. The quickly-formed character assassination and name-calling by certain fans of Myles Garrett demonstrates both ignorance of him as well as intellectual laziness.

      • tjbarnaba

        He hit someone with their helmet on the head on live TV. The world will never forget it. Nor should they. That moment will soil any of his future accomplishments, as it should.

        • getoffmylawn

          Nobody is asking or expecting the incident to be forgotten. However the commentary by many falsely indicates that Myles Garrett is a heinous human being, a serial offender who regularly hits people over their head with a helmet. This commentary is baseless, lazy, and intended to make Garrett and his supporters defensive, as name-calling always is. Your comment “that moment will soil his future accomplishments, as it should” indicates your close-minded view of Myles Garrett’s character.

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