Texans To Pass On Earl Thomas?

Earl Thomas‘ scheduled workout with the Texans was scuttled, and head coach Bill O’Brien says it was due to the league’s most recent COVID-19 advisory (Twitter link via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle). However, that’s not quite the full story, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (on Twitter), who hears that the Texans do not currently see Thomas as a great fit for their locker room. 

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Thomas, a seven-time Pro Bowler, left his past two clubs on bad terms. In Seattle, Thomas literally left the team with an extended middle finger as he was carted off of the field. In Baltimore, Thomas failed to grasp the playbook in his first year and wore out his welcome last week when he got into an altercation with a teammate.

Thomas’ perceived attitude problems would explain his ongoing unemployment. The years-long love affair between Thomas and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did not result in a deal this year, and the Chargers were quick to pass on him after losing star Derwin James for the season.

For now, the Texans will continue with third-year starter Justin Reid and newcomer Eric Murray as their starting safeties. Meanwhile, they’re without key backup A.J. Moore, who has been placed on IR due to the hamstring injury he suffered against the Steelers.

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22 comments on “Texans To Pass On Earl Thomas?

  1. Dtownwarrior78

    This guy is a straight up cancer to any team that would sign him. Can’t remember exactly what publication did the story but while he was in Seattle, I read an article that absolutely blew my mind and I couldn’t believe they kept him on their roster! He has no respect for any authority and even liked to bully rookies and younger players (and im not talking of hazing or nothing like that). He is an absolutely rotten human being and I truly hope that he remains unemployed if he’s still that same person. If Jerry Jones, who has been enamored with this punk since 2017 won’t even sign him, then that should say something in itself.

      • mlbnyyfan

        Give Jerry Jones another loss because of the secondary then Jerry will be begging for Earl.

      • goldenmisfit

        Do you not remember the situation in Seattle? They had issues for a while all because Thomas wanted market value in a contract extension. That was the only reason why they let him leave in free agency. As far as Baltimore goes they swooped in at the last second right when he was willing to sign a contract with Kansas City promising him they would change their defense of scheme to cater to his strengths then after he signed the contract they did not do any of that. So, leaves Seattle because they try to lowball him and was like to by Baltimore but he is the cancer LOL.

        • rusty.coqbern

          Yeah, he’s a cancer. If he was worth it there would have been no time for Baltimore to “Swoop in and sign him”.

          Also, He was forcing Seattle’s hand, you think their secondary is better without him since he left? NO. Do you think they’d have done something for him had he been a true team player? YES!

          It’s getting tiresome to see people vouch for mean, rich egomaniacs in pro sports that they don’t even know. Where is the line drawn in fandom? If a player is awesome he can ruin (or even end) lives as long as he keeps playing well (with certain fans defending them which just adds to the players ego issues)?

            • compassrose

              Seattle didn’t low ball him they refused to redo his contract 2 years early. This has been a constant. They will add years to contact the last year but refuse to do anyone’s 2 years early.

              I never heard if he was part of the group that made life so hard on the locker room after the SB loss. Beast Mode made up with the team. Michael Bennett continued to show his true.colors. Sherman had said he will sign a one day deal and retire a Seahawk.

              I am not sure if Thomas was so bad more people would have heard about it. He was unhappy he couldn’t get a new contract but seemed fine between the lines. Was odd to see him break his leg in back to back years.

              There was a group that never liked the relationship with Carroll and Wilson. They thought Pete tried to get Wilson as the SB MVP with the pass that was intercepted. Bennett had said he wasn’t black enough.

              Thomas didn’t seem to be a problem. He came in and did most of the off season work. He played hard both years until he broke his leg. I thought they should have reworked his contract and extended but I understand why they didn’t.

              I think Seattle should talk to him and see where his head is at. If he can get along with Carroll and Wilson he could be a great addition. I think he would respect Adams and they could help the Young guys together.

  2. goldenmisfit

    Which means Bill O’Brien did not want him on their roster. Why would the owner not listen to Bill? He only traded away arguably one of the top three wide receivers in the league and has coached this team to a 0-3 record and your playoff hopes are probably already gone. If Bill O’Brien is not fired at seasons end I think we can all finally agree that maybe Bill just Navy has incriminating photos on the Houston Texans owner which would finally explain how he is have job security for so long.

  3. goldenmisfit

    Everyone is going by what happened to him in Seattle. Funny never heard a word from Seattle when they went to back to back Super Bowls on that defense that was captain by Thomas. But, the second they started talking contract and did not want to pay him what he was worth all of a sudden he’s an attitude problem, he’s a cancer and he’s bad for the locker room. It never dawned on anyone that Seattle did that to lower his market hoping he’d be willing to stay for a lot less money. In fact when he signed the deal with Baltimore it was right around then Seattle stopped bad mouthing him.

    • ayrbhoy

      Fact is- fans opinions of players change when that (maligned) player is killing it for their own teams. It’s easy to say you hate a player when you are on the outside looking in but if Earl was drafted by your team, made pro bowls and generally was the best Safety in the league for your own team I guarantee you you’d change your tune. Anyone that says the opposite is either naive or lying to themselves. Look how SF fans went from thinking Sherman was public enemy no 1 to loving him after he produced for them at a cut rate price. It’s just human nature to dislike a dude who plays for the ‘enemy.’ I’m a Seattle fan (shock!) and I can tell you most 12’s feel sorry for Earl, some are disgusted by him but there’s barely a 12 out there who doesn’t have some empathy for his transgressions because of what he did as a key contributor for our legendary Defense.

      • compassrose

        I never liked Graham. There are a few other guys they signed I never liked. I hoped they would help the team but never rooted outwardly for them. I made fun of SF who changed their opinion of Richard so fast. When the rumors came out he was signing with SF some of the same fans said they didn’t want him. I said if they sign him you will love him. Which we know has changed. Not every fan roots for a player just because he signs with the team.

    • case7187

      Of course you’re not going to here things when they are winning and he wasn’t the leader on the D it was Sherman, Chancellor, and Bennett he was a big part of that but not the leader it’s when he became that guy when they all left and that when his true colors came out he showed who he really is when he flipped the the Seahawks the bird live on tv (I do understand why he didn’t it) and now the incident with the Ravens it’s a bad look on him and just ask Antonio Brown what a selfish bad attitude gets you

    • rusty.coqbern

      .. and you wouldn’t as the team would keep whatever they could control Under Wraps.. I can think of lots of players that were covered by their teams (Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez and Dez Bryant come to mind right away)! That’s how teams go about their business, for better or worse (worse in my opinion).

    • marinersblue96

      What are you talking about?? Hawks never bad mouthed Thomas to the media or anywhere else. He wanted to be the highest paid safety in the NFL, two out of the last 3 years had season ending injuries and was going to be going into FA at the age of 30. His antics after the Cowboys game sealed the deal, you expect a team to resign you when you go to the opposing team locker room and tell them to come and get you after your team wins?? Thomas was a fantastic talent but no way did he deserve the contract he signed with the Ravens for what he could expect to produce, he is on the downside of his career only he does not see that.

  4. Dtownwarrior78

    That’s an interesting point and maybe one I’d actually believe if it weren’t for the fact that Baltimore dropped him too (when they are in desperate need of DBs due to injury) and nobody else has picked him up neither. I am not a fan of SEA, BALT or HOU so it really has no effect on my team. But I’m still pretty sure that a player with his talent and being available that he’d be on an active roster if not for something in his character. Just an opinion…

  5. barlow16

    To be honest the reason it fell apart in Seattle is because they wanted him to get his broken leg fixed a certain way. When earl chose not to get it fixed the way the teams were recommending it be fixed the season before his last in Seattle. The team decided to let his contract ride out but the report out of Seattle is he had an offer on the table as long as he got his leg addressed the way the team doctors were recommending because in all likelihood he would have an issue with that leg again and then what happened he broke that leg in the same spot. So I think it was more a diva being a diva or a I told you moment. In all fairness it is his body and his decision it just didn’t play out in his favor.

    • ayrbhoy

      Interesting take Barlow- This is the first time I’ve heard that information, and I devour Seattle Sports information! Hmm, interesting, gonna have to do a deep dive on that one. See if I can find some articles on that

  6. ender

    Earl Thomas III boy, I Wish I Meet U’r Punk Azz On The Street Dog, I’ll Show U Where That Finger Goe’s Worthless Thug !

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