Titans OL Isaiah Wilson Arrested For DUI

Titans offensive lineman Isaiah Wilson was arrested for DUI last night, reports ESPN’s Adam Schefter (via Twitter). NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport adds (on Twitter) that the first-round pick was “released from prison early this morning.” Buck Reising of A to Z Sports Nashville was first with the news of the arrest.

“We are aware of the situation,” the Titans in a statement. “This is not conduct that is indicative of the character of our football team and we are working through details on how to proceed.”

According to Reising’s report, Wilson was arrested in Nashville at 11:29 pm. The 21-year-old blew a “0.107 and 0.113 at the time he was pulled over,” with the legal BAC limit in Tennessee being .08.

Following a standout career at Georgia, the Titans selected Wilson with the 29th-overall selection in this past year’s draft. As ESPN’s Field Yates notes on Twitter, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the rookie. Wilson received a trespass warning after attending a Tennessee State party last month (a decision that “falls under conduct detrimental,” per Albert Breer on Twitter). He’s also had a pair of trips to the Reserve/COVID list, including one that could keep him out for the season opener.

Considering Wilson’s shortened offseason, it seemed unlikely that he’d start right out of the gate. There’s hope that he’ll eventually replace right tackle Jack Conklin, who left for Cleveland this past offseason. For the time being, it sounds like Dennis Kelly will earn the starting nod at that spot.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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22 comments on “Titans OL Isaiah Wilson Arrested For DUI

  1. UpUpnHeaHea

    Did I miss something ? When did you go straight to prison for a DUI and then get released from prison so quickly ????

    • Ben Levine

      I admittedly thought the same thing. that’s a big reason why i put quotes around it lol.

    • jawn

      He most definitely was not in a prison as it was just a DUI and he hasn’t had a trial. Rapoport is just an idiot who doesn’t understand the CJ system at the most basic level.

    • case7187

      Does it really matter how it’s wrote you knew what he was saying or meant or do you just like to cry about everything

  2. RockHauler

    When arrested for DUI you can’t be released from holding until you are completely sober. So that’s why he was held overnight. Once sober he is either arraigned in local court, or given a Desk appearance ticket with his court date on it.

  3. UpUpnHeaHea

    I understand that but you missed the point !! According to the reporter he was not in “holding” as reporter said he was released from “Prison” . Maybe Tennessee does it differently ??

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      Gonna go out on a limb and guess that Ian Rapaport has never been behind bars and is likely not aware of (or concerned about) the difference between prison, jail, holding cell, etc.

    • Marvel's MAGA Man

      Depends how full a jail was. If a jail is over capacity, especially due to covid regulations and such, he could have been sent to a near by prison for holding.

      Could be because he has already been placed on the covid list twice by the titans.

      Could also be because he had a previous run in with police from a party or something.

  4. dschap02

    No the reporter just doesn’t know the difference between prison and jail.
    You go to jail for a day or two depending on processing. Jail is also for crimes carrying a sentence of less than 3 years. You go to prison for a long time, sentence 3 or more years.

    • UpUpnHeaHea

      Reporter is paid to get the facts right. If he doesn’t know that then he is not qualified to report the story. BTW, you can go to prison for a much shorter sentence – ask Lori Loughlin !!

  5. Marvel's MAGA Man

    NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport adds (on Twitter) that the first-round pick was “released from prison early this morning.”

    You all do realize the author is LITERALLY quoting a tweet by Ian Rapoport right? Ian is the one reporting, and saying its confirmed, he was released from prison.

    LITERALLY a link to the Ian Rapoport tweet saying “This is confirmed. #Titans OL Isaiah Wilson was released from prison early this morning. From the team: “We are aware of the situation. This is not conduct that is indicative of the character of our football team and we are working through details on how to proceed.”

    • Marvel's MAGA Man

      Guess the dude deleted the comment. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me this morning. Thought someone posted something about the author on this website. Maybe I need another cup of coffee.

  6. leefieux

    And THIS is what you do when you’re arrested on suspicion. You don’t resist, you don’t put the officer in a headlock and you don’t brandish a weapon.

    • Oooof

      Because as we all know, cops are allowed to execute people who resist even slightly, even if the cops are currently assaulting them.

  7. belfalbran

    Not a good start as a first rounder. Luckily he was pulled over and didn’t kill or injure someone. Hopefully he learned his lesson and can bounce back.

  8. Oooof

    Good lord. How much do you have to drink to blow a .113 when you’re 350 pounds?

  9. dgk71

    Regardless of jail or prison. What a terrible beginning to his career. Hope he gets his act together.

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