Bengals Shopping WR John Ross

John Ross reiterated his request to be traded Friday, and the Bengals may be attempting to accommodate the disgruntled deep threat.

The Bengals, who have made Ross a healthy scratch at times this season, have made calls on the fourth-year wide receiver, Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer tweets.

He of a Combine-record 4.22-second 40-yard dash, Ross is listed as questionable with an illness for Sunday’s Bengals-Titans game. Ross disputed this designation, indicating (via Twitter) he is healthy and dissatisfied with his role. Ross has just two catches for 17 yards this season.

Cincinnati has already unloaded Carlos Dunlap after his weeks-long dissatisfaction spree, and the team is covered at wide receiver. The Bengals have used A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd and second-round pick Tee Higgins as their top three wideouts. Auden Tate, who came up in trade rumors after being a healthy scratch earlier this season, also still resides on the Bengals’ roster. Tate is controlled beyond 2020; Ross is not.

Despite the Dunlap deal, however, the Bengals are not known for aggressiveness in trades. The rebuilding team is not willing to deal 11th-year defensive tackle Geno Atkins, and Sirius XM Radio’s Adam Caplan threw cold water on the prospect of a trade. The Bengals would rather let Ross walk in March than deal him now, per Caplan (on Twitter). Teams are interested in Ross, per Caplan, which would make an anti-trade stance rather confusing.

Ross’ injury troubles led the Bengals to pass on his fifth-year option. The ex-Washington Husky, however, has shown intermittent promise. He caught seven touchdown passes in 2018 and surpassed 500 receiving yards in eight games last season. This and his elite speed would make Ross an interesting trade chip ahead of Tuesday’s deadline.

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35 comments on “Bengals Shopping WR John Ross

    • xpackyank

      Yup, even just to stretch the field and open some things up for other guys. Wonder if a late round pick would suffice?

  1. john08

    So the Bengals would rather sit him down and let him walk out the door than get something in return. They are so dumb.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Bengals have given him a fair chance to prove he has some worth. It’s hardly their fault that there is no interest in a player who is frequently injured and never a consistent performer when healthy.

      • wagner13

        “Teams are interested in Ross, per Caplan…”

        Clearly Ross is not figuring into their future plans, so they may as well get something (even it’s just a seventh rounder) rather than just letting him off the hook

    • natsfan3437

      If Ross leaves they get a comp pick. Why trade for a 7th when you can get a 3rd to 5th (dependent on contract)

      • wrigleyhawkeye

        I highly doubt he’d even be a factor in the comp pick calculations. There are only so many comp picks and he’s not done enough to warrant any value. Being a high draft pick isn’t a factor.

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        I am so tired of seeing Bungles .., that’s so lame .. people act as if the Bengals are this bafoon franchise … I’ll admit they have their issues but if you look at winning % over the last 20 years… they are right in the middle of the pack. Same thing when people sound off saying the Bengals are all criminals .. again in the last 20 years there are several teams with more arrests….. give it a rest ..

        • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

          Yeah, the team that was the worst in the league last year is good. Also, look at all those playoff wins before last season! So stop making fun you guys! Wait…nope Bengals suck and you know it bro!

    • Boston1897

      I don’t think that’s true at all. Bad injury luck and bad scheme fits. He struggled before Taylor got there and played great last year in the system, but got phased out this year. Needs a fresh start in a system that emphasizes his speed

      • joeshmoe11

        The issue is his mental lapses and bad hands. He has good hands and was supposedly a pretty strong route runner but neither have surfaced here. Marvin relegating him to the doghouse so quickly killed his confidence. IDK if a midseason trade where he had to learn a new scheme on the fly helps. He needs an entire off-season to start fresh. He’s a good dude and I really wish things could’ve worked out.

      • wagner13

        I have always been of the mindset that everyone deserves a second chance before being panned a disappointment. For instance, we saw Ryan Tannehill reinvent himself in Tennessee. On the other hand, Josh Rosen sealed his bust status after struggling in Miami

    • backhandinbaptist

      *thats Edmonton Football Club. How dare you use that horribly racist E word in a learned chat room as such. Jann Arden would be rolling over in her grave. Oh wait she’s not dead, rolling around in her gravy? That’s accurate.

    • frozeninneohio

      You suppose we could trade Sendejo, the rights to Kitchens T-Shirt collection, and a couple fishing excursions on Lake Erie for him? Just spitballin’ here.

  2. jessaumodesto

    Not good In college, drafted simply
    Because of a 40 time and surprisingly not good in the pros. What would a team think they are getting in a trade for him?

    • Not sure why the Giants would be interested in acquiring a WR for only the remainder of the season (Ross has no control beyond 2020). Unless Ross is so bad that he’d help them tank? If they want Ross, they could sign him in free agency for practically nothing this offseason.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    John Ross and a 6th round pick for David Njoku

    Brown with OBJ injured could do with another WR and Ross has promise with that speed. Njoku wants out and is playing second fiddle to Austin Hooper. Both players are from the same draft and haven’t lived up to expectations.

    Njoku for the Bengals could be a long term fit. Joe Burrow Mixon Boyd Higgins Njoku

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