Cowboys Notes: Coaches, Knight, Martin

After getting blown out by the Cardinals last night and falling to 2-4, it sounds like some of the players are starting to point fingers at the coaching staff. Jane Slater of NFL Network tweets that “discontent is leaking out” of the Cowboys locker room, with one player stating that the coaches “just aren’t good at their jobs”

“Totally unprepared,” another player said of the coaching staff. “They don’t teach. They don’t have any sense of adjusting on the fly.”

Meanwhile, head coach Mike McCarthy indicated to reporters that instead of leaking these qualms to the media, he’d rather keep those types of conversations in house.

“I just really go back to my first meeting with the football team. I’ve always stated that…it’s important to handle things as men,” McCarthy said (via Charean Williams of “I mean, if you do have something to say publicly that is of most important, I think it’s important to say it to the individual, or particularly in a group dynamic setting, especially in the game of football, especially for the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, that’s all part of the development our program, of the system that we’ve got going here. I think that’s just part of our flight right now. We don’t like the way we played last night. We had some areas that we struggled strong in. It’s definitely not what we’re looking for.”

Some more notes out of Dallas:

  • McCarthy also told reporters that left tackle Brandon Knight suffered a knee injury and underwent surgery (via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News on Twitter). The lineman is expected to miss the next few games. Knight found himself with a starting gig following a season-ending injury to Tyron Smith, and he’s started four of the Cowboys’ six games. While a replacement hasn’t been named, Gehlken notes that Cameron Erving, who is sitting on IR, could be an option.
  • ESPN’s Todd Archer tweets that Zack Martin suffered a concussion and is questionable for Sunday. The team isn’t expected to receive any clarity on the veteran until the end of the week. Martin has only missed a pair of regular season games since entering the league as a first-round pick in 2014.
  • McCarthy doesn’t believe his team has improved much through the first six weeks of the season. “Have we improved?” McCarthy asked (via Gehlken on Twitter). “From an analytical standpoint, when I look at trend lines and some of the things that we’re focused on…. no, our trend line is not pointing in the right direction” Sorry, Cowboys fans.
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33 comments on “Cowboys Notes: Coaches, Knight, Martin

  1. Yep it is

    Of course they are terrible. Nobody worth an ounce of water would go to work for that organization and be a puppet to Jerry Jones. That is all he hires because they are the only ones who will work for him. He is a glory grabbing know it all who won’t win another Super Bowl in his lifetime. He is great at keeping them In the media but clueless on how to run a club.

    • floridagators

      I wouldn’t say the most valuable sports franchise has an owner that “doesn’t know how to run a club.”

      • CursedRangers

        He’s incredible at marketing and maximizing the value of the star. But in terms of running a club, that is not Jerry’s area of strength.

    • badco44

      Try the Wash owner on for size asking about totally lost and running it not the ground … 20 years of crap!

    • Ak185

      Blaming Jerry for everything wrong with the Cowboys is a cop out. As much as he has failed to take action when necessary (firing Garrett) and taken too much when unnecessary (handling draft choices), he by himself is the reason that the Cowboys have been inconsistent. You have to look at his coaches first.

  2. DarkSide830

    shouldve figured a guy who couldn’t get it done enough with Rodgers would be a bust of a HC signing.

    • crosseyedlemon

      A guy who rants on about “trend lines” is not going to have any skills as a player motivator.

  3. JJB0811

    Jerry Jones: ‘I will interview 1 black man for the Rooney rule and 1 white man because he will be my new ‘Jason Garret yes man’. Literally 2 interviews for a job that pays $4,0000,000+ a year.

  4. heartbrokentexassportsfan

    Lol the comments above are humorous…take a look at the injuries. 10+ starters out long term. It’s as bad as it gets when you combine the fact that 2nd and 3rd stringers are starting with a new coaching staff altogether. I will concede that Kellen Moore as an OC isn’t that great of an idea. A monkey couldve called the plays when Dak and the oline were healthy.

    • ‘I will concede that Kellen Moore as an OC isn’t that great of an idea.’

      Their offense is #1 in the league in total yards. Moore is the absolute least of their problems.

      Their defense is has given up the 5th most yards and the most points in the league. Their problem is defense, not Kellen Moore or the offense.

      • KiahFJ

        Except majority of those yards come on the fly from Dak in hurry up because Mr. Moore’s 20 curl routes don’t work.

        • Oh ok. So give the OC of the team who has the most yards in the league zero credit, then. It’s 100% ‘Dak in hurry up’ and 0% the OC and their system.

    • wagner13

      I’m not sure you can really push the blame on Moore. He can only use the tools provided to him. Consider that Tyron Smith and La’el Collins, their elite duo of tackles, are each out for the season. They are literally protecting Dak/Dalton with fringe lineman and the offense is consequently suffering.

      It also certainly does not help when the defense surrenders a whopping 198 points in five games. How many offenses are productive enough to consistently keep up with that. Obviously, Moore is not perfect. However, their lack of success can be attributed to much more prominent factors.

      Whomever wins this sorry excuse for a division will be lucky to win seven games

  5. TJECK109

    Sheesh there was a time when Steelers fans were begging to have Tomlin fired and McCarthy replace him

  6. illowa

    best 2-4 team in the league. good enough to be at the top of the division.

    • They’re literally the only 2-4 team in the league. And the NFC East is by far the worst division in football, so that’s not saying much.

  7. mcmillankmm

    Anyone else have trouble recognizing McCarthy without his old Green Bay attire on? Maybe it’s just cause he has no hat but I literally have to do a double take with him these days.

  8. jessaumodesto

    Didn’t follow McCarthy a lot in GB but saw so many people when he was hired
    Talk about how bad he was. Why do amateurs seem to often know more than those making the decisions?

  9. jessaumodesto

    Also if you follow Jerry Jones track record McCarthy will be there for a looooong tome

  10. donkeygym

    I don’t want to hear about the ‘Cowboy’s injuries.’ Yes they’ve had some. So have most other teams. As a Giant fan, I loved it when they hired McCarthy. They’re DONE for years under him. Giants got a good one in Judge. Let the Cowboys just keep being the Cowboys.

    • qbert1996

      So losing your entire starting oline and your franchise qb means you should win more games? Dallas And Philly both have been destroyed by injuries this season.

      • Ak185

        People who say “I don’t want to hear about injuries” never, ever, ever have any insightful analysis to offer. But that’s just my experience.

  11. bradthebluefish

    Players leak things if they feel they are unheard. McCarthy, do more listening and less yapping.

    • jimmyduz0523

      yeah and the giants are something to write home about. kidding me right?? you do realize they have 1 “gift” win buddy… ugh

  12. GoLandCrabs

    McCarthey was a terrible hire who coaches like its 1995. Cowboys have to fire him and eat the rest of the contract like the 49ers did with Chip Kelly.

  13. crosseyedlemon

    It would appear as if McCarthy is out of touch with both reality and his players. It’s ridiculous to think you can keep discontent “in house” in an era where everyone is engaged in social media.

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