Jags Could Bench QB Gardner Minshew

Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew has generally been a fun player to follow since he entered the league as an unheralded sixth-round pick in last year’s draft. He was surprisingly thrust into action in Week 1 of the 2019 season, and in 14 games, he threw for 21 TDs against just six interceptions and a 91.2 passer rating. Though there were some concerns, including 13 fumbles, he acquitted himself about as well as a sixth-round rookie could.

And when Jacksonville traded Nick Foles this offseason, it paved the way for Minshew to become the unquestioned starter in 2020. But after he led his team to a Week 1 win over the Colts, Minshew’s play has fallen off. His raw statistics look decent enough — he’s completed 67.5% of his passes for 11 TDs and five interceptions, good for a 94.1 QB rating — but much of his production has come with the Jaguars trailing.

Fumbling continues to be an issue, and Ian Rapoport of NFL.com suggests that Jacksonville could bench Minshew, perhaps as soon as this afternoon’s game against the Chargers. Current backup signal-caller Mike Glennon would get the nod if that happens.

Since the 1-5 Jags are clearly not going to contend for a playoff spot — and since the soon-to-be 31-year-old Glennon is hardly the long-term answer — it would make sense for them to at least see more of Minshew before reevaluating their QB situation this offseason. But perhaps the club believes it has a good idea of what Minshew can do at this point and wants to see what it has in rookie Jake Luton, whom the team selected in the sixth round of this year’s draft.

Indeed, Rapoport says that if Jacksonville turns to Glennon today, it will then use its bye next week to determine how it wants to move forward. That would seem to be the ideal time to give Luton, a strong-armed passer from Oregon State, his shot to be this year’s Minshew.

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14 comments on “Jags Could Bench QB Gardner Minshew

  1. acarneglia

    I don’t see the point in going to ag Glennon. Jags are clearly not a playoff team. Just find out once and for all if Minshew is your guy or give Luton a look if you are that curious.

  2. bradthebluefish

    Jake Luton sure did light it up at Oregon State. Would be an interesting move if Minshew can’t get it together.

  3. phillyballers

    Yea, jags make this move and they go undefeated on their way to a super bowl. Or we realize they are a dumpster fire and Minshew is at least a Jersey seller and the most popular NFL meme. Play the stache. Fire the owner.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    The Jags should host a fan lottery to determine their starter and I’m pretty certain JJ could outperform Mike Glennon.

  5. wagner13

    You may as well start Minshew another game rather than benching him for a journeyman in Glennon. Everyone knows Glennon is just a veteran retread with no upside. If you do not believe Gardner is the answer, I would advise waiting until AFTER the bye and trying out Luton

  6. The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

    Mike “white privilege” Glennon!

    • Dtownwarrior78

      OMFG, the perfect 2020 answer to everything! White privilege? Why does EVERYTHING gotta be racial chief? Huh? Its always white privilege when it don’t involve a black guy getting something. Is there even a black QB on the roster? Better go find one Jags, otherwise starting Glennon is “white privilege”! Give me a break. I truly hope your just being sarcastic…

  7. Dtownwarrior78

    The Jags should see what they have in Luton. Yes he did light it up at Oregon State, but really your not playing against any defense at all in the Pac 12 so you really don’t know what he can truly do. It’s basically all going to be a smokeshow regardless, as they will be running out Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence in 2021 anyhow.

    • wagner13

      Agreed. It just makes sense to try out all available options first. We know Glennon sucks already; time to see what Luton can do

      • Dtownwarrior78

        Hence me saying Trevor Lawrence OR Justin Fields. And not even certain the Jets will take a QB. They do have Darnold and no one knows what the next staff (assuming Gase will need long gone by the 2021 draft) will want to do with him.

  8. Ak185

    Why? For who? For what?

    So if Luton has a couple of great games, he’s the guy-until that awful offensive line, single player receiving corps, tight end-less offense that’s starting an undrafted free agent at running back shows how difficult it will be to manage a winning season?

    Start whomever you want. Keep resetting. At some point, you’re going to have to build a team and quit relying on quarterback magic.

    • martevious

      Exactly!! How can you expect Minshew to be able to do anything with who they have around him?!?!

  9. hoosierhysteria

    Jags need some white privilege named Trevor. If jets get him, trade for Darnold. He can play but his coach and that roster are awful.

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