Saints “Could Be Willing To Move” WR Michael Thomas

Could an unexpected name be on the move before the November 3rd trade deadline? Mike Florio of writes that the Saints “could be willing to move” wideout Michael Thomas. Florio notes that the feeling may also be shared by Thomas, who “could be interested in moving.”

For starters, there are some massive financial hurdles to consider from New Orleans’ side. As Florio details, a Thomas trade would lead to a $20MM cap charge in 2021, and couple that without a potential Drew Brees retirement/$22.65MM charge, the Saints could be eyeing $42.65MM in cap charges for two players who aren’t on their team. Thomas inked a massive five-year, $100MM extension in July of 2019 that made him the highest-paid receiver of all time. The contract was slightly restructured back in March.

Of course, those difficulties would be reflected in the hypothetical trade haul the Saints receive; as Florio notes, those financial complications don’t make a trade impossible. After all, the Saints would only accept an offer they couldn’t refuse for the star receiver, and the impending picks in a trade would somewhat make up for the pricey cap charges.

The fact that the Saints would even listen to offers is a bit telling, especially since Thomas appears to be on thin ice in New Orleans. He was benched in Week 5 (and fined a game check) after punching Chauncey Gardner-Johnson during a fight at practice. Thomas has also been limited to only one game after suffering a high ankle sprain, and a new hamstring injury will sideline him for this weekend’s game against the Panthers.

Of course, few suitors would put too much stock into his current production (three receptions, 17 yards). Instead, they’ll look at his incredible 2019 campaign where he finished with a single-season-record 149 receptions to go along 1725 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

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62 comments on “Saints “Could Be Willing To Move” WR Michael Thomas

      • Ak185

        I mean, they signed Brown with Evans, Godwin, Gronkowski, Howard, and Brate on the roster as starters/alternate starters. So while I don’t think this happens (for obvious reasons), I also don’t think that they wouldn’t try for it if they could.

    • markdavisbarber

      The Raiders are already paying too much to free agents that do not play.

  1. justwhoami

    Giants could be cool. Include Tate in the deal to send them back a serviceable receiver. Thomas and Slayton would be a great receiver tandem to watch Jones turn the ball over.

  2. jiffy011

    Pats should send Harry, a 1 or 2 and a 5.. I think that would definitely get it done..

      • atuck_sfg

        You can’t tell me Shanahan wouldn’t find a way to work with him, it’s not like Michael Thomas is Dante Pettis lol

  3. cubfin

    Dolphins. A weapon for Tua. They have the draft capital and cP space to get it done.

    • wagner13

      I would not be opposed to that. Miami could use a slot weapon to complement Parker, Preston, and Gesicki. This would signal a step toward contention. However, it would be a massive gamble if Tua busts and Thomas ends up mouthing off

    • ruckus727

      I agree. This is actually plausible. I’d like to see him with the chargers as to give Herbert a new weapon. Thomas is from LA as well. I’m not sure about their cap situation though.

  4. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “Wait, what? We’re paying him HOW much??!!??”
    -New Orleans front office

  5. Ak185

    Not extremely surprising, but in order to make this happen, one of two things needs to be true: either Brees is coming back next year, or the Saints are getting a starting WR back in his place. If this is Brees’ last year, this move will cripple the Saints. Thomas’ ability across the middle on slants is absolutely key to the Saints’ offense right now. I would wonder why the Saints would not wait until the offseason to try and trade Thomas and give their current team as much a shot as possible.

    I wonder if they’d find a taker for Winston in a hypothetical QB trade with the injuries (and risk of injury) this year?

    • Flyby

      If Brees comes back though they will try to do the same thing they did this year with splitting out his salary, but trading Thomas would just basically signal they are in the midst of a rebuild. Personally i would rather go through that with Winston and not Hill as your top QB.

      You could trade Winston but there is probably not much you are getting back for him since he took a pittance to play for the saints and has not really played unlike bridgewater last year. With him being on the team the full year he learns the players and the system and you could earn the good will towards a “cheap” contract again next season.

      • Ak185

        Agreed. My former question was really predicated on whether or not Brees stays another year. It’s not so much what Winston isn’t offering as it is how much MORE value he could have this particular year, if any. Pure hypothetical to me.

        If it were me, I would grit my teeth and try to use Thomas this year before trading him, as it gives Brees his best weapon (that he has noticeably missed) and eats a year off Thomas’ money to make a trade slightly more palatable.

  6. hoosierhysteria

    Florio has pooped his pants again!
    The saints are in win now mode.
    These huge long term contracts….brings out the knuckle head traits every time. Zeke…gurley….AB….OBJ….they get the money and coast….complacent….don’t stay in shape. Owners should beware.

    • wagner13

      You cannot blame Gurley for his arthritic knees. That was not his choice. He still works hard, unlike the others you mentioned

  7. hoosierhysteria

    Michael Thomas would not be getting in fights…arguing with coach if he was playing for a contract.

  8. DaBeav

    Houston should go after him hard. I don’t think the trading Hopkins experiment has gone very well

  9. tank62

    Florio is such a joke. “Could be willing to move”
    Means he is making stuff up and is guessing. He has zero credibility and integrity

  10. bradthebluefish

    Saints keep punishing Thomas for disrupting the workplace. Saints may be tired of it.

  11. GoChargers

    He’d look good in powder blue lining up on with Keenan Allen. I like Mike Williams a lot but he’ll need a new contract soon and I could see a trade along the lines of Mike Williams, Denzel Perryman, Michael Davis and a pick or two at least getting the Saints attention.

    • Tatsumaki

      No chance saints take those bums. They would want picks probably 2 1sts and a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Especially if chargers give up this years 1st saints could probably draft a replacement or get a qb with chargers pick.

  12. IndyBurns

    Thomas for Ertz plus whatever picks need to be included seems like something both teams could look at. Ertz could get more looks to prove his belief he’s a top TE and Thomas could help a very depleted WR room in Philly.

  13. bhd360

    For the love of god Bill, I know you have a thing against picking up legitimate #1 receivers and only winning with guys picked up from the waiver wire but please…the receiver core has been neglected since Randy Moss. Do it.

  14. Michael Chaney

    Sometimes Florio just throws stuff out there to make sure people are still paying attention to him…I feel like that’s what this is

  15. waterdog311

    Trade him to St. Louis, he would have a hard time finding a teammate to punch. I’m sure there is also a joke about “up a river without a paddle” somewhere, but I don’t care anymore…

    • Ak185

      I don’t see it happening, but that would be an INTERESTING trade. I doubt highly that New Orleans would send Thomas to a team they expect to see in the playoffs, and Green Bay has shown a major reluctance to spend on receiving talent.

  16. crosseyedlemon

    Trading away your best offensive weapon is such a great idea. Just look at how much better the Texans are now that they got rid of Hopkins. Doh!

    • wagner13

      Unlike Thomas, Hopkins did not punch any of his teammates and was a team player to the best of our knowledge. On the other hand, it would not be sensible to trade Thomas when his stock is this low, the Saints are clearly in win-now mode, and already lack receiving depth

  17. case7187

    Pats should jump all over this give them a first and a second it’s not like you can draft in those rounds anyways other than Gronk and I think white sure maybe a few others you’ve had a lot of misses a lot

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