Joe Burrow Done For The Year

UPDATE, 4:45pm: It is indeed believed to be an ACL tear for Burrow, a source told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link). Rapsheet adds that “there may be additional damage.” We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have more details.

3:58 pm: Devastating injury news to begin Week 11, as Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow had to be carted off the field with a knee injury. Shortly after leaving the game, Burrow confirmed on Twitter that he was done for the season.

Thanks for all the love. Can’t get rid of me that easy. See ya next year,” the former LSU star wrote to fans. We still don’t have official word on the exact injury, although an ACL tear looked possible based on the way his left knee got rolled up on. Assuming that’s the case, or if it’s hopefully less severe, Burrow should be fully recovered in time to be under center for Week 1 of next year. No matter what, it’s a disappointing end to what had been an exciting rookie campaign. 

Cincinnati has struggled mightily but Burrow has been a bright spot in an otherwise bleak season, looking every bit like the number one overall pick. Despite playing behind a patchwork offensive line that frequently had him running for his life, he showed plenty of flashes and had some huge games. The former Heisman Trophy winner will finish his first year as a pro with 2,688 yards, 13 touchdowns, and only five interceptions through nine-plus games.

Ha also added another three scores as a runner. This year was tough, but with some solid weapons around him, the future is bright for this offense. As for the rest of the season, it looks like the Bengals will turn to 2019 fourth-rounder Ryan Finley moving forward. They also have Brandon Allen on the practice squad. Here’s to hoping this turns out to be little more than a small blip on a long career.

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41 comments on “Joe Burrow Done For The Year

  1. JJB0811

    I hope Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are watching. Stay away from awful franchises! There is nothing appealing about the the Skins, Jags, or Jets QB job.

    • SueJen

      Jets have a total stud in Bechton who will have Lawrence’s back.
      Jets will draft him and he will have 60 million reasons to sign on and bring Jets back.
      Note: Joe Douglas knows how to draft Offensive Luneman and he has 2 first rounders plus kits of other draft capital next year.

      • bradthebluefish

        Jets will be good if they stick with Douglas. Otherwise, I’m jetting out of there.

        • seattlesuperfan

          Gase is the problem. He legit has had two winning seasons as a coach his first two as a dolphin. Mans terrible

      • fungie22

        Sorry they are horrible. His drafts have not panned out. They draft bad and sign horrible free agents. Gase has to go!

    • Your comment makes absolutely no sense. Quarterbacks get injured on every single team. Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brady, and Brees have all suffered awful injuries in their careers that kept them out for many games. Peyton Manning had several big injuries. Troy Aikman retired early due to injuries. Joe Montana suffered a couple of huge injuries. Marino missed most of a season. Do I need to go on?

      So exactly how does Burrow’s injury teach Lawrence and Fields to stay away from bad franchises? Clown comment.

      • JJB0811

        What have you seen this century that says Mike Brown is serious about winning? Carson Palmer screams ‘stay away!’ from the Bengals. As for my comments about the teams, what is appealing about playing for 4-12, 5-11 teams for an entire career? Do you really think Sam Darnold has enjoyed his time in NY, I don’t.

        I get it if your a low draft pick trying to work. But if your 1st round talent, you’ll make plenty of loot, but play for a winning organization.

        • Again, what does any of your ranting have to do with Burrow’s injury? Injuries happen on literally every team. It’s a dangerous sport.

          • markdavisbarber

            So first off… What awful injury have Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brady, and Brees suffered that resembles anything that Burrow just went through? I clearly remember Brady faking an injury to get a personal foul and first down against Baltimore. Peyton Manning played 18 years and Troy Aikman played 12 years, so no early injury retirement there. In his 12 year, after ignoring doctors, Joe Montana missed a year due to surgery that he delayed. Dan Marino basically started every game for 16 years.

            The Bengals, Redskins, Jaguars, and Jets all have a history of making poor decisions in free agency, the draft, cap management, and talent evaluation.

            Please elaborate on the injuries to Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brady, and Brees and explain why Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields should feel comfortable being drafted by Washington, Jags, or Jets. Dwayne Haskins, Blake Bortles, Sam Darnold, Geno Smith, and Mark Sanchez are listening as well.

            • RyanO

              Brady tore his acl missing ‘08 season, brees had reconstructive surgery to his throwing shoulder jeopardizing his career (partly why chargers released him) and Brees is literally injured right now with punctured lung and 10 rib fractures from a hit, Rodgers has broken his collarbone multiple times, Manning had neck fusion surgery. Roethlisberger had surgery to his throwing elbow last year.. Aikman retired at 33 due to injuries

              Where have you been … lol

              • markdavisbarber

                Tom Brady on a 20+ year career had an injury. Drew Brees 19+ career and an injury from a year where he started 11 games and came back to play in the Pro Bowl — Before being traded to the Saints. Aaron Rodgers is 15+ years into his career. Peyton Manning went 17 years. Ben Roethlisberger is 17+ years, Troy Aikman was 11 year behind one of the greatest O-Lines in history. Just ask Emmitt Smith.

                Please explain why Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields should feel comfortable being drafted by Washington, Jags, or Jets. Dwayne Haskins, Blake Bortles, Sam Darnold, Geno Smith, and Mark Sanchez are listening as well.

                • RyanO

                  You initially asked what injuries those qbs had and I listed them for you, not sure why you consider burrows to be any worse… they’re all serious injuries.

                  As for why they should feel comfortable being drafted. Obviously the teams drafting high are bad but you should welcome the opportunity to turn them around if you’re confident.

                  Jets made back to back afc champs not that long ago & have a relatively new highly rated gm with lots of high picks & cap space. Jags made afc champ in 2017 also lots of picks and cap space. Bengals made 5 straight playoffs and have had 3 qbs and 2 HCs in 20 years… skins just hired Ron Rivera this year who is a proven coach.

                  Give these teams some time not every qb gets to walk into a Mahomes KC situation.

              • roswell6vika

                We’ve all been living in reality, right here on earth, unlike you, mr. bubble-boy-from-Mars. When all those successful quarterbacks returned from injury , they had an organization that protected and nurtured their talent; instead, the bengals let burrows get pummeled game after game, with only one quality receiver to throw to. After they drafted Burrows, why didn’t they go out and sign some quality O-lineman ? Because they’re a dysfunctional organization, that’s why. Sadly, What happened yesterday was inevitable before seasons end. I should’ve bet a line in Vegas on the odds of

      • roswell6vika

        No, Mr. rct, you are sadly mistaken ; because of the shrinking economy, small-market teams like Cincy have very little chance to succeed unless their owner is willing to spend to retain and sign talent, and the Bengals have not shown a propensity for spending on free agency, or holding on to stars. Joe Burrow has proven he’s every bit as good as , say, Drew Brees, he’s just on the wrong franchise. If Burrows was on the Saints, with their talent, the owners willingness to sign free agents, playing in a dome, a better coach, etc. Burrows would probably throw for Anywhere from 300-500 yards every game. It’s the organization that surrounds you that dictates whether you succeed or fail. Location, Location, Location. Your environment either fosters your talent, or stifles it. Not both. No, Mr. raft, you are the one wearing the red ball on your nose.

    • Rocket32

      JJB0811 It’s not really their choice. They aren’t free agents. That’s the negative of being a top player in the draft, you typically don’t get to walk into a good situation day 1. They can take the big risk of staying in college, but they’ll likely run into another bad team in next year’s draft anyway.

      • JJB0811

        In actuality, they are FA’s. They can choose to stay I. school, skip the draft or holdout like Eli did.

        But my point is What exactly have the Jets, Jags, Bengals, & DC done to show they are trying to win? I haven’t seen it this century from those teams. 1 player doesn’t change the fortune.

        • padam

          If that were the case, they’d be dumb free agents because they’re giving up more years to invest by either staying in school or holding out. Rookie contract just goes on another year as they most likely lose a year of being able to play, which today could result in a 30-40M loss.

          Yeah, if I’m his agent I’m telling him to take it, get drafted, and it’ll just get you to FA sooner if you still dislike the team. Don’t want to leave that kind of money on the table when the lifespan of an NFL player isn’t very long.

        • The Jags were literally in the AFC title game two years ago. With a lead in the fourth. I hate to say literally… but literally. Two years is a touch less than a century ago. I’m not even a fan, but seriously, stop being a keyboard clown.

    • GoLandCrabs

      You comment this so much like they have a choice in where they go. Besides the Jets won’t be as much as a tire fire when Gase is fired. Jags and Washington have some nice young pieces.

    • RyanO

      JJB is a clown. What a stupid comment. Always ragging on jets jags etc. Pats were a bad franchise before Brady/belichick, same with colts before manning. QBs change the franchise, injuries happen it’s football. Jags made afc champ a few years ago, jets made back to back not that long ago.

      Give Douglas some time he’s had 1 draft and has 9 picks 1-3 rounds over next 2 drafts… plus huge cap space.

  2. afsooner02

    Same type of injury killed the careers of Bradford and RGIII bc the teams that drafted them didn’t protect those guys.

    Hope he isn’t the same song and dance…..

  3. bigredsfan41017

    It isn’t a terrible franchise, it’s the terrible ownership of Mike Brown and Katie Brown Blackburn! Paul Brown probably turning in his grave because of son greediest to pay top dollars to protect the quarterback! I wish Cincinnati would tell him to improve the team or take the team elsewhere. What an embarrassment to Cincinnati and Hamilton County taxpayers who fork the bill to pay for Paul Brown Stadium.

  4. dalton2green22

    As a lifelong bengals fan I will go to my grave without a playoff win I believe. This team is absolutely cursed. When the tightwads browns are out it may be better. A fg kicker who’s ass should be in the cfl. Misses 2 easy ones and makes a 54 yarder. That’s what bengal fans live with. Burrow was and is a blessing. I am glad he will not get beat up for 7 more games. That scrub Findlay will Qb us to the draft. Cincy will sign someone cheap. That’s how they are. I love joe burrow and hope this cursed tight fisted team drafts lineman.!

    • joeshmoe11

      You understand the Bengals spend more real dollars than almost every other team, right? Their salary cap number isn’t filled with back loaded money they don’t actually pay from guys they cut years ago. There’s always very little dead money, especially compared to most other teams. So that tired line about them cheaping out on players is bs

      • bigredsfan41017

        Then why doesn’t Mike Brown spend it to keep good players that protects the quarterback like Wentworth? Him and Ziegler left because Brown wouldn’t pay the veterans the money to keep them here! For those that don’t say it’s about the Browns or money you’re absolutely wrong! If it was any other owner they would spend good money to give their quarterback protection. I’m just tired of everyone saying it’s Zac Taylor but it should fall on Mike Brown! As for Burrows I do pray for a full recovery!

      • dalton2green22

        You obviously aren’t a bengals fan. They are cheap….period! They are I believe the only team without a GM, even an indoor practice facility. They may not pay former players but what good has it gotten them? It puts money in the owners pockets. You have to spend money to make money! Since you know so much about them have you ever seen their stadium? It’s the only stadium that is not decorated with bengal markings on the outside. Nothing but a boring grey concrete. This is during the season. Right down the street is the reds stadium decorated with reds colors. They are cheap! Everyone who works for them will tell you that.

  5. jay13

    Burrows will come back next season good as new. He is built that way. Next season will be the Burrows/Higgins show in Cincy. There are some nice pieces in Bengal country. I was not a big fan of the Zac Taylor choice at first but I have grown to like what he is doing.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Probably a good time to consider working out a deal to bring Haskins back to Ohio. He would be a better backup than anyone else available out there.

  7. goldenmisfit

    I put this on Zack Taylor. Only because he put his quarterback in that position and this injury is on him. As far as Bengals fans expecting big things next season you will be greatly disappointed this team is light years away from becoming relevant.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Bengals have improved from where they were a year ago and have plenty of upside. Problem is they are stuck in the league’s toughest division.

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