Latest On Browns’ Myles Garrett

Browns edge rusher Myles Garrett will remain on the COVID-19 reserve list this week, according to head coach Kevin Stefanski. With that, Garrett will be held out of Sunday’s contest against the Jaguars, marking his second straight missed game.

Garrett was parked the reserve list last week, keeping him out of their Week 11 game against the Eagles. They still managed to win 22-17 without their top defensive player, thanks to Sione Takitaki’s pick-six and Olivier Vernon’s sack/safety. The front seven delivered, just in the nick of time. Heading into Week 11, Garrett had 9.5 sacks to lead the league while everyone else on the Browns had combined for just 12.5 sacks.

The Browns are now 7-3, but they’ll have to continue their playoff push without Garrett for at least one more week. Per the NFL’s coronavirus protocols, Garrett can’t return to the team until at least 24 hours after his symptoms have passed. There’s no word yet on his status or specifics on any symptoms that Garrett may have experienced since he was placed on the reserve list.

If the Browns keep things up, they’ll have an opportunity to snap their 18-year playoff drought, the longest in the NFL.

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10 comments on “Latest On Browns’ Myles Garrett

  1. krillin89

    And the media will still complain about the team if they make the playoffs. Mayfield should have done this, Hunt shouldn’t have done that

    • DarkSide830

      Hunt and Chubb carry the offense. Mayfield needs to step it up if they want to actually make noise in the playoffs.

      • crosseyedlemon

        I fear Hunt and Chubb will get a knee blown out if they don’t stop trying to hurdle defenders.

  2. bumpy93

    you know what you got to feel good for browns fans right now that team has been so horrible since they returned to the NFL in 1998 it just been crap since then and for them now to be seven and three then they’re also playing to one and nine jags to something weekend they should be eight and three they’re going to the playoffs unless the ball falls out of it but looks like they finally got the right head coach so feels good for those fans who have sit there endured nothing but crap after crap after crap of seasons

  3. Polish Hammer

    Have the Browns beats any good teams this year? Much of what they accomplished early yesterday was doing to Philly giving it to them as opposed to them taking it. Mayfield does not look like the answer out there either,but I guess he’s their franchise QB for now at least.

    • aruckman

      Colts are a good team and Cowboys with Dak had a great offense. Beating teams they should be beating, which is a giant leap for this organization.

      • Michael Chaney

        Exactly what I was going to say. Just beating the teams they should beat is a huge step for them; the old Browns would have found a way to botch the games against the Texans and Cowboys, at the very least.

        Their three losses were all relatively ugly (the Raiders game was close but they just didn’t play well), but at least up to this point they haven’t played down to their opponents. If they keep beating the teams they should beat, it’ll be enough.

  4. afsooner02

    Mayfield has played fine….past 3 games have been in terrible weather. The opposing QBs (Carr, Watson, Wentz) all fared no better than he did playing in that crap either. He’s not elite but he doesn’t need to be yet. For his 4th HC/OC in 3 years in the league he has the browns at 7-3 and in playoff contention.

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