NFL Owners Pass Two Proposals

The NFL’s owners passed two proposals with potential significant ramifications Tuesday, commissioner Roger Goodell announced.

In the event that regular season games with playoff implications are cancelled and the league can’t complete it’s schedule in 17 or 18 weeks, the NFL will add an additional playoff team in each conference to limit the chances a team is unfairly left out of the postseason due to COVID-19 cancellations. This is only a contingency plan, and the current plan is still to proceed with seven playoff teams in each conference. As you’ll recall, this is the first year the playoffs has been expanded to seven teams from six.

The proposal lays out a new seeding system based on winning percentage in the event that teams end up with different numbers of games played. You can read the full language of the proposal courtesy of this tweet from Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. The second measure to pass will reward teams for developing minority coaches and executives. If a team has a minority coach/exec that gets hired away to be a new team’s head coach or general manager, they’ll receive two third-round compensatory picks. The picks will come one at a time in consecutive years, not two in the same draft.

You can read the full language of that proposal via this tweet from Pelissero. The vote to pass the playoff contingency plan was unanimous, and it sounds like the minority coaching development reward was passed overwhelmingly as well. The original playoff plan would’ve reseeded the eight teams regardless of division winners, meaning the NFC East winner likely would’ve been the eighth seed, but that part was struck down.

As for other potential rule changes, this offseason there was talk of the NFL adopting new onside kick rules to make it easier for teams to come back, potentially replacing a kick with a 4th and 15 attempt for trailing teams. That ultimately didn’t come too close to passing, but Goodell said Tuesday the issues isn’t going away. “It is something we have thought, and many clubs have thought, would be an exciting addition to the game, and something I think merits a lot of discussion,” the commissioner said, via Michael David Smith of

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13 comments on “NFL Owners Pass Two Proposals

  1. TJECK109

    Giving draft picks to the team that lost a coach or potential gm does little to encourage minority hiring

    • hersch

      Agreed. It may actually have the opposite effect. Bienemy from the Chiefs is expected to be sought after as a head coach next offseason. If I’m Denver and I’m looking for a new coach and am deciding between Bienemy and an equally qualified white candidate I might give it to the white candidate solely for the reason that I don’t want to give my division rival two extra third round picks.

      • Only hire black people to work for an organization and once each team does that then every hire will be rewarded with picks, pretty simple

  2. brownscavsr4me

    Man this one is a tough one. It’s seriously sucks that 70% of league is black but only 3 black head coaches. That definitely needs to change. But idk if this is they right way to approach it…Third round picks are worth more than some stars are traded for. But then again I dont have a better answer to this problem so we’ll see how this goes i guess

  3. bencole

    If there are more than 14 teams in the playoff, for any reason, any reason at all, I quit the NFL forever, and will never spend another dollar. Absolutely no matter why. If teams are short games, push the playoffs back and play them. 14 teams is too many playoff teams already. I cancelled my mlb season tickets over adding playoff teams and will never go back or spend money on the game again. This isn’t about scheduling problems, play into March if you have to. This is about revenue for extra playoff games, which is a garbage product.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I really can’t understand your strong resistance. Technically speaking, every team is in a playoff race right from the start of the season. Eventually one team outlasts all others. It’s as simple as that.

  4. hoosierhysteria

    The hiring team doesn’t lose picks. Compensatory picks are extra picks from the league. Merry Xmas….

  5. parkers

    Love onside potential rule change. I am not excited by compensation plan because it is both demeaning and pandering. Treating minorities as inferior and lessening the appreciation that should be given to coaches such as Flores in Miami. The country is moving towards a society that wants success to be measured by ability and results. Winning football games is far more important to the fan then the color of the coaches skin. Racism is arrogance of thought and destroys the unity that is necessary to be successful. Less pandering will tend to lower the resentments that happen when people are talked down to? Racism is counter to a persons desires, because it eliminates someone who would best help achieve them.By allowing each team to make their own decisions without subtle or obvious micro management will allow each team to hire and at the same time reap the benefits of that hire.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Don’t have the statistical data in front of me but I feel certain that the odds of converting a 4th and 15 situation are much worse than recovering an onside kick…thus making a comeback less, not more, likely.

  7. tank62

    Honest Question, the bears VP of Personnel Champ Kelly is a candidate for a few openings if he is hired we get 2 comp picks. But if the bears whack the idiot GM they have in Ryan Pace and elevate Kelly they get nothing right?

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