Ingram, Dobbins May Return Vs. Steelers

The Ravens’ roster has been decimated by a COVID-19 outbreak, but help may be on the way. Running backs J.K. Dobbins and Mark Ingram will not fly with the team to Pittsburgh today, but the expectation is that they will fly tomorrow, in time to suit up for the Wednesday game against the Steelers (Twitter link via’s Tom Pelissero). 

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The league’s COVID protocols mandate a 10-day isolation period, and today marks Day 10. Had the game taken place on Thursday night as originally planned, or postponed to Sunday afternoon or Tuesday night (tonight), they would have been ineligible. The third — and, hopefully, final — postponement of the game has given them an opportunity to face the Steelers.

The Ravens running backs learned of their positive tests on Nov. 23. A number of Ravens players, including star quarterback Lamar Jackson, tested positive for the coronavirus in the days that followed. The Ravens are still working with a half-strength offense, but the presence of Ingram and Dobbins should help.

Before the positive, Dobbins registered 5.3 yards per carry for Baltimore. Ingram, meanwhile, is itching to get back on the field — he’s played in just eight games so far, thanks to an October injury.

No team placed a player on the reserve/COVID-19 list Tuesday, and Mark Maske of the Washington Post tweets the Ravens’ string of positive coronavirus tests stopped at eight. The thrice-rescheduled Ravens-Steelers rematch is a go for Wednesday afternoon. While this will not be finalized until the AFC North teams receive test results Wednesday, the Ravens are scheduled to fly to Pittsburgh at 7:15pm ET.

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18 comments on “Ingram, Dobbins May Return Vs. Steelers

  1. wagner13

    Gee, isn’t that convenient? I still feel the game should have either been played today, postponed to week 18, or forfeited. The NFL displayed absolutely zero authority by letting the Ravens dictate terms yesterday. I normally do not accuse professional sports leagues of favoritism, but I believe a valid case could be made here

        • crosseyedlemon

          Just imagine how they would be if the organization was run as badly as the Pirates.

          • forwhomjoshbelltolls

            The Penguins are the most consistently successful NHL team for the past decade and a half and yinzers still whine and whine and whine.

            Ask them and they’ll tell you how our Hall of Fame GM with 3 rings is Mr. Magoo on ice.

            How every player should be traded.

            How they should have kept all of the picks and prospects they used to win back to back Cups.

        • tylerall5

          It’s not just Steeler fans.. Broncos were forced to play without a QB. How, within the same week, can one team be denied a reschedule but the other be allowed to reschedule 4 times.

    • martevious

      And something I haven’t heard mentioned: the NFL basically handed a victory to the Saints, over the Bronco’s. That wasn’t fair to the rest of the teams fighting to have the best record in the NFC.

      • crosseyedlemon

        The Broncos created their own problems just like the Ravens and Raiders have done by taking health protocols too lightly. Blaming the NFL when it’s time to face the consequences of bad decisions is silly.

    • BertMacklin

      They literally have been waiting for the outbreak to be contained. why are you all too dense to understand that?

      • wagner13

        If that’s the case, then move the game to week 18. Waiting one extra day is not going to completely contain the virus when the outbreak occurred less than two weeks ago. Besides, let’s not pretend the NFL has cared about this in the past. Furthermore, a report yesterday literally stated the NFL only moved the game because the Ravens were protesting about a lack of practice. The article is on this very site and can be accessed quite easily.

        But tell me more about how “dense” I am

        • BertMacklin

          Yeah, lack of practice and conditioning is going to be an issue. There are other options, but claiming it’s all a massive conspiracy to give the ravens the edge is stupid. It’s about player safety for both teams. That’s why you’re dense.

          • wagner13

            I’m not saying it’s a massive conspiracy. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of the situation. Why did the Patriots get their game delayed after Cam tested positive but the Broncos have to play with NO quarterbacks? Why did the 49ers have to play on Thursday Night after a recent outbreak when the Ravens game got moved? I’m not asking for perfection, but some consistency would be nice

  2. If they’re not ready, the NFL will just postpone the game again. Only a few more days and they can have Lamar Jackson back, too. What a joke.

  3. madmanTX

    They should make the Ravens play the game with plastic bags wrapped around their helmets. Breathing is for winners, Superspreaders.

  4. K3vin

    Ravens playing the taxi squad and Steelers still need to use cheap tactics to keep lead before half. They are not a legit 10-0.

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