Two More Ravens COVID-19 Positives Emerge

The Ravens are currently en route to Pittsburgh, but after an earlier report indicated the team did not see additional positive COVID-19 tests emerge Tuesday, it appears the team still has cases spawning.

One Ravens player and one staffer tested positive, according to’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter). The Ravens previously identified these two individuals as “potential positives,” Mike Garafolo of tweets.

These latest cases notwithstanding, the Ravens’ 2:40pm CT Wednesday game against the Steelers remains a go. All players and staffers will undergo another coronavirus test Wednesday. The Ravens have now had a positive COVID test for 10 straight days. More than 15 players still reside on Baltimore’s reserve/COVID list.

While the Ravens did bring four players off their virus list Tuesday, they left two assistant coaches — offensive line coach Joe D’Alessandris and running backs coach Matt Weiss — in Baltimore prior to takeoff. The unnamed staffer who submitted a positive virus test, however, is not believed to be a coach, per Albert Breer of (on Twitter). It is not known which Raven player is the franchise’s latest positive test, though Breer notes the player is a backup. Neither the staffer nor the player obviously traveled with the team Tuesday night.

No NFL team placed any players on the reserve/COVID list Tuesday, marking an encouraging and somewhat surprising — considering recent events — development for the league. Wednesday’s game will commence without several key players — including Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews and James Conner — but the NFL has been dead-set against using one of its end-of-season contingency plans and postponed this game three times in order to keep it on the Week 12 docket.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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15 comments on “Two More Ravens COVID-19 Positives Emerge

  1. Tiger_diesel92

    I guess the nfl does not care for players health if they continue getting positive cases.

      • tgallagher

        That’s an ignorant comment and a slap in the face to the over quarter million Americans who have lost their lives.

        • markdavisbarber

          Probably the same technician who somehow mixed the testing compound in with the actual test in the Broncos QB confinement bubble.

          It will be announced that the individuals were already isolated through “Intense Contract Tracing” and that the NFL COVID Policies that are in place are working.

        • I Beg To Differ

          So is forcing covid positive patients into nursing homes exposing elderly residents to covid. Newsom, Wolf, Whitmer, Cuomo, and the NJ govenor.

          • lmao, you’re cherry-picking out Democratic governors as having a poor COVID response while totally ignoring the party (GOP) and president who have downplayed and mocked the disease and protocols at every turn. Keep drinking that Kool Aid and remaining absurdly ignorant.

            • I Beg To Differ

              No. I’m expecting people to be held accountable for their failures, unconstitutional mandates their own states deemed illegal, and their gross mishandling of covid.

              Each state was left to handle covid based on the direction of the govenors. Which is why Florida is open, California and Michigan are not. Govenors decided, not Trump.

              The response from the states was a total disaster and that falls squarely on the shoulders of the govenors and their policies, not Trump. Clearly you don’t understand the 10th amendment or how it works.

              But please continue thinking Trump is the reason why Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Wolf, and the NJ govenor forced covid positive patients into nursing homes. Its amusing when people like you speak on topics you seem to have 0 understanding about.

            • I Beg To Differ

              No need to respond. I’m not going to take you seriously if your response is going to be “trumps fault” while ignoring decisions made by other individuals independent of what trump has or hasn’t done.

      • phillyballers

        Yea doesn’t happen to athletes or their families. You should tell that to Karl Anthony Towns. Probably will agree 100%.

    • Flyby

      Actually the NFL and NFLPA does as they put a ton of safety protocols in place and favorited the Ravens by moving the game almost a week from its original game time …. Its the Ravens and their players that dont care about their fellow players.

      • Technically correct

        Sorry Flyby, you can’t say continued positives mean the players don’t care. You can get sick up to 14 days after exposure, so it’s entirely possible that the players were following the established protocols at the time, but were compromised by the staffer who did not report symptoms and failed to wear a mask like he was supposed to be doing. It isn’t like they are out licking garbage cans and hanging around seedy motels.

  2. Broncos had to play though. Let the game begin. This is asinine, we will make an example of denver for taking their masks off (and then testing negative) during a meeting while they were distanced, but we will push the Steelers/ravens game day by day by day, because they are actual contenders.
    To hell with goodell and his cronies

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