Aaron Rodgers: My Future Is ‘Uncertain’

The top-seeded Packers lost in devastating fashion to the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game, failing to capitalize on three Tom Brady interceptions by making a string of miscues of their own.

While the loss itself was bad enough, Packers fans were left even more stressed after Aaron Rodgers‘ post-game press conference. Rodgers raised quite a few eyebrows during his media availability, saying there are a lot of players on the team with uncertain futures “myself included,” via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. Demovsky says “it’s clear” from his comments that he’s not sure he’ll get another run with the Packers.

Meanwhile veteran Packers reporter Jason Wilde of ESPN tweeted that Rodgers “sure sounded like a guy saying goodbye.” There’s a fair amount of speculation involved here, and it’s certainly possible this turns out to be a big nothing-burger. For his part head coach Matt LaFleur was adamant that he wanted Rodgers back in 2021.

Rodgers is a near-lock to win the NFL’s MVP award for his work this past season, so it’s pretty hard to believe Green Bay brass would be looking to move on even though they did draft Jordan Love in the first-round last April.

The Love situation has always loomed large, but without a preseason or full training camp no one really has any idea how he’s progressed since getting drafted. It’s unclear whether Rodgers was referring to retirement, the Packers moving on, or himself looking to play elsewhere.

In any case, he’s under contract through the 2023 season. He just turned 37 last month, and he certainly didn’t look like he’d started any sort of physical decline this season. We should get some clarifying reporting soon, but at this point it would still be very surprising if anyone other than Rodgers is under center come Week 1. In all likelihood the comments were just the result of emotions running high after a big loss.

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92 comments on “Aaron Rodgers: My Future Is ‘Uncertain’

      • Ak185

        I think he was referring to the Bucs’ win, not the MVP vote. In his defense, Brady getting bailed out by a call yet again is frustrating.

        That said, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it that. If the Packers’ receivers weren’t drop artists, they would have won. Nothing the NFL had to do with. Maybe the Packers actually did need a receiver, despite their braintrust’s best efforts to explain otherwise.

        • paddyo875

          It seems a key recent factor in his demeanor may have had to do with not going for the TD(and then 2 pt) very late in the game.He appeared dejected after settled for a FG. LaFleur took the conservative approach and bet on his defense stopping TB. That has to sting a future HOFer like Rodgers.

        • Goingyard16

          The receivers have been exceptional all year. Adams, Tonyan, Lazard, and Valdes-Scantling. Tonyan was thrown to 59 times and had 7 drops. VS had more but was real productive on long pass plays. Adams is as good as any receiver in the league, do I dare say the best? So it’s not on the receiver. There were other units who were worse, Rodgers throwing inexplicably into double coverage, the offensive line stunk, too many open coverages by the db. We ran hard and the seven in the box on defense was great. Other than that. It is sooo frustrating to have two HOF qb’s in 29 years and only been to the Super Bowl three times while seemingly losing the NFC Championships year after year.

          • Ak185

            The receivers were “exceptional”? That’s a joke, right? They’ve all had drops and difficulty with easy passes for most of the season. Rodgers on multiple occasions laid a pass perfectly in a receiver’s hands (sometimes in the endzone even-like the opening drive in the divisional round, for instance, where MVS, Tonyan, and Lazard all each dropped a touchdown catch in a row), only to see them fumble it. I’m not sure how many got credited as such, but there is zero question that these receivers could do with an upgrade-outside of Adams.

            Tonyan came on strong this year, and looks to have a solid future. Lazard is occasionally great, and does a lot of dirty work that is crucial to the teams’ efforts. But he and the other receivers outside of Adam’s have been extremely inconsistent and have trouble making plays when times are desperate. As well as the Packers played this year, they should have played better, and would have had Rodgers had a solid number two or three receiver behind Adam’s who could make contested catches. Do they have that guy right now? No, they do not. That is one reason that they lost. The Packers are relying on Rodgers and Adam’s too much in their passing game, and because of inconsistent receiver play, they could not use an alternative outlet to compensate for Adams being targeted by the opposing defense.

            I don’t think we can name a single player that contributed significantly to this season’s team who was acquired last offseason, with the exception of the rookie running back (who himself barely played until the end of the season, and rotated in at that-although he did play well). The Packers had a chance to add to their team for this year, but they rolled the dice with what they had in order to supposedly build for the future. Can we name a single guy outside of Adams and say,”this player provides an essential part of the offense” or name someone who stands out in comparison to other receivers? No, we can’t. The receivers might have been above average on the whole, but above average does not win Superbowls. They should have added a legitimate second receiver to take pressure off Adams, but they did not, and their season is over.

    • junkballer

      Clearly rigged… how dumb do you have to be to really believe that? What other conspiracy theories are you into? Is the Q Shaman your best friend? How stupid. Please try and exercise some critical thinking skills in your life.

      • Tatsumaki

        @junkballer actually I’m capable of critical thinking unlike you the brain dead simp sitting on your couch wasting YOUR money on jerseys/tickets all for a predictable outcome. So judging by your weak profane response, this angers you. Sadly not smart enough to think outside of the box, so you resort to conspiracy theory rhetoric LOL

        • junkballer

          I really feel bad for this guy. I guarantee this isn’t the only conspiracy theory he is wasting his life wallowing in. Probably Q, maybe flat earth, perhaps a dash of antisemitism shrouded in whatever 21st century right wing rhetoric it’s disseminating in nowadays. I feel bad for his family and whatever friends he’s lost. Thinking football is rigged is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Good luck with all that, I hope you wise up and snap out of it someday.

          • 1984wasntamanual

            Wow, so quick to guarantee things from a couple posts on the internet and go on to make grand declarations. Perhaps it’s your family and friends we should feel bad for.

            • junkballer

              He’s saying the ENTIRE NFL is rigged, like a WWE show. Do you really want to entertain his delusions? This is symptomatic of something bigger.

          • Tatsumaki

            @junkballer What are you even talking about? I have probably watched more football than years you been alive. More come from behinds, 28 unanswered points against professionals who’s duty is to play football well, this type of thing doesn’t happen unless it’s suppose to. Money is involved, bets Vegas and that’s where Phantom pi penalties come into play to save spreads. Can begin to list the questionable calls nightly and just chalk it up to some conspiracy theory. It’s really not hard to see the drop in viewership over the last 5 years shows that many are feeling the same way. Maybe someday you can look outside of what the tv tells you to say or feel. I probably lost you already because this takes critical thinking to look into numbers and viewership

            • junkballer

              You haven’t, for one real second, actually critically thought about how much effort would have to to into a conspiracy as grand as you propose. How many people would have to be involved, how many owners, and coaches, and players, and refs, and reporters, and supplemental team employees would have to agree to or be duped by your conspiracy.. You just think it can all be rigged so easily because money is now involved. Do you think sports betting just began a few years ago? Your conspiracy theory, because that’s exactly what it is, completely falls apart when you think about it *critically*, which is something you completely lack in ability.

              The game has changed and rules have been adapted to favor offense. Are you really surprised scoring and comebacks are up? Officiating is always evolving in accordance with the changes in the game. Pass interference calls are of course going to rise if passing is more prevalent. Viewership is down in all sports, not just football. And that has to do with the way people view sports now with streaming and cord cutting.

              To say the entire NFL is rigged because of these issues is flat out silly and not anchored in reality. You’re reaching for a grandiose, crazy explanation when the reality of it is infinitely more plausible. You need to look inside yourself and ask why you think the conspiracy is more appealing than reality.

              • Goingyard16

                I’m not saying rigged but there were a few questionable things that did happen. No penalties on obvious holds by their db’s. No call on a downfield block in the back late in the game. Brady is way overrated. OK he’s going to his 11th Super Bowl but he’s never been the lone reason for going. Favre or Rodgers would have been just as good if they were on those teams. When both of these qb’s retire Rodgers will have better career stats if you compare season by season because Brady’s going to play until he’s 50.

            • paddyo875

              Phantom PI penalties? So when the jersey was held and pulled on clearly two times on the play by the DB, is the phantom within the camera?

              I wanted GB to win, but entertaining irrational conclusions is pharcical.

              • TJECK109

                I don’t mind that call, my problem with the call was the deep official 25 yards away made the call. But that isn’t even the biggest issue. He waited until 10-15 seconds after the outcome was determined to make the call. So my question was it the shirt pull or was it the flop job that caused the flag? So many other missed penalties. Only 3 up to that point? The lack of consistency is appalling from one crew to the next

                • NoNegativity

                  The flag looked late because it came from so far away and that is his called and it surely wasn’t 10 to 15 seconds

                • earmbrister

                  It might have seemed to be 10-15 seconds before the flag was thrown, but I’m guessing (from memory) that it was 3-5 seconds. It wasn’t like they were in the middle of huddling up …

            • cubsnomore

              @tatsumaki if everything is rigged why are you still watching? I’ve seen home town calls and star players getting the benefit of doubt. But that is at every level of any sport. You see it in kids sports.

              Refs are people and you see influence in every aspect of life. From hiring new employees to who you choose to date. It doesn’t mean there is some hidden outcome controlled by a few money grubbers.

          • CursedRangers

            Kyrie Irving has the same rights to post on this site as the rest of us do.

        • paddyo875

          @Tatsumaki….I think you missed your evening meds, you’re appearing more irritable than usual.

        • Patrick N.

          Anyone who resorts to saying it’s rigged clearly lack critical thinking skills.

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        Josh Allen should be MVP. Rodgers was great but he had the help of a running game. Allen was the running and passing game … got just as far. Which one was more valuable?

        • Goingyard16

          You better clear your throat because your post is laughable. Just because your qb is mobile means he’s better? Let me educate you little man: Rodgers led the league this year in
          Passing % 70.7
          TD Passes 48 with only 5 int
          Yards per catch 9.1
          QB rating: 121.5
          You care to re-post and apologize?

    • davidkaner

      Clearly Rodgers didn’t want to run it in the end zone on 3rd down with no one to stop him. Twice he got inside the 10 & they ran it zero times. Bad decisions and bad play calling. Kicking a FG was clearly a surrender. Dumb ass call.

      • hitztheball

        @justinkm19, make up call for the picked up pass interference flag against the Lions. Cowboys/Packers gets more viewers than Lions/Packers

    • Thronson5

      Not a fan of the Packers but it’s been clear the NFL is rigged. Sucks to admit that for me, I use to think it was impossible but as I’ve gotten older it’s become more clear it is.

      As far as this Rodgers situation, the guys just come off a en emotional loss and was really vocal about them drafting Love, he doesn’t know when they decide to turn to Love and I think that’s all he meant by that. No way they trade him after the season he had and no way he asks for a trade or retires.

      • Rodgers is going to make too much money in the next couple of years to rock the boat too hard. If he’s traded, he’ll be good with it, but he’s not going to sit at home like LeVeon Bell or make any empty threats.

    • jdan74

      Maybe the Democrats should run the Packers. I’m sure with 98% of the game over they could just freeze the game and throw a few extra touchdowns.

      • Patrick N.

        Oh great, another conspiracy theory with zero evidence that people are gonna whine about for months on end?

      • 19Sharksfan

        Sure jdan, because if it were up to RepubliCons only certain ‘types’ of players would be able to play. Plus when teams or players from certain states like Wyoming, the Dakotas, Kansas, etc. score TD’s they would be worth 12 points each and TD’s would only be worth 2 points each when scored by teams or players from major metro cities.
        BTW, I’m sure you’re irritated that Green Bay is a “Communist” team with “Union” players in a “Socialist league” right?

      • earmbrister

        Wow, the conspiracy theorists are out in full force. Time for your reality meds, or just time to stop believing every crazy notion that comes down the pike or is presented without ANY proof.

    • twentyforty

      Nor rigged. Manipulated. Rigged means it’s predetermined. Manipulated means it’s orchestrated for maximum dramatic effect given certain demographic circumstances.

  1. Loren Polonsky

    Long time Packers’ fan here. This was another devastating loss for the team on top of what seems like a litany of similar losses throughout the decade. What else can Rodgers do? If his defense is letting him down, it’s his special teams or questionable coaching decision. The guy lays it all out there and sometimes I don’t get the sense that some of his coaches or teammates have a similar game day approach. I feel for him.

    • Mikel Grady

      His defense got the stop. He couldn’t stick it In the end zone . Had to settle for field goal. Defense picked Brady off couple of times when inside 30

    • Ak185

      The defense wasn’t great, but the receivers are who let them them down. Too many crucial drops and not getting open, especially on the conversion. He didn’t go for St. Brown open on the next 3rd or 4th down because of it. Unfortunate.

      • twentyforty

        Wrong. One drop. And you’re obviously choosing to omit the INT which was the reason the game was lost. Try again.

        • Ak185

          Perhaps you should. There were several balls that should have been caught. If they had been, the Packers may have won. What’s your point, exactly? The Packers deserved to lose but an obvious explanation as to why they lost is whining? I guess you’re pinning it all on Rodgers because you’ve got some kind of axe to grind.

          I don’t know if you noticed, but Brady threw two more interceptions than Rodgers did. The reason that didn’t matter was because the Packers’ receivers could not get open and take advantage. It’s not like Rodgers was straight up missing receivers on every single one of those three post-turnover drives. You should try again, but objectively this time.

  2. afsooner02

    Meh…he just won the mvp and he’s under contract another 2 years….I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

    • rondon

      He won’t find a better set-up on any other team in the NFL. It was a tough loss that could’ve happened to any team. Just wasn’t their day. He’s not going anywhere.

  3. DarkSide830

    that’s why you dont count out the most successful QB in history over a QB who while good, only has one championship.

      • DarkSide830

        im not saying Brady is x times better because he has x many more rings. fact is so many saw this as a clear win for Rodgers. in reality it was very much a toss up at best.

        • Ak185

          Brady also has a much better defense and offensive players. Counts for a lot in a team accomplishment when your team overall is better talent-wise.

          • DarkSide830

            and I agree, but a lot of the people who were on the Rodgers side were only there because they figured he could walk on water after the season he had. agreed, reality is that isnt all that matters. Brady does what he needs to for the talent on that team.

            • 19Sharksfan

              Brady’s the NFL’s boy and chosen face. Similar to Elway & Manning. Just like they hoped for Tebow, Manziel & Mayfield to name a few more. They all have something in common and it isn’t skill set.
              Just sayin’!

  4. paindonthurt

    Two of three Brady picks were essentially punts. Rodgers isn’t going anywhere for the next few years. He played at an MVP level all year.

  5. metsie1

    Rodgers is going nowhere. At least this coming year. Moving him this off-season would result in a dead cap hit of something like $17M. I think that number goes down gradually after that. As he played at that level, no need to move him.

  6. bigeasye

    He needs to go elsewhere to a team that’s readymade to win. And GB needs to get younger and save money. They need more weapons which is hard to do with a top flight QB (KC not withstanding.) maybe SF is a fit.

    • metsie1

      I just explained the dead cap hit. I assume you don’t understand the financial problem.

      Readymade to win? The Packers were 13-3. They were the 1 seed in the NFC. They ended up 1 game from the SB. They won a playoff game. The Packers are not an old team. Silly comment.

      • DarkSide830

        yep. team is “ready to win.” many teams are as such each year – only one wins in the end.

      • Ak185

        The Packers’ record proved that they were a contender, but their team still has several holes at areas that the team absolutely refused to address-receiver, tight end mostly. Had they drafted anyone else besides Love with that pick-Patrick Queen or a second round receiver in the low 1st-it may have helped them here.

        • rondon

          They are solid everywhere. You don’t go 13=3 if you’re not. It just wasn’t their day.

        • Goingyard16

          Receiver? Adams and Lazard are pretty good and while Valdes-Scantling drops too many he is great at catching the long ball. Tight end. Really? Tonyan led all TE’s in TD catches and made the Pro Bowl.

          • Ak185

            No team in the league would trade picks for MVS, St. Brown, or the backup TEs. And I doubt Lazard or Tonyan nets more than a fifth. Adams is the only irreplaceable receiver on that roster and everyone knows it. The receivers are not bad, but they’re not that good. None of them have the skill set outside of Adams to break open in tight coverage, and they are too inconsistent, Lazard included.

            The Packers do not have an enviable receiver to pair with Adams, despite how much Rodgers elevated their play this season by throwing them open, getting them in position, or reading matchups. We can argue all we like about how accomplished their receiving corps is, but at the end of the day we know that the Packers could easily find an upgrade at receiver. Brady was throwing to All-Pros and Pro Bowlers all year. The Packers drafted Jordan Love. One of the two teams invested in receivers to help an aging quarterback, one did not.

            Rodgers was able to mask the issue all year long-as elite quarterbacks do-but he needed help as well, and today showed it. If the quarterback has an bad or average day, and their receivers can help pick up the slack, it can only help the team. The Packers’receivers are not big enough difference makers to be able to do that. The Bucs’ are, and have covered for Brady several times this year. Rodgers could use some of that too.

  7. I Beg To Differ

    Trade Rodgers. Better too soon than too late.

    49ers should be interested. Doubt they send him to an NFC team though

    • 19Sharksfan

      I’d rather have a different HC or DC than change at QB. Rodgers is one of the GOATs and we’ve been spoiled in GB over the past 20 plus years at QB. Better appreciate AR while we can!

  8. paindonthurt

    13-3 and people want to trade Rodgers. I don’t get it. They lost a close game in the NFC championship. I’m not sure what their roster turnover will be, but I’m sure Rodgers won’t go anywhere.

  9. GoLandCrabs

    They deserved to lose after taking a QB in the 1st round. Unbelievable how this franchise has botched Rodgers career after 2010.

  10. Simmons>Russ

    Think it would all be different if they didn’t draft Jordan Love in the first round.
    Rodgers desperately wanted a WR, imagine if they had taken Tee Higgins who as a rookie had 900 yards and 6 TDs (he was also the next WR drafted after the Packers first round pick).

    Rodgers in that game didn’t trust his receivers outside of Lazard and Adams, they just wouldn’t get open or they would drop the ball.
    They also draft AJ Dillon with their second pick in the 2020 draft, who had 200 rushing yards. They didn’t need him Aaron Jones the all pro RB just set his career high in rushing yards with 1100.
    With their third pick they took a TE in Josiah Degura who caught 1 pass all year, they could have instead taken a WR here, the next chosen WR was Gabriel Davis who just had 600 yards and 7 TDs.

    Rodgers just had one of his best seasons ever and it still wasn’t good enough. I think his comments without saying it mean, I tried my hardest, the team knows it. With the offseason coming the front office won’t help us improve as a team and I’m not the only player who thinks this and some players might leave. I wish I could seek a way out but I probably can’t so I’ll run it back and try again but I’m getting old and tired.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I wonder how they would have done had they taken Higgins, too. Higgins was playing at a real high level before Burrow went down.

      I somewhat understand the Dillon selection for depth purposes at a physical position, but they also could have addressed that with a lower selection.

      They just completely whiffed selecting Love, and it may have cost them a SB trip.

    • Mr Goodkat

      Yep, with Higgins or Claypool this team could have easily won that game.

      Of course, they also could have had more safety help over the top and not given up a 50yd TD on 4th & 3 with 10secs left in the half and/or Rodgers could have just ran with it on 3rd & goal and/or they could have gone for it on 4th & goal, etc…

    • Exactly. And not even necessarily Tee Higgins. If they had taken anyone at all who would have contributed this year, it would have been a better pick.

      I get drafting for the future, but Rodgers showed no signs of slowing down last year, so why they thought it was a good idea to draft his successor is beyond me.

    • Ak185

      Those comment is spot on. Everybody seems to forget that it wasn’t just Love-they picked a bottom of the depth chart tight end in the third, and lost their fourth in the trade. Degura sat behind Tonyan and Sternberger and Lewis-I struggle to see the reason for taking him over just literally any other player. If you wasted your first rounder and your fourth on a questionable quarterback who certainly won’t play this year, you’d think that you’d use your other picks on players who could actually help. Dillon was by far the best pick, due to his size and ability to contribute, but he only really was put in towards the end of the season.

      All the great receivers this year and the Packers didn’t pick one, and somehow people think Rodgers is wrong. I mean, hell, every single one of the receivers had good years, too: Jeudy, Ruggs, Jefferson, Hamler, Higgins, Claypool, Johnson…not a single one was a disappointment. Not one. And the Packers spent their draft picking backups.

  11. Yep it is

    Rodgers is such a cry baby drama Queen. His drama is beyond old.Hey Aaron don’t like it just do us a favor and QUIT. Stop the idle threats and trying to be a Martyr.

  12. Bdd1967

    Time for the Vikings to pick up another Packer reject??? This song and dance sounds familiar…

  13. NoNegativity

    Players that take up 40% of the cap space with their contract make it hard win Breeze Stanford Wilson Rogers, The patriots did so much better with Brady was taking 12 million and they could be an offense of line

  14. crosseyedlemon

    Your a multi-millionaire with an uncertain future. I’m gonna lose a lotta sleep worrying about that.

  15. driftcat28

    He’s done in GB. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Rodgers in New England for a run like Brady in TB

    • iron

      If he goes to NE, he would have even less weapons then he has in GB. Now if he goes to the Colts, then watch out! Good O-Line, running game and a defense that actually provides pressure and can make some stops.

      • I’d like to see Rodgers in Indy as well. Philip Rivers delivered Philip Rivers this year – the Colts got what was written on the tin, which is pretty good but not extraordinary. With Rodgers, the Colts would have faced the Chiefs for a Super Bowl berth.

  16. tommytbom

    Such a sweet lovable guy, keep in in Green Bay. Pats would never pay him those bucks and the fans hate him.

    • Goingyard16

      Just like we hate Brady the most over-hyped ab in history. When all is said and done you will find Rodgers ahead in most QB stats. The only reason he will be close is because he’s played longer. Rodgers is going nowhere, he respects LeFleur and loves the oc. I place this in the front office where incredulously team President Mark Murphy once said their objective is not necessarily Super Bowls but putting good teams on the field each year. Also, we have had two qb’s in 27 years! One is in the HOF and the other will be and to play in only three Super Bowls is wasting a whole era of football.
      And that’s on the front office.

  17. thebluemeanie

    Watching Rodgers sulk off the field yesterday was very satisfying.

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