Chargers Hire Brandon Staley As Head Coach

Surprising news out of Los Angeles, as the Chargers have hired Brandon Staley to be their new head coach, sources told Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of NFL Network (Twitter link).

Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll had previously been considered a heavy favorite to land the Chargers’ job, which is what makes this move so eyebrow raising. Staley, currently the Rams’ defensive coordinator, won’t have to travel far for his new gig. It’s a meteoric rise for the young defensive mind, as 2020 was Staley’s first season as an NFL coordinator. As recently as 2019, he was coaching outside linebackers in Denver.

Sean McVay then poached him away to be his DC, and he immediately earned a ton of praise for what he did with the Rams. Understandably so, as they led the NFL in total defense by a healthy margin. Having Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey certainly helped, but Staley was widely commended in league circles for his innovative schemes.

He’ll also have a lot of talent on defense to work with at his new job. Derwin James should be back at an All-Pro level after missing the whole 2020 season, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also Melvin Ingram, Joey Bosa, and Linval Joseph along the defensive line, and Casey Hayward and Chris Harris Jr. in the secondary.

Of course, what made the Chargers job most attractive is the presence of Justin Herbert, who’s coming off a sensational rookie season. We’ve heard that Herbert “loves” his offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, and it’s possible that the Chargers preferred to hire a defensive coach so they could keep Steichen in the fold.

Staley, 38, is walking into a prime situation with a talented team that could be poised for a bounce-back. He got his start at small schools James Madison and John Carroll, then broke into the NFL when Vic Fangio brought him onto his Chicago staff back in 2017. Fangio then brought him with him to Denver.

With Staley’s hiring, the Texans and Eagles are the only two teams left looking for coaches. The Lions are believed to be hiring Dan Campbell, and that move will likely become official soon now that the Saints have been eliminated.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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31 comments on “Chargers Hire Brandon Staley As Head Coach

      • wagner13

        If Daboll even wants to go there. At this point, he might be better off waiting until next year. No offense, but the Eagles vacancy is pretty unattractive ATM

          • wagner13

            That’s fair. I guess I’m banking on him remaining a popular candidate next offseason. We’ll find out soon enough

  1. mhdunbar99

    All five fans yawn with excitement over the new coach of the homeless Spanos Chargers.

      • kayjaygee626

        Why TF would we bring em back as the QB coach when he is getting OC consideration with other teams

        • max57

          My misunderstanding. Seems you mean Steichen out and Pep stay with promotion to OC.

  2. max57

    Guessing they got scared and pulled the trigger. Was hoping for Daboll. Think he’s going to do very well elsewhere.

  3. GoChargers

    Is there something that y’all know that hasn’t been announced? Melvin Ingram is a free agent but in every report on here about the Chargers candidates, he’s listed as a bonus on the roster.

  4. Tatsumaki

    No need to double down on another oc head coach, just bring back stichen and roll with this squad which has excellent talent on both sides

  5. jyosuckas

    There hasn’t been a minority candidate hired yet, unless Saleh counts….

      • wagner13

        Why not?

        Per the Washington Post: “Saleh, who will turn 42 this month, becomes the NFL’s fourth minority head coach.”

        Are you contradicting this statement?

        • DarkSide830

          this “yep it is” guy did this on another article. quite frankly not knowing that there are multiple types of minorities should be pretty damning to one’s point regarding minorities.

  6. OCTraveler

    Typical move by Spanos … doesn’t pick anybody with ties to the Chargers, doesn’t give Bienemy his due chance, doesn’t go after an offensive minded assistant (Dabllo or Josh McDaniels) or doesn’t go after a college coach (Pat Fitzgerald, Lincoln Riley) – just a vanilla probably low budget move for another “yes man” to the Spanos family

    • GoChargers

      This is the first non-offensive minded coach they’ve hired since Marty, so I’m pretty happy they bucked that trend and aren’t going with another Mike Mccoy/Norv Turner.

    • wagner13

      The only coach you listed that is clearly better than Staley is Daboll and that doesn’t make a ton of sense considering Herbert has great chemistry with his OC and quarterbacks coach. Staley did an excellent job anchoring the Rams’ defense and deserves a shot

  7. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    He got his start at small schools James Madison and John Carroll

    Don Shula went to John Carroll and might have coached for them too

  8. cubsnomore

    Staley will need a DC that can work with his schemes. Otherwise he’s a head coach who was once a good defensive coordinator.

  9. bumpy93

    please God let the eagles get Daboll, Brady, or riley. If lurie throws enough money into dabolls lap it could be easy to see him as the HC of the Eagles next season. We could find out possibly as early as next monday about Daboll. If they don’t hire anybody this week I think this could be the direction hopefully

  10. JDGoat

    After all the embarrassing losses from all the blown leads throughout their history, I gotta say I love this move. I’m expecting the leads best defense will be brought with him!

  11. MileHighFan

    Wow. What a mistake. This team could use some experience at the helm, not someone who is learning the job at the same time as his young team.

  12. nutznboltz

    I don’t understand the love affair with Steinken. The Chargers offense was the most vanilla in the league. They could not run the ball. We’re probably at the bottom of the league on third and one or fourth and one attempts. Herbert had a very good year more because of his talent than the offense. Saw absolutely no innovate plays from Steinken in the last year and a half. Probably, at the bottom of the league in rushing td’s also. When asked why a certain player wasn’t involved in the offense during a certain game the coaches would say that the defense dictated that and took them away.. Good coaches don’t allow that to happen.

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