Chargers Request Jason Garrett Interview

The Chargers have requested an interview with Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, as Ian Rapoport of tweets. The former Cowboys head coach would be one of several candidates to interview after the firing of Anthony Lynn

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Garrett posted a regular season record of 85-67 for the Cowboys across nine seasons. Although they came up short in the playoffs, Garrett remains a highly-respected offensive mind. He also played quarterback in the league for nearly 15 years, making him a solid choice to develop youngster Justin Herbert. Of course, this past year wasn’t a banner season for the Giants, but there’s plenty of blame to go around in Northern New Jersey.

The Chargers will also look to interview Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, according to’s Tom Pelissero (on Twitter). Daboll is also being targeted by the Jets, who got an up-close look at Josh Allen‘s transformation in 2020.

So far, the Chargers have put at least three candidates on their HC list in Garrett, Daboll, and Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. It’s worth noting that the competition for Smith will be fierce — all six teams with openings have asked to meet with the 38-year-old.

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23 comments on “Chargers Request Jason Garrett Interview

  1. bigeasye

    That’s not an upgrade. This has wild
    Card weekend flameout written all over it

  2. Ak185

    I mean, this is why you fired Lynn? Garrett actually did slightly better than I expected with New York-not great, but given all the inconsistency and injuries and lack of receivers, I didn’t actually expect that much-but what do you get from Garrett that you didn’t from Anthony Lynn?

    If the Chargers just admit that they got impatient because of a bad year, it’d be more refreshing than pretending that they’re actually going to end up with an upgrade. Yeah, this year was bad, but the closer you look, the closer the Chargers actually look to being a good team. If you have to fire Lynn, fine, it’s your team. But replacing him with Garrett-who may not be as bad as his rep, but certainly is not a next level coach-is just moving sideways because you got impatient with your coach.

    • wagner13

      This is exactly what I was thinking. Lynn was fired for his poor time management and in-game adjustments. Isn’t Garrett well-known for similar issues? At least Lynn was well-liked in the lockerroom and got the most out of his players.

      If the Chargers can land an up and coming offensive mastermind in the mold of Smith or Daboll, the firing will have made sense. However, if they go with a retread just for the sake of making a change, I’m not sure I necessarily agree

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Firing Lynn was a mistake. He was well liked, and most importantly Herbert played well under that regime. Developing that young QB should be the priority over scratching for a WC birth. I generally don’t feel like you fire a coach unless he’s inept (like Gase), lost his players or you believe that it closes the gap and pushes you past the division leader.

    • GoLandCrabs

      It wasn’t one bad season, it was two in a row. Thats unacceptable coming off a 12-4 season with a solid roster.

      • Ak185

        How much of that 12-4 roster was available this year? Can you say that? Fans really like coming off arbitrary deadlines and ultimatums for situations that don’t operate like that. It’d be one thing if the Chargers looked like they were going to worse next year, but it looks like the opposite. How many games did they lose this year solely due to special teams ineptitude? At least three.

        And rct, I can definitely understand your argument. I just expected worse with Barkley out and the line down. Gates was a pleasant surprise for them, and deserves a lot of credit.

    • Agreed, but I’d be a little harsher on Garrett’s season with the Giants. He didn’t have a lot of help (no Saquon), but:

      A) Daniel Jones regressed, and Garrett should shoulder some blame for that
      B) they scored the 2nd fewest points in the league
      C) his play-calling is super predictable. He does a draw play nearly every time it’s 2nd and long. If morons like myself can predict what play they’re about to run, you can bet opposing teams can, too.

      I don’t understand how the Chargers look at that and think, “That’s our guy”.

      • wagner13

        Yeah, I don’t see how Garrett can be viewed as one of the top six available coaching candidates by any stretch of the imagination. Give someone new a chance: Bieniemy, Smith, Daboll, Staley, Eberflus, Brady, and Saleh are just some of the promising names available for the taking. In fact, Garrett’s not even the best coaching candidate on his own team: Patrick Graham has built an impressive resume with three different defenses

  3. think it thru

    The NYG made great strides this year. The strength of any offense is rooted in the OL. With a new coaching staff, an OL starting 3 rookies and nobody having played with each other they did well. A marked improvement over last 2 years. Losing Barkley didn’t help matters. I truly believe this will be a playoff caliber club for the next few years once the OL gets familiar and comfortable playing with one another. I love the coaching staff. The defense was much improved as well. I get good vibes for the near future.

    • I semi-agree. Defensively and from a head coaching perspective, they definitely made strides.

      Offensively? It’s really hard to say they did anything special. 2nd fewest points in the league, terrible passing game, veteran “leaders” like Golden Tate were practically invisible, Evan Engram can’t catch a cold, Daniel Jones regressed in a serious way.

      The best you can say is that they got a little better as the season went on. They had practically zero run game for the first several weeks, but got better as the season went on.

      Overall, the offense was worse than it was under Schurmer, but the defense and coaching was better. Only way they’re a playoff team is if they draft or sign a WR, an OL, and DE. And maybe nonstop catching drills for Engram.

      • Ak185

        Yeah, you do have expect some of that though. Shurmur has the luxury of having Barkely, as you noted, but he’s going to put up average numbers at least given his background. Now, the offense won’t be good enough to beat good teams, but it’ll be average. Shurmur’s overall coaching deficiencies (developing players, mostly, and acclimating them technique-wise to the league), coupled with a pedestrian offense, are what make him uninspiring as a coach.

        Garrett hadn’t even called plays in a while, which was made me somewhat surprised at how quickly he drew interest-and not just from the Giants. His selling point was opposite from Shurmur’s in that he was supposed to be better at handling the players instead of scheming supposedly genius plays. Of course, that’s why I figured that they hired Judge, to set the attitude. Garrett’s head coaching experience was supposed to help there too, I suppose, but Judge appears to have handled it well on his own. Not much we can tell there as fans though.

        Getting an actual playcaller on offense would figure to help Jones, or whomever they draft if they choose to do that. I’m not sure whether I consider Garrett a failure (definitely not a success though, so maybe I do) because I didn’t really expect much more than what they got. The rest of the team seems to be improving, and other than Slayton, Jones could use someone to throw to. Between a reliable receiver and a good playcaller, the Giants could be on the up. If not, they’ll be in a good spot to pick Jones’ replacement.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Cmon Chargers this would be a step back.

    They should be looking at the likes of Eric Bienimy, Joe Brady, Josh McDaniels, Greg Roman, Nick Sirianni and so on

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Garrett makes sense if you only intend on keeping him for one year. Chargers play NFC East teams in 2021 and Jason has plenty of familiarity with players from that division.

  6. jediknight

    Based on his time in Dallas, Garrettt can take a team to a certain point, and then basically plateaus. More or less an average coach, as four 8-8 seasons(including 3 in a row) prove. Not great, but not horrible, either.

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