Jim Irsay On Hilton, Luck, QBs

Jim Irsay is one of the most forthcoming owners in sports, and he was once again an open book when giving an end of year press conference earlier this week. Irsay spoke on a number of topics very relevant to Colts fans, as well as the league as a whole. Let’s start with the question everyone wants answered every few months, Andrew Luck.

Irsay once again reiterated that he’d love to have Luck back, and that the door is wide open on their end. “He knows we would love to have him back,’’ Irsay said, via Mike Chappell of Fox 59. “But only he can answer that question deep in his heart and his soul: ‘Hey, do I really want to come back and be a quarterback for the Colts again in the NFL?’ It’s easy for us. He knows how much we’d love to have him be our quarterback.” It doesn’t sound like he’s banking on it, but he’s clearly at least still holding out hope. “He knows that he can come back anytime he wants, but at the same time we respect he’s made that decision.’’

Luck is still only 31, so he’s got plenty of time if the early retiree ever does change his mind. Irsay also talked about the immediate. quarterback situation with Philip Rivers electing to retire this offseason. Irsay said the team believes they’re another quarterback away from being Super Bowl contenders, and they do have a very talented nucleus and great coaching staff.

He did caution that the team wouldn’t make a move just for the sake of making one, saying “we just have to make sure we go in the right direction without setting ourselves back as we pursue the new quarterback frontier.” When you couple that with GM Chris Ballard recently hinting that he doesn’t want to draft a quarterback in the first-round, it really sounds like the Colts would prefer an established veteran.

Indy has been linked to Matthew Stafford, although Stafford is far from the only experienced quarterback who will be available in what should be an unprecedented offseason for signal-caller movement. Finally, Irsay also talked about impending free agent T.Y. Hilton, saying the team wants him back but acknowledging that money issues could prevent that.

We’d love to see T.Y. back. There’s no question about it,’’ Irsay said, before immediately adding “look, there’s a business side to it.” He went on to say “you want a guy back, but it has to fit into what you view, what the marketplace dictates. It really comes down to that. The biggest thing I’ve found is you want guys who really want to be here, and so sometimes if they don’t hit their price mark, you don’t want them to be resentful.”

Hilton is 31 now and got off to a slow start in 2020 before developing a rhythm with Rivers and breaking out down the stretch. He’s past his prime physically but showed in the second half he’s still got a good amount left in the tank. It’ll be very interesting to see what kind of contract the Colts legend lands this offseason.

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10 comments on “Jim Irsay On Hilton, Luck, QBs

  1. phillyballers

    I mean… he retired for a reason. He got thrown through a meat grinder every year.

    • Thronson5

      Yea but their line is much improved now. Wouldn’t take nearly the beating he use to. Seems like he retired right when the line got fixed. I would love to see him come back, not even a Colts fan but he was too talented and fun to watch and sucked to see him retire so eerily. Respect it and understand why he did but would be awesome to see him at least give it a try again and if he’s not into it then go back living the life

      • cryptonerd

        It wasn’t just the line, they brought him back from his injury and he set a career high in attempts.
        His sack% was the lowest in the league his last season.
        The colts are one of those teams that get the most for the least from their players.
        Andrew is a smart guy, he probably sees playing for the colts as not worth the risk for the reward.
        I don’t blame him.

        • dcahen

          Cryptonerd – what do you mean by “the Colts are one of those teams that get the most for the least from their players”? Sounds like total BS to me; Luck was paid very well; as was Manning. In fact, Irsay let Luck keep his signing bonus for all 5 years, even though he didn’t play the final 2 & missed missed another completely. I loved Luck, had the tools to be one of the best, maybe ever; but he has some culpability for his injuries for the style he chose to play. He was a football player first, QB second & many, including me, loved that style. Way more physical than Manning. He didn’t protect & take precautions with his body. So I do, partly at least, blame him.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    and so sometimes if they don’t hit their price mark, you don’t want them to be resentful.”

    Yeah, it would be terrible if Ty was resentful of you trying to lowball him Jimmy.

    • Ak185

      Cousins has been pretty consistently a top ten type of QB since going to Minnesota. I really don’t get the fan perspective on him. I mean, he’s not elite, but if you look at his stats, he’s been pretty good. This year I actually think he played his best (after a terrible start of course) second half of the season despite the very bad defense. Cousins either brought them back or almost did in a few games just through his own decision-making and leadership. Of course, the defense was awful, so their record was terrible, but he’s really not that bad a QB.

  3. spybloom

    Hilton is a Colts legend? I mean, he’s good, but he’s at best the 4th best receiver in franchise history, and maybe 5th if you really like Jimmy Orr when comparing the eras. Among all guys to catch the ball he might be even lower, depending on your opinion of Mackey and Moore.

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