Drew Brees To Retire After Postseason

It’s been rumored for a while, but it’s inching closer to being official now. Saints quarterback Drew Brees will indeed retire whenever New Orleans’ season is over, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports (Twitter video link).

That means that no matter what, tonight will be Brees’ last game at the Superdome, as the Saints will be going on the road to Green Bay next if they win. This is in line with what we heard earlier this weekend, when it was reported that those close to the veteran signal-caller believed he’d hang up his cleats. He could always reverse course, but it looks like this is really the end of the line for 42-year-old.

If that’s the case, it’ll wrap up one of the most illustrious careers in NFL history, with Brees’ name going down all over the record books. He currently has the most yards in league history, and the second-most touchdowns behind Tom Brady. Brees signed a deal with NBC Sports last April, so he’s already got his post-playing career lined up.

There’s been speculation for a couple years now that Brees was nearing the end, and he’s missed significant time with health issues in each of the past two seasons. The moment it’s official, all eyes will immediately turn to what New Orleans will do to replace the man who has been the starter since the 2006 season.

Taysom Hill is the only other passer currently on the roster, although that same report from earlier this weekend indicated they’d like to re-sign Jameis Winston, who is set to be a free agent. Hill was up and down during his stretch as the team’s starter this year while Brees missed time with a rib injury.

Reports have indicated in the past that Sean Payton views Hill as the team’s starter of the future, although it’s unclear if he still feels that way after getting a closer look at him under center in 2020. We’ll have a much longer and more sentimental post on Brees’ retirement whenever the Purdue product and Super Bowl XLIV champ confirms the news himself.

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38 comments on “Drew Brees To Retire After Postseason

  1. Tatsumaki

    If true saints need to pivot to Watson or minshew in my opinion neither hill or winston can run an offense well.

    • Ak185

      This is what keeps blowing my mind. No player in NFL history has thrown for 5000 yards twice. Brees has done it four times. Just nuts.

      • ahale224

        If no player in NFL history has done it twice, then Brees can’t have done it 4 times. Just sayin…

        • SFGiantsFan09

          Nobody except Drew Brees has done it 2 times, meaning that Drew Brees is the only guy to do that, just he’s done it more than 2 times, if that makes sense

  2. padam

    Still blows my mind that the Chargers let him go in favor of Rivers. Not that anyone would’ve known how it would turn out, but still…great career nonetheless.

    • SunsetStripper

      He tore up his shoulder in his final game with SD. They didn’t know if he’d ever be healthy again so they went with Rivers and let him walk

    • I Beg To Differ

      Brees is an indoor QB. Outdoors he just isn’t the same

      Career wise: indoors vs outdoors
      4% better completion, 10,000 more yards, 100 more TDs, 10 more ints in 9 more games indoors.

      • Ak185

        I would not put it so simply. His home stadium was indoors for one, and of course most QBs do better at home-not to mention a stadium with as much home field advantage as the Superdome is known to have.

        This statement really only stands if Brees was downright awful outdoors in his career, which he obviously was not. Unless you are postulating, via outdated outdoors versus indoor football philosophy from a pre-passing era, that Brees’ numbers were only made by his being indoors rather than being one of the greatest passers of all time? Because, when you call him an “indoor quarterback”, that’s exactly what you’re saying. You don’t play until you’re 42 at a high level if you are solely a product of your environment.

  3. metzfan

    why do you say he’ll is the only other passer on the roster and then mention Jameis Winston? Clearly Jameis Winston is on the roster

    • JamesW26

      He is currently, but doesn’t have a contract for next season like Hill does.

  4. bens04ter

    one if my all time favorites and not a saint fan but this game he looks real old and not the same guy who tore up defenses for years. his inability to throw the ball down the field is both sad and remarkable

  5. phillyballers

    Needs to come back for 1 more game, 1st play of the game. When fans are actually in the stadium.

  6. 2012orioles

    Tough to end with no fans and quite frankly a poor performance. Either way, he’ll be rememered for all the greatness in his career. Great player, and seems to be a better man.

  7. SFGiantsFan09

    Heck of a run Drew. If that’s it, great career man. If not, can’t wait to see you in a Saints uni again next season.

    In my selfish opinion, Drew needs to keep going. He completes 70+ percent of passes STILL in his 40s, and as great a career as he’s had, he needs to go out on a high note, not on a playoffs night where he threw a few picks

    • wagner13

      I think he chose the right time to retire. Yesterday was a strong indication his arm strength has significantly declined and while the Bucs have a strong defense, he was clearly overmatched. It’s a shame, as Brees is one of my favorite players of all time. A consistent producer and hard worker evident by his accuracy in spite of his unfavorable size

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