Eagles To Interview Josh McDaniels

After an unusually quiet start to his offseason, Josh McDaniels will be part of this year’s HC interview circuit. The Patriots OC will meet with the Eagles about their top coaching job, Bo Wulf and Zac Jackson of The Athletic report (subscription required).

The frequently sought-after coordinator will meet with Jeffrey Lurie on Sunday. While McDaniels is certainly one of the more polarizing candidates available, he has already begun recruiting staffers in the event he can land the Philadelphia gig, per Jackson and Wulf. That strategy turned out to have notable consequences in Indianapolis.

McDaniels spurning the Colts three years ago led to the Eagles losing OC Frank Reich. Their offense has not been quite the same since, and the unit cratered this season. McDaniels, however, is not coming off his best season. While he was in place as Patriots OC when Tom Brady grew from Super Bowl winner on a defense-powered team into an MVP, McDaniels could not coax much from New England’s Cam Newton-directed offense. However, the Patriots battled frequent injury issues and have not had much in the way of weaponry over the past two seasons.

Even after McDaniels backtracked on his Colts commitment, the former Broncos HC remained a candidate in 2019 and 2020. The Eagles, though, are the only known team to reach out to the veteran coordinator this year. McDaniels joins fellow Pats staffer Jerod Mayo among those in consideration for the Eagles job.

McDaniels would be tasked with rebooting Carson Wentz‘s career. The Eagles have told candidates they plan to “in an ideal world” keep Wentz for next season, Mike Garafolo of NFL.com notes (video link). Wentz’s status helped drive a wedge between ownership and Doug Pederson (and Wentz and Pederson), but Pederson’s ouster has improved the former starter’s prospects in Philly.

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20 comments on “Eagles To Interview Josh McDaniels

  1. fba0017

    Product of Tom Brady. Not a fan of his play calling. Let’s admit Brady made everything much better and ability to make the OC look good. Bill O’Brien was able to parlay a couple years as Brady’s OC into a couple good jobs.

    • j_butte

      Bill O’Brien was coach of the year at Penn State in 2012 won the division in Houston 4 out of 6 full years he was there. Terrible GM, really good coach.

      • Ak185

        I don’t if he was “really good” as a coach, but he is a decent offensive schemer. Being a coach is more than that.

        As for Brady…this was a mutually beneficial relationship. McDaniels protected Brady and provided a lot of creative ways to scheme open receivers, which was very evident when you watched. Of course McDaniels also benefitted from having such a smart QB to put the offense into the right situation. Hardly either one on his lonesome.

          • dave13

            McDaniels isn’t the only offensive coordinator in the league that has the ability to implement creative offensive schemes.

            Yes Brady is doing well in Tampa and yes he has provided a lot of benefits to his OCs and other coaches but to imply McDaniels didn’t provide any benefits to Brady is moronic

          • Ak185

            Dombrowski, Brady’s system in Tampa is completely different and you know it. Your statement makes no sense, does nothing to further your argument, and only serves your purpose through name recognition and is an ineffective red herring. It has nothing to do with the observable offensive characteristics of the Brady/McDaniels system in New England, which is what we were discussing.

  2. Dodgerfan34

    If the Eagles offered him a job he better take it. His star is really starting to lose its shine and he is going to be stuck in New England for a while. Unless he thinks that he’s going to be head coach at some point?

    • soxsam32

      Well, isn’t that why he turned down he colts job? Because he *wants* to be stuck in New England under Bill?

  3. bumpy93

    yeah I’m not too happy about this it’s I think it’s all McDaniel’s fault a lot of stuff with the Eagles went the way it has if he never would have backstabbed and dropped the colts at the last minute they never would have panicked and hurry up and took Frank right from us and Carson Wentz even though he did have injuries he still would have had the person that was most responsible for his career in 2017 still with him things would be a lot different I know it’s been a lot of other stuff and not McDaniels I just like to blame it on him thinking if he would have took that close job and I think the Eagles would have been a lot better franchise over the last 3 years than what they had been

    • Ak185

      Tebow does have a winning record and is .500 in the playoffs, to be fair. Of course, he did manage that without McDaniels…

  4. MileHighFan

    This dude drafted Tim Tebow and drove the Broncos’ three best players at the time off the team before they had even played a game for him. That tells you a lot.

  5. Ak185

    Josh McDaniels sort of proves that sometimes it just doesn’t matter what you do in your life-some people will just get opportunities over and over again.

  6. BG99

    McDaniels is not a fit in Philly. If he thinks he can instill “the Patriot way” inside that locker room, he’s got another thing coming.

  7. case7187

    This season and his few stints elsewhere shows he’s nothing without Brady

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