Jaguars Frustrated With Urban Meyer?

The Jaguars are said to be infatuated with Urban Meyer. Those feelings aren’t exactly being reciprocated. Though Meyer is interested in the Jags, he is still on the fence about coaching in 2020 and making the leap to the pros, as Ian Rapoport of tweets.

The Jaguars have also met with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy, Falcons interim head coach Raheem MorrisTitans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, and 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. Meyer — likely pricier than your average college coach — would make the biggest splash of the bunch. The Jaguars also had interest in Ryan Day, Ohio State’s current head coach, but he’s not ready to turn pro.

For Meyer, the Jaguars would represent a brand new challenge and an opportunity to coach this year’s No. 1 overall pick. Still, it would mean less time with his family, and there may also be health considerations involved.


Rapoport hears that some folks in the Jaguars’ front office are growing frustrated with Meyer’s indecisiveness. The former UF and Ohio State coach has flirted with the NFL in the past, only to rebuff inquiries. This time around, Meyer’s camp was proactive in generating buzz and scaring up opportunities. Yet, Meyer still isn’t sure about what he wants to do.

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31 comments on “Jaguars Frustrated With Urban Meyer?

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      A first time head coach with the top over pick being used on a QB? No thanks. Give me someone with experience

      • wagner13

        You don’t trust Mahomes’ offensive coordinator to develop a young QB? Give me the man with NFL experience over Meyer, especially if the latter is being so indecisive. To me, that’s a sign he’s not really that invested in an NFL opportunity in the first place. Arthur Smith would be a good alternative option

      • fathead0507

        And Meyer has what NFL experience? And you trust this guy who’s responsible for Haskins with Lawrence?

      • Ohio State Fan

        Urban Meyer has nothing to prove he’s already made a name for himself he’s got plenty of money why would you want to coach in the NFL during the pandemic

  1. metsie1

    Hard to see why the Jaguars would be frustrated. It’s been pretty well documented why Meyer stepped aside. Health issues and family concerns have been well documented. He left a pretty great college job in Ohio State. Not sure what’s changed. Maybe they should back off the infatuation and give the job to someone who is “all in”.

    • kevin

      he can’t rebuild a team but he can take over a already good recruited group n push em then push recruiting but then once it’s apparent he has to rebuild or won’t be a championship level he jumps ship n makes excuses. it’s better off jags don’t get em they r rebuilding and not a good fit for his skill set

    • kevin

      he can’t rebuild a team but he can take over a already good recruited group n push em then push recruiting but then once it’s apparent he has to rebuild or won’t be a championship level he jumps ship n makes excuses. it’s better off jags don’t get em they r rebuilding and not a good fit for his skill set .

      I thought he got pushed out at OSU due to some scandal or something like that or that was gonna be n he left .


      Meyer can rebuild programs he has huge success at bowling green and Utah before florida and Ohio state.
      But, he did leave bc of “heath issues” but we all know why he really left….there were all kinds of scandals at florida and Ohio state and he got bailed out bc of “health issues”


        In summary: He can coach. He used to scandals. So he should fit right in in the NFL.

  2. rondon

    If he’s not all in, they should move on. That franchise needs a totally committed head coach to right that ship.

  3. Dtownwarrior78

    Urban Meyer does this to EVERY TEAM he has ever coached for! Goes there, has some success, then has a “health scare” even though it is conveniently at the same time investigations are ongoing for violations. Now his people get all this buzz going and all of a sudden he realizes he doesn’t want to put on big boy pants and coach at the highest level b/c then if he is not immediately successful he won’t be looked at as some God of coaching anymore! The reason he is dragging his feet is b/c Shad Kahn said that he himself will be making all roster final decisions, so Urb will have an actual boss he will have to answer to and not run the show completely himself. Get over yourself there Urb and make up your mind already!

  4. JoeBrady

    I agree with Fathead. Why wouldn’t Bienemy be the choice? No one is a head coach until he is a head coach, but Mahomes is near flawless. There is no guarantees, but my strong guess is that Bienenmy is in the best position to handle a talent like Lawrence.

  5. keysox

    Forget Meyer. Not committed.
    Go with someone like Fitzgerald from Northwestern.
    One hell of a coach.

  6. bowserhound

    Give him a deadline and hire your 2nd choice that day if he doesn’t sign. Simple. All of the other top choices will be snagged up like dominoes very shortly.

  7. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    The Jaguars will become even more frustrated with him if they hire him…

  8. badco44

    Meyers just a cry baby and quits everywhere he goes anyway! Move on

  9. carnage1

    Time tell jaguars might get urban meyer or someone else few other candidates that would take head coach.Eric bieniemy might not go to jaguars he might stay in kansas city

  10. Ohio State Fan

    say the cheater because he won he never cheated once get your facts straight

  11. After reading about the mess Urban Meyer created and left behind in the Florida Gators program (recruiting violations and no discipline for star players), I wouldn’t hire Urban Meyer to be my gardener. Jacksonville should find someone with better ethics. Bienamy would seem to be a very good fit for the incoming Trevor Lawrence. The Jags can’t rebuilt both sides of the ball at once, so they’d be better served to first create a really exciting offense which keeps them in high scoring games all season for a couple of years, while slowly trying to build back the depleted defense.

    I’m tired of watching bad teams draft star QB’s with high picks and then hang them out to dry behind poor quality offensive lines. There’s a long list of extremely QB’s who’ve had short careers – RGIII, Andrew Luck, Carson Wentz, Joe Burrows – due to early injury. Part of it is discouraging hero ball, part of it is focusing on offensive line the same year a team brings in a top draft pick QB.

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