Jets Plan To Fire Adam Gase

The expected firing of Adam Gase is on track to transpire after Week 17, according to’s Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero. While Gase said earlier this week he has not been notified he will be fired, the Jets’ 0-13 start essentially ensured he would not be back.

This will mark Gase’s second ouster in three seasons; the Dolphins fired him after the 2018 season. He has gone 9-22 with the Jets. Although the former successful OC led his team to upset wins over two potential playoff squads and helped the Jets hire GM Joe Douglas, the past two Jets seasons have involved controversy and continued losing.

As far as a replacement goes, the Jets appear to be looking at a wide array of candidates. Current assistants Eric Bieniemy (Chiefs OC), Matt Eberflus (Colts DC), Don Martindale (Ravens DC), Arthur Smith (Titans OC) and Brandon Staley (Rams DC) are set to be considered. As are college coaches Jim Harbaugh (Michigan), Matt Campbell (Iowa State) and Dan Mullen (Florida), according to Harbaugh, a previous Jets candidate, appears a long shot. The former 49ers coach is finalizing an extension to stay at Michigan, Bruce Feldman of The Athletic tweets.

After leading the Dolphins to the playoffs in his first season as head coach, Gase has seen his teams miss the past four postseason brackets. In New York, he feuded with previous GM Mike Maccagnan and was consistently connected to dissatisfaction with Le’Veon Bell‘s contract and performance. Two-plus months after cutting Bell, the Jets will move on from Gase. They were prepared to fire Gase earlier this week had the Browns upset not occurred, according to

The Jets already fired Gregg Williams after the polarizing defensive coordinator made a play call that cost the Jets an excellent chance at beating the Raiders. Gase and Williams feuded as well. Jets ownership sought Williams, which helped lead to then-Baylor HC Matt Rhule declining to leave the college ranks in 2019. Rhule ended up in Carolina a year later.

Gase’s Jets offense rarely generated much excitement. The team has struggled to build an offensive line and did not equip Sam Darnold well at the skill positions. As a result, the former No. 3 overall pick has regressed. And during the months in which the Jets were connected to Trevor Lawrence, Darnold frequently landed in trade rumors. As Darnold’s third season concludes, his status is in limbo. The Jets are set to hold the No. 2 overall pick in April and could well look at a quarterback to begin the post-Gase era.

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42 comments on “Jets Plan To Fire Adam Gase

    • Rocket32

      bigjonliljon Exactly. I could’ve been a successful OC with that 2013 Broncos offense. He rode 1 big season with Peyton at QB to another OC job and 2 HC jobs. I’m shocked Peyton was able to hold in his laughter till he got off the call when he helped talk the Jets into Gase

    • Arnold Ziffel

      He totally rearranged the offense in Denver to accommodate Tim Tebow and then had to change it again for Peyton Manning. He did well in both cases.

    • seth3120

      I was shocked to see the hire after he was ousted in Miami so fast. But everyone is looking for that young offensive genius so I guess the Jets rolled the dice Gase was one of those. In the end he couldn’t even lose right

    • crosseyedlemon

      I’m sure there are at least 2 or 3 goat herders deep in a cave in Afghanistan that didn’t anticipate this dramatic event.

  1. petersdylan36

    They say an average of about 8 HC are fired each year. 25%
    So far

    On the bubble

    Should be considered but unlikely

    Did I miss anyone?

      • ghostoforsillo

        Please fire Pace and Nagy. Pace doesn’t deserve to pick another QB for this franchise. If the rumors are true that Ted Phillips is finally getting the F out of dodge, the Bears have a shot a quicker ‘retool’.

    • M Haworth

      Bengals are not firing their coach and Broncos said they were keeping Fangio I thought. I agree with your five and think you will see Vikings and Chargers make moves as well for a total of seven.

      • MoneyBallJustWorks

        Eagles will keep Peterson, and why would the Bengals fire their head coach after he lost his franchise QB? They also have wins over the Steelers and Titans. I think Taylor deserves another season.

    • jimmyduz0523

      Broncos, Bengals, Cowboys, Eagles and maybe Vikings are not getting fired.

    • letmeclearmythroat74

      No way Zac Taylor gets fired because the owner is a POS. He doesn’t care as long as he makes money. There are only 32 head coaching jobs in the world at this level. How someone can be 0-19-1 going in to last week on the road and keep his job is beyond me. After Sunday’s win in Houston Taylor is now 1-19-1 on the road. That alone says to the fan base , I don’t care. He’s not even a pimple on McVey’s azz. This is such a mess. You watch , they will draft Chase and have Burrow running for his life once again.

  2. MAC42580

    Gase is a cancer

    He should be removed immediately
    And hope you live through it.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Jets should draft Penei Sewell that future HOF tackle, and between him and Becton who they drafted last year they will have good good protection for their future franchise QB.

    Then I’d try trade up for the future franchise QB but it depends who’s available and what teams are asking for. I’d try Sam Darnold and the 34th pick for the WFT’s 19th pick and take Mac Jones.

    Then lastly with the 27th pick in the draft, I’d take Najee Harris.

    The Jets would be building a very good offence with strong young protection and a QB and RB that have played really well together at Alabama which is a huge advantage.

    In the future and in FA you can look to improve WR, TE and the whole defence but atleast in the meantime you’ll have your line, QB and RB set.
    Then find the right coach and right GM.

    • padam

      I like the Sewell pick. Three #1’s used at the line (O/D) in the past four drafts is the way to build, with the other being your QB. It’s difficult to say Darnold isn’t the right QB when he hasn’t had an O-line or any talent around him. Give the kid the tools and protection and lets see what he can do. Gase certainly didn’t help any.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Definitely has had a hard time with Gase, the protection and no weapons. And at times he has looked alright but I think because he has 1 year left on his deal it would be better someone else taking that risk.

        If Darnold balled out and look great he’s going to cost a pretty penny and he’s only had 1 good year. What if he goes back to being below average? Or what happens if all the top young QBs this year look awesome and you totally missed out…

        Darnold had his time and not saying he’s not good but I just think it’s time to go in another direction. Darnold if he was traded away to the right team could work out but he could also end up somewhere worse and look awful.

        • padam

          Can always trade up and get another pick later in the first and snag someone like Jones. With Sewell, the pick is almost a ‘select him and you don’t have to think shot the position for 10-15 years’ if he lives up to his reputation. Toss Becton on the other side and I think any QB can play with confidence they won’t get killed every play.

          I do like Fields and wouldn’t be disappointed if they select him, I just think they’d be better served with Sewell, who may also be the surer pick.

          • Simmons>Russ

            Yeah I’d take Sewell and be very happy and then plan on taking a QB later. The order on QBs after Lawrence going first looks like anyone’s guess. Some have Fields and Wilson both in the top 10 some have Lance and Jones also as first round picks.
            Think if your the jets your just going to have to talk to teams ahead of you and plan to move ahead if the perfect opportunity is there. For example move up to 18 or whatever and take Fields if he’s sliding down the draft.

            Personally I think fields is the second best WB in the draft. He’s just got that all round game and leadership. But I think if your the jets you’d be happy with Sewell and either Fields, Jones or Wilson … then taking a RB or WR.

            Think getting the RB or WR is equally important. The Jets have no running game, and not much of a reviving core. I’d prioritise RB’s over WRers. A starting RB might have 20 carries whereas 1 reviver might have 5 receptions. Plus long term wise having a star RB is also cheaper than WR and usually a top 5 RB equals playoff football whereas top receivers equal drama

    • I like them taking Sewell but don’t understand why they would trade up for Mac Jones or why WFT would consider doing that. Take Sewell and draft a WR at #34 in order to get Darnold a weapon, which he has not had, especially this year. Maybe an RB in the fourth.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Nah I wouldn’t. If Darnold balls out in a contract year he’s going to cost a pretty penny and who knows maybe it’s just a 1 year wonder. Darnolds had multiple years to prove himself, think with a new GM and new coach it’ll be the best time to take a new QB and move in another direction .
        Plus I’d always priorities RB over WR.
        A receiver might have 7 catches whereas a starting RB might have 20 carries. RBS take more pressure off the QB and with good protection in Sewell and Becton you should have better lines to run.

        Not to mention long term wise RB’s are cheaper than WRers. Plus top RBs can help carry their teams to the playoffs and most top receivers are drama kings. Plus the Jets took Mims early last year, so they can just take a WR later in the draft or use FA.

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          Unless there is a rule I’m missing prohibiting it, the Jets could just tag Darnold with the franchise tag if he balls out next year and they’re not sold. I believe that was the path Washington took with Cousins? It may cause some bad blood, but it would give them an additional year to get Darnold help and evaluate him. If he balls out his trade value also rises.

  4. padam

    @Sam – tell me you guys had this post written a year ago and were just waiting to hit submit with minor modifications to it…

  5. alproof

    Great thinking, Simmons! If they can end up with Sewell & Jones, then Douglas should be named Exec of the Year. Sewell & Jones, then WEAPONS. Fill in the D in free agency & the ‘22 draft— not that difficult. Hire the right coaches. Let Jones & Darnold battle it out, unless Sam is traded to move up.

    • Simmons>Russ

      That’s exactly it, Sewell and Jones. Then I’d love to see Harris aswell.

      Harris and Jones would be a great duo having spent all their time at Alabama together. Knowing each other’s games really well and stuff. Plus you have good protection and a good line to run through having got Sewell and Becton as your tackles.

      Address the defence either in FA or in the draft next year. Atleast if you have a good young offence your going to be good one side of the game. Hopefully that can result in just out scoring teams.

  6. martevious

    It doesn’t matter what the Jets do. They are rotten from the owner on down. Until there is a change at the top, they’ll continue to be a 3-ring circus!

  7. uvmfiji

    Jets get a chance to correct passing on Doug Marrone. Saint Doug is the miracle they require.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Id think Darnold plus the 27th pick for the Pats 14th could be an option.
    Who knows might have Fields Wilson and Jones available???
    Can then take a RB with the 34th pick.

    Bill Belicheck would love Darnold I think. They would move down 13 places but get Darnold so I think it would be a big win for both teams

  9. 377194

    NY news reports say that it’s now official. He’s got his walking papers.

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