Lions Sign Dan Campbell To Six-Year Deal

The Lions have officially hired Dan Campbell as their new head coach. The former Saints assistant inked a six-year commitment on Wednesday morning (Twitter link via’s Ian Rapoport), a sign of Detroit’s confidence in the former tight end. 

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This is an exciting day for our organization as we introduce Dan Campbell as the new head coach of the Detroit Lions,” Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp said in a statement. “With more than twenty years of experience as both a coach and player in the National Football League, Dan knows the rigors of professional football and what it takes to be successful. He will help promote the culture we want to establish across our organization, while also bringing with him high energy, a respect for the game and an identity with which everyone can align themselves.”

Campbell was the reported frontrunner for the vacancy, but with Lions couldn’t hire him until the Saints were eliminated from the playoffs. Eric BieniemyMarvin Lewis, Arthur Smith, and Robert Saleh were also considered for the job, but Campbell made a strong impression in his first interview and quickly secured the gig.

The Lions fired Matt Patricia just after Thanksgiving, capping his tenure with a 13-29-1 record. They also canned GM Bob Quinn, who was replaced by former Rams exec Brad Holmes earlier this month.

The Lions haven’t made the playoffs since 2016; they believe the energetic Campbell can turn things around. The 44-year-old has spent the last five years as a Saints assistant. Previous to that, Campbell climbed the coaching ladder, all the way up to the Dolphins’ interim head coaching job in 2015. A few years later, the Dolphins asked Campbell to interview for the permanent post, but he opted to wait for a better fit. Now, Campbell has found the right landing spot — and a six-year commitment — with the Lions.

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31 comments on “Lions Sign Dan Campbell To Six-Year Deal

  1. dtrainriotmaker

    Signed 6 year released after 3 or 4? Just seems rare a coach lasts that long but I hope for lions fans I’m wrong

    • dugdog83

      Lions have had so many failed coaches again and again, one has to hit eventually. Let’s hope it’s this guy no one expected.

    • QuantomofFandom

      Campbell probably knows it is not a quick turn around and he knows Lion’s Head Coaches never get hired as a head coach again. Has to make his money now.

      • dugdog83

        Rams. Bills. Browns. Recent rosters can be flipped quickly into quality teams. It can be done. Let’s hope Bobby Lane’s curse has left town by now.

        • Ak185

          The Rams are teetering on the edge, but I will give you Browns and Bills. Difficult to do, but having the right coach is only half the puzzle. The GM is the other, and they both must be right, along with the scenario that they are in.

          The Lions will also need some help from the Vikings and Bears to cannonball further down to nab some division wins to compete with Green Bay at the top. The Bears and Vikings are borderline good-bad teams that could be competitive again next year if they make a few good moves and Detroit would have to beat them first before contending with the Packers. The Lions situation is a little different than those teams who made it happen, but you’re right that it could be done. Not the likeliest scenario, but possible, if Campbell (and more importantly, Holmes) are the right guys.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Lion fans are so excited to hear this that they will celebrate with a bowl of soup.

  3. bigdogroscoe13

    As a Dolphins fan I love this dude. He is a stud. I hope he succeeds

    • doug.daniel243

      Yeah I’ve been following him since his dolphin days and I honestly think this is a great hire. He could finally be the one for the Lions (hopefully)…

  4. joefriday

    Hope this is not a throw back to the Russ Thomas/Tommy Hudspeth years when everything was celebrated and everybody but they, were criticized when things went wrong. The choices appear bandaids only protecting the owner and her crew.

    • tigersgm

      Russ Thomas, what a joke for so long,, remember when he flew to LA to hire Chuck Knox ( one of the best HC’s ever)who use to be a asst. with Lions, then left, Thomas flew out to hire, went to pick him up, by time they got back to Detroit, knew couldn’t wait go get off the plane and turn around back to LA and end up being one of the more successful NFL coaches ever. Thomas screwed it’s all up twice.

  5. 19Sharksfan

    Typical NFL status quo! Look at who’s being hired thus far this year for NFL HC’s & GM’s. It’s a joke and no wonder Kaepernick isn’t allowed to be a NFL QB! Goodell, Kraft, J.Jones, etc. are perfect examples of what’s wrong with the NFL.

    • D_Sports4

      Are you trying to say that this is the status quo because Campbell is White, or because he doesn’t have much experience and there are better candidates out there?

      If it’s the first scenario of my question, their new GM is black. And they’re the “favorites” to hire Aaron Glenn as their DC…also black.

      • 19Sharksfan

        You obviously knew what I meant by status quo based on what you addressed.
        Go ahead, keep buying the NFL line and be part of the problem.

    • GoLandCrabs

      Kaepernick being a mediocre QB is why he isn’t allowed in the NFL

      • Nonsense. Kaepernick was a middle-of-the-pack starter with some special skills (running). The circus around Kaep is too big, Kaep kept mouthing off when a team was finally ready to wade in and take the risk (I think it was the Ravens). Now Kaep has been out of football for too long to make it worth bringing him back.

        Make no mistake though – the reason Kaep didn’t get another job after the whole kneeling thing was largely political. Ahead of his time.

      • 19Sharksfan

        So, you’re telling Kaepernick hasn’t been in the top 60 NFL QB’s talent-wise at any point in the past 4 years?
        If so? I’ve got some oceanfront property in Kansas I’d like to sell you.
        He was and has been black balled out of the NFL because of his views. Not because of his talent. That’s called hiring (along with racial) discrimination in this country.

      • 19Sharksfan

        Go ahead, keep telling yourself that by accepting the NFL BS line. That makes you an accessory to the problem.

    • I Beg To Differ

      kaepernick was an average qb with drama. not worth the price tag or media circus.

      remember when kaepernick praised Fidel Castro publicly? why on earth would anyone praise a man whos the Latin version of Hitler is beyond me.

      lets not forget his gf costing him a job with the Ravens for insulting the owner and Ray Lewis.

      him kneeling wasn’t an issue. Plenty of players that kneeled stayed in the league. it was his stupidity and gf that cost him another nfl job.

      • 19Sharksfan

        Castro= “Latin version of Hitler.” ??
        Or “Kneeling wasn’t an issue.” ??
        Or “Media circus” ??
        Which is it? Can’t have it both ways. Take off your red hat! Your IQ is showing. Please educate yourself. Good luck.

  6. jay13

    I love this hire and was joking with my friends that it would be awesome if he got a look when the search started. He is a old school coach. He is not going to be the X and O’s guy that tells you ” we need to coach better”. He is going to be the leader the Lions have really needed for a while. He wasn’t the most qualified candidate but I love the move along with the Brad Holmes hire as well

    The coordinators he chooses to keep is going to be the biggest move for him. If he can keep Bevell around that would be good but not necessary. If he brings Aaron Glenn over from the Saints like what is being reported, that will be a very nice pick up. Glenn has been a guy that has been circled around for DC positions. He was a great cover corner when he played which should help our young secondary immensely.

    Only time will tell. As a die hard Lions fan, I truly believe they got it right.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Wow 6 years are you serious. That’s crazy. Probably time to trade Stafford and start over.

      • Stat_head

        Says the guy whose team just signed a 32 yr old 2nd baseman to a 6 yr contract.

    • Stat_head

      Nice post. So much better than the typical “Lions suck” or “trade Stafford“ takes. It nice to see the Lions hiring a leader instead of an offensive or defensive guru for a change. Hopefully that means Campbell & Holmes will build on what is there instead of purging the existing talent to get “their guys” that can execute their brilliant scheme. Choice of coordinators will be key.

  7. blueblood1217

    I love this hire. I’d love to see him get the Lions back in the playoffs

  8. cubsnomore

    A coach is only as good as the teams qb. Fiery guys are good for a couple years and then the act gets old. See Pederson in Philly. The success of this hire depends on how good of a qb they get to replace Stafford.

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