Philip Rivers Undecided On Playing Future

In the immediate aftermath of the Colts’ difficult loss to the Bills in yesterday’s wildcard thriller, no one really expected Indianapolis signal-caller Philip Rivers to know whether he would return to the field in 2021. And sure enough, the 39-year-old QB, who became emotional towards the end of his postgame presser, indicated it might take some time for him to make his decision.

“I don’t go this route with an answer often, but I think this probably sums it up. Whatever God’s will is for me and my family, if it’s here in Indy playing another year then we’ll be here,” Rivers said (via Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk). “And if it’s not, I’ll be on the sidelines with a ball cap coaching the heck out of a high school football team down in south Alabama. Whatever God’s will is is what I want to happen, and I’ll be fine with that.”

If Rivers chooses to come back — and he did say shortly after he signed a one-year contract with the Colts that he wanted to continue his playing career through the 2021 season — Indianapolis would surely welcome him with open arms. His 2020 performance was solid, if not spectacular, as he completed 68% of his passes for 4,169 yards and 24 TDs against 11 interceptions (good for a 97.0 QB rating, 13th-best in the league). On the other hand, the Colts did squeak into the playoffs despite playing the NFL’s easiest schedule, and their offense was just 16th in DVOA.

So look for the club to draft a young signal-caller if Rivers re-ups for one more season. If Rivers decides to call it quits, Indianapolis could obviously still turn to the draft for its long-term solution, or it could make a play for Eagles QB Carson Wentz. There will also be one or two somewhat intriguing names other than Rivers on the free agent market.

Despite the interest that TV networks reportedly have in Rivers, his statement yesterday afternoon suggested that he remains committed to coaching high school football, which he has talked about previously. But television probably pays a bit more than high school ball, even in Alabama, so we’ll have to stay tuned.

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13 comments on “Philip Rivers Undecided On Playing Future

  1. arty!

    If Rivers goes into broadcasting for money only, then he did a terrible job of managing his money!

    • Technically correct

      Yeah but, have you seen how much kids toys cost these days?

  2. Baxterwoo

    Please, no more Phillip Rivers. There’s high school freshmen with stronger arms

    • crosseyedlemon

      How many of those high school freshman could last 17 years in the NFL and be strong team leaders?

      • Baxterwoo

        I’m not invalidating his career. His arm is just gone. I’d rather have a plethora of other qb’s behind center next year instead of seeing floated passes over the middle for another season.

        • I am willing to hear you out . Who is your plethora of QB’s , just a short list will do.

          • Baxterwoo

            Brissett, Fitzpatrick, kaep, dak, wentz, Rosen, draft a QB before the 4th round, etc. there’s a lot of options other than rivers.

            • dmb

              Fitz is a short term answer, Brissett just does not say playoff winner , Kaep has been out of the league to long and brings to much side show . Dak is gonna cost 40 million , I dont think colts will pay that much , Rosen just sucks and any Qb after round three is a long shot .Wentz I think could be had for a couple of seconds and a forth round draft choice .Then let Reich do his magic and make him viable again

    • astick

      He was statistical above average qb this year. Where do these kids go to school?

      • Baxterwoo

        Man above status an average is great if we like getting bounced in the playoffs early. I would just like a qb that can make up for his own deficiencies. Rivers can’t run or trust his arm to get himself out of trouble. Again, his arm is gone and he’s never been mobile.

        • Ak185

          Your team lost by a field goal and Rivers made a couple of great deep throws that were completed. I’m not saying that there aren’t better long term solutions, but don’t be so against retaining a good quarterback. One more year of Rivers while the Colts identify their next QB wouldn’t be so terrible.

  3. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Laughed out loud at, “But television probably pays a bit more than high school ball, even in Alabama…”

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