Texans To Hire Nick Caserio As GM

Nick Caserio interviewed for the Panthers and Texans GM jobs Tuesday, but he traveled to Houston for the Texans meeting. And the longtime Patriots executive will finally make the jump to a GM role.

The Texans are expected to hire Caserio as their next general manager, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle (on Twitter). The organization has decided and is hiring the veteran personnel man, NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport tweets.

Caserio, of course, has an extensive history with the Texans. The team wanted to hire him in 2019, but his unusual Patriots contract prohibited such a move. However, he resurfaced on the Texans’ radar after Bill O’Brien‘s early-season firing. Caserio worked with current Texans executive VP Jack Easterby in New England and remains close with the former Patriots staffer. Easterby is believed to hold plenty of sway as to which direction the Texans go with this hire.

The Texans also interviewed the Steelers’ Omar Khan, Seahawks’ Trent Kirchner and ESPN analyst Louis Riddick for this job. They also met with in-house staffer Matt Bazirgan and were scheduled to meet with Bills staffer Malik Boyd and Ravens exec Scott Cohen. Korn Ferry, the firm the Texans used to spearhead their search, recommended Bazirgan, Cohen, Khan, Kirchner and Riddick but did not place Caserio on its finalist list, Mike Garafolo of NFL.com tweets. Interestingly, Cal McNair told candidates they would be allowed to determine Easterby’s role, Garafolo adds (Twitter link). Given Easterby and Caserio’s past, it can be assumed Easterby will remain a key Texans figure.

Now 45, Caserio has been with the Patriots for 20 years. After Scott Pioli went to Kansas City in 2009, Caserio rose into a key role as Bill Belichick‘s right-hand man. He has been with the team for each of its six Super Bowl titles. The Patriots and Caserio reached another extension agreement in February 2020. Caserio’s departure will leave Dave Ziegler as Belichick’s top lieutenant, though the Broncos — who gave Ziegler his NFL start — have requested a GM interview. The Pats lost Monti Ossenfort to the Titans last year.

The two-decade New Englander will walk into an interesting situation. O’Brien’s brief GM tenure involved a few splashy and criticized trades, and one of them — the Laremy Tunsil deal — leaves the Texans without their first- or second-round picks. Miami holds Houston’s No. 3 overall choice. Revitalizing a roster that houses a franchise quarterback (Deshaun Watson) in need of a considerable supporting cast bump would be quite an accomplishment. But the Texans hiring an exec they have pursued for years represents a big step as well.

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22 comments on “Texans To Hire Nick Caserio As GM

  1. fba0017

    As a Pats fan not to upset about it! No doubt Josh McDaniels will the the HC for him. Be funny if O’Brien comes back to Pats as OC.

    • elscorcho the marlin
      elscorcho the marlin

      I’m opening myself up to ridicule; but, learn how to use basic punctuation.

    • Rocket32

      fba0017 I’m not sure McDaniels leaves NE. He had a chance a few years ago and chose to back out on Indy. He’s been Belichick’s OC for years now, he’s most likely the top in house candidate to take over when BB retires.

    • bumpy93

      I’m pretty sure that the Patriots have guaranteed Josh McDaniels whenever Bill belichick leaves the McDaniels will be promoted to the head coach I don’t see any other reason he has not left you know in the recent years especially after you already agreed with Indianapolis to take the job then had a meeting with Robert Kraft and Bill belichick and he decided to stay I’m pretty sure he’s got to deal work that where he’s going to automatically be the head coach whenever belichick does go

    • I Beg To Differ

      Texans: wed like Caserio to be our GM (2019)

      Patriots: hes not allowed to due to language we put in his contract.

      Caserio: so I can be hired once my contract is up?

      Texans: yes

      Caserio: bet.

      Not really tampering when interest dates back to 2019 and its been established they’ve wanted him for a while.

      Be very hard to prove tampering happened.

      • arty!

        It was such a poor decision by the Texans. If they really wanted the guy a few years, then send NE a pick. One 1st round pick to NE would have been much better than letting BoB run them into the ground.

        • seth3120

          You’re right in hindsight but I’m not sure anyone could have predicted BOB would be that bad. Someone should have stepped on the Hopkins deal or the Tunsil deal for that matter. Worst in recent memory

  2. houston turmoiler

    This sucks. Pretty much insures Easterby the snake is staying, which nobody here wants. The players have been alluding to the mess in the building for weeks, but Cal McNair didn’t listen. Now Watson is writing cryptic tweets. What HC would want this job? He’s set up to fail with possibly the worst owner in sports, and an undermining snake at his side.

  3. natsfan3437

    I fell like they have hired him as their gm once a year every year for like 5 years lol.

  4. jay13

    Good, one less bad option for the Lions to choose.

    As for the Texans, I saw this coming once O’Brien was gone. McNair and Easterby wanted this to happen. Now they have their tripod.

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