Texans Had Offered Omar Khan GM Job Before Hiring Nick Caserio

We’ve known for a few days now that the Texans’ process in hiring Nick Caserio didn’t sit well with Deshaun Watson, and as we get more details it’s not hard to see why.

It appears owner Cal McNair acted quite erratically, disregarding the advice of the search firm he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. The situation is even more bizarre than that though, as he had apparently already offered the job to Steelers exec Omar Khan before changing his mind at the last minute and pivoting to Caserio, a source told Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com. Florio adds the team was even in the midst of negotiating a contract with Khan at the time the decision was made.

Apparently, controversial executive Jack Easterby got McNair’s ear one last time before things were finalized, and convinced him to backtrack. The whole thing appears to be dysfunctional, which is Watson’s main source of frustration, and may cause him to demand a trade. Florio notes that agent Bob LaMonte represents both Caserio and Easterby, and a source told him LaMonte placed a phone call to McNair that also helped swing things.

LaMonte reportedly told McNair that Caserio was going to become GM of the Panthers if he didn’t hire him. Florio also reports that Texans team president Jamey Rootes is very upset with how everything has played out, and people around the league think he’s on the verge of an exit.

One source said Rootes already has tried to resign, but that he’s been convinced by McNair to hold off in order for the team not to look too chaotic right now. Given everything that has been trickling out, that might be impossible.

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40 comments on “Texans Had Offered Omar Khan GM Job Before Hiring Nick Caserio

  1. kylegocougs

    Maybe they can trade two first round picks for a wide receiver and make Watson happy… Hopkins might be available

      • JoeBrady

        The beauty of the NFL is that you never run out of #1s. They can simply trade away their 2022 & 2023 first-rounders.

        Some of the worst trade logic I have ever seen. Trade away two #1s, a #2, for a great player. Maybe an overpay, but fine. But then you undo that advantage by trading away an all-pro WR.

        It was like the Pirates trading away Cole, because they wanted to rebuild, and the trading for an inferior Archer, and giving away a much better package.

        No wonder Watson wants input.

  2. CamFrost

    Trash organization over there on Kirby. Get Easterby out of the damn building.

  3. DarkSide830

    cant believe Caserio was foolish enough to take that job. dont know how they think they will get a good HC.

    • mario crosby

      Did you see the Patriots play this year? They have no offensive weapons and recent drafts have been poor. Case rip beat it out of Dodge before he was canned.

      • bumpy93

        I thought for the most part that Bill belichick made the final decisions on the roster? no?

      • crosseyedlemon

        And if I’m an owner I want someone like Nick who is willing to roll up his sleeves and take on a tough job rather than those guys who withdraw their name from struggling teams looking only for soft easy assignments.

  4. whiplash

    Easterby must have pictures of Cal or something. Time for the team to be sold to a competent person.

  5. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Getting more and more understandable why Deshaun Watson should run, NOT walk, as far away from Houston as they’ll allow him to get…

  6. crosseyedlemon

    If you end up with a good hire does the process really matter? No one complains when the QB turns a broken play into a TD.

    • wagner13

      Except this isn’t an isolated incident. This regime has repeatedly demonstrated organizational discord and it appears Watson is not alone in his frustration, given that the team president is miffed as well. A competent franchise communicates and makes sure everyone is aware of what’s going on before making major decisions

      • crosseyedlemon

        If you pay billions to obtain ownership of an NFL team your entitled to run things anyway you want. McNair’s certainly not the first owner to deviate from conventional protocols and make his own decisions. Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder have an extensive history of acting erratically and before them Al Davis was the ultimate maverick.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    Trade Watson for Tua and the Dolphins first plus a Dolphins third in 2022.

    Texans timeline on winning isnt right now anymore. They traded away Hopkins and others, so trading Watson who is wanting to win now for Tua isn’t a bad idea. I like Tua a lot and think he should be decent for now and ready to win in a season or two. That gives the Texans some time to build.

    The Dolphins with Watson would be really really good. They have a very solid defence with Brain Flores and then adding Watson one of the leagues best passers would be a huge get. You’d need to get him some targets to throw too and add to the running game but Watson could make it work.

    • I Beg To Differ

      Well your awful trade ideas make sense now. Youre Bill O Brian’s burner account.

      • JoeBrady

        I’m not sure how that can be described as woefully inadequate. If I am not mistaken, Watson has only one year left on his rookie contract. Then he gets really expensive.

        By getting both Tua, that means Houston would effectively get last year’s #5 and this year’s #3, plus another pick. I don’t know if that is perfectly equal, but that’s a whole lot in exchange.

    • brave new world

      That deal becomes Tua, the Texans original 2021 #1, & the dolphins 2021 #2, a 2022 #1.

      Should work out, plus the dolphins have enough room to absorb Watsons cap hits.

      It works. Texans get Sewell at #3, then a WR in round 2. And start thier rebuild.

      Dolphins still have their own #1, plus Watson and a big time playmaking defense should be ready to compete in 2021.

    • Simmons>Russ

      I know you might think it’s under value but in reality. Watson can try make this ugly and force his way out. It also works that other teams won’t be able to absorb his huge contract and because the Dolphins have two things the Texans will want in return. Multiple picks and a quality young QB.
      Can’t really see many teams coming up with a better package than Tua, the 3rd pick, and a 2022 second and fourth.
      That’s basically two top 5 picks and second round pick and a fourth. Other teams can not only absorb that contract but they can’t give you a package better realistically.

    • DarkSide830

      i mean cmon now. i dont believe in the concept of letting a specific player down, but BoB’s wrecking ball destroyed any chance this team had for a while.

  8. I Beg To Differ

    Watson to the Jets for Darnold, the #2 this year, and other draft picks makes the most sense.

    Jets are desperate to get a franchise QB and Watson is clearly a franchise QB.

    For the Texans you need to use the #2 overall and trade back to pick up more draft assets.

    Trade the #2 for more draft capital, build the team up, and look for your franchise QB in 2022 or 2023.

    Hopefully in that time they get control over the front office issues.

    • drtymike0509

      I doubt he wavies his no trade to go to the Jets unless they give him more money to do so

      • bucsfan

        Bienemy is supposedly interested in the Jets job and Watson is known to want to play for him, so that could swing things

    • Simmons>Russ

      Dolphins can offer Tua, the third overall pick and then other picks.

      I’d rather Tua who is better than Darnold and also is only 1 year into his rookie deal I like Darnolds going to need to get paid. Plus I know Watson would prefer the Dolphins and Miami over the Jets. Dolphins with Watson is a playoff team that could win in wildcard week, Watson on the Jets in no better than being on the Texans

      • I Beg To Differ

        If Watson wants out its not about what’s best for Watson its about what’s best for the Texans franchise moving forward.

        The Texans owe him nothing and need to get the best deal possible for themselves if he wants out.

        Trade him to the Jets, Dolphins, Bears, whoever gives you the best deal and value you can get for Watson.

        • JoeBrady

          Trade him to the Jets, and before he takes a snap, he’ll be begging to come back to Houston

          “No Mr. McNair, not the Jets, I’ll be quiet.”

  9. Remember in the earlier thread, when everyone was calling Watson a spoiled baby and caping for Texans ownership/management (despite Texans ownership/management displaying total ineptitude at nearly every turn)? Good times.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      There’s the one guy wearing the Cal McNair jersey in the stadium. I’m sure he appreciates your fandom and support.

  10. bumpy93

    wow it seems like the Houston Texans might be given the Philadelphia Eagles a run for the money as the most dysfunctional franchise this season

  11. Ak185

    For all the trashing Florio loooooves to do regarding unnamed sources, he sure does enjoy quoting them.

    I find this story totally believable. I also don’t much evidence regarding some of its key details. How much of this is just piecing together assumptions and how much is real? Is Cal McNair that dumb-not dumb for hiring Caserio, but dumb for negotiating with Khan while doing so? And even if that were true, why would it tick the team president off so much? Was Khan one of Watson’s candidates? Conveniently it’s all traced back to Bob LaMotte or Jack Easterby. Maybe that’s true.

    There’s just too much rumor and gossip surrounding Easterby in Houston, and it feels like a lot of it is just juice for people like Florio who are more comfortable reporting their own hunches than verifiable facts. Again, not saying necessarily that I don’t believe it, but I’d like something verifiable before I form a real opinion. Glad I’m not a Houston fan who has to make up his/her mind on this without any empirical knowledge.

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