Texans Interview Matt Eberflus For HC

Colts DC Matt Eberflus has reversed course. After he initially turned down the Texans’ request for a head coaching interview, Eberflus did indeed meet with Houston brass, as Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reports (via Twitter). That interview took place yesterday.

Typically, a team with a quarterback like Deshaun Watson is an ideal landing spot for a new head coach. But reports of Watson’s disenchantment with the Texans have been a major part of the NFL news cycle in recent weeks, and questions about the competence of team ownership have also been raised. Combined with the fact that Houston is currently without a first- or second-round selection in this year’s draft, those troubles indicate that the Texans’ HC post is not particularly desirable.

On the other hand, Houston also appears to be Eberflus’ last chance to get a head coaching job this cycle. He took interviews with the Chargers and Jets, but Los Angeles appears to be favoring Bills OC Brian Daboll, and New York has already hired 49ers DC Robert Saleh. And given that a top HC candidate one year might be completely off the radar the next, Eberflus could be trying to strike while the iron is hot.

The Colts’ defense has become one of the league’s top units under Eberflus’ watch, and since Houston’s incumbent offensive coordinator, Tim Kelly, is a favorite of Watson’s, adding a defensive-minded HC who is willing to keep Kelly aboard might make the most sense. Bills DC Leslie Frazier and Rams DC Brandon Staley are also on the Texans’ radar.

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10 comments on “Texans Interview Matt Eberflus For HC

    • arthur blank_for owner

      yeah you’re probably correct. Somethings going on with Bieniemy not being hired…I was hoping Falcons would get him, but the Chargers seemed like the best fit for Bieniemy from the get go and it looks like Daboll is going there…who knows

      • whiplash

        Check his track record. It’s all Andy Reid in KC. Eric’s offense when he was OC at Colorado was horrible. I read he hasn’t interviewed all that well too. And that is why you listen to your players but don’t do everything they say for you to do.

  1. OCTraveler

    Watson won’t be happy if Houston hires a defensive minded HC – the last thing he wants is someone who isn’t on the same picture

    • JC1975

      He wanted Saleh to be interviewed too…so I doubt it’s just an offensive coach he wants. He just wants his input respected and not to be lied to by the team. I don’t want Beiniemy unless he is a good fit Regardless of Watson’s feelings. I want the best candidate, unfortunately Texans ownership is dead set on getting in their own way and causing more problems rather than concentrating on fixing them.

  2. madruto

    Eberflus is a Clown and over played his hand. The Texans can find a better HC candidate and Bieniemy is not it either

    • dcahen

      Mandruto (whatever the hell that is); Eberflus is a clown for not wanting to interview with a dysfunctional franchise that is obviously more of a mess than just Bill O’Brien. Just because he decided to talk doesn’t mean he’d take the job anyway. The Patriots South probably won’t hire a Colt either. As far as the Texans “can find a better HC candidate” than Eberflus or Bieniemy; They’re running out of options; chances are real good they’ll have to settle on a crappy hire, which is right in line with their history.

      • whiplash

        It’s Madruto, if you’re gonna talk mess at least be right, now you look like a clown as well. He saying he’s a clown is his opinion because he declined then he changed his mind. Of course I’d say the same. You don’t wanna come here then don’t come. Like I said above, Eric is not KC offense, that’s all Andy Reid. You can find someone better this late, just look at the Colts. They got someone better than McDaniels when people said it’s too late to get a good coach.

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